Haley Visits the Vet

With the possibility of extremely large kids, I have a couple of girls that concern me.  The vet said an ultrasound at this point would not be able to tell me how many they were carrying.  I could do an x-ray on younger girls.  The older ones would not show as well.  Of my younger girls, the one that I couldn’t decide if she was carrying one or two is Haley.  The rest I already think have just one.

Today, I loaded her up and took her to the vets.  I must say, she was showing her stubborn streak for this, and I had to almost drag her the whole way.  I had to have my son help me lift her up because she was not about to cooperate.

We arrived at the vets and unloaded her.

it was just a few minutes for them to get the x-ray and have an answer for me, but Dr. Schmitz decided to try for a better picture.  I’m glad he did.

There is one big baby in there.  Here’s the x-ray overlayed on a picture of Haley.  It doesn’t line up exactly, but you can see how much of her abdomen is filled with kid.  It also confirms that her due date is probably June 2, which means she could go into labor at any time.

Now I know there is just one.  If it seems like she isn’t progressing like she should, I’ll certainly try to call soon enough for a c-section.  You can see what she thinks of the whole situation.

Hopefully, she’ll do fine.

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Yes, I linked an old post to Jenny Matlock’s Alphabe-Thursday for the letter X, but really.  How often do you get an awesome X-ray like that to share?  If you want to see how her boy looked after birth, I shared that HERE.

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