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Bad Boys, Bad Boys,

9 Jul

Whatcha gonna do?  I’m selling them!  It’s time for my February and March boys to leave the farm.

Andy and Ghost

They are big and bad.  They are fighting.  I was a bit worried when I saw Spot with blood on his face, until I realized it not his.


Then I found whose blood it was.  Rudy…


Norm injured his stifle; although not near as badly as Caroline.  Like we needed another injury.

Norm and Cinnamon

Even worse, we had a cold snap a couple weeks ago that seems to have brought my girls into heat.

Andy and Zinnia

That means I’m going to have to give a lot of girls shots to make sure I don’t have really young girls and really old girls and any other girl having kids in November.

Hercules and Kizzy

I had to lock Kizzy in with Minnie and Helen because she had four boys chasing her relentlessly.


Stinking bucks!

Hercules and Andy

Luckily, my neighbor came and hauled them to the sale barn for me.

Nineteen Feb./Mar. kids

While they were going, I sent all my Feb. and March babies that I’m not keeping (or have potential homes for).

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The First Forty Minutes

28 Jan

I had checked my very pregnant girls at about 4:30 in the morning and everyone was just happily sleeping, so I went back to bed.  I finally got up at 8:15 am and got dressed.  My first order of business was checking my girls again.  In hindsight, I wish I’d had a cup of coffee first.



As I walked in the barnyard, I saw Penny and Maisie just hanging out.  Bonnie was relaxing in the barn.  Then I saw Dolly in the lean-to.  She was just getting ready to follow the llama girls out to pasture, but I saw goop on her back side.  It could have been just a mucus plug (my thought) or she might have been getting ready to kid.  I was not about to go check her every hour in the Back Forty to see if she’d had kids in the snow.


I hurried to get past her in the cattle lane and do a little jockeying back and forth until she gave up and went back into the barnyard.  Everyone else went out to pasture, and I had to act in a hurry though to keep her from escaping.  She was not about to let me catch her, so I resorted to my secret weapon–corn.


It didn’t take long to catch her, and I added her to the Love Shack where she immediately started eating the rich alfalfa hay.  She does not need that.  It can cause milk fever, so I quickly let Pistol and Clover out of the north paddock where they had been with Sam.  Then I let Wanda out of the greenhouse.



Then I bribed those three girls onto the other side of the barnyard with some corn and I blocked their way back.  I still needed to move Fionn, Maggie and Vinnie off the front pasture so I could put my other three girls that are due on Wednesday in the nice, warm buck pen.

I hurried back to the greenhouse with my corn because Xerxes is a lot like his mom was.  I can touch him if I’m giving him food (on a good day), but otherwise I’m not allowed to touch him.  Or look at him.  After I put a bit of food in the pan, I set my pitcher down and caught him. I drug him, flopping like a fish out of water, up north to put him in with Sam.

Sam and Xerxes

Sam and Xerxes

Then I got Dolly and put her in the greenhouse.



By this time, Maggie was back up from the front pasture and was at the gate, so I let her in.  I tried getting Vinnie to come in too, but she was being difficult.  By this time Fionn was back up again, so I just went to get some more corn to bribe him to follow me.   He figured out the big gate was open, so I ran across the barnyard and opened the gate where Sam and Xerxes were having a friendly head butting match and put food in three pans.  Fionn came in and I shut the gate. They should all be so easy.



I went back to where Vinnie was still running around like a fool.  I snuck around her, so she decided to quickly run away from me by coming into the barnyard.  Success!  I let the rest of the girls back into the barnyard and gave them a bit of hay since they didn’t go out to pasture.

Maggie, Clover, Pistol,

Maggie, Clover, Pistol, Vinnie (back) and Wanda

That only left catching my three soon-to-be moms and shutting them in the buck pen when they came up from pasture.

Maisie, Penny and Bonnie

Maisie, Penny and Bonnie

But first, my coffee.

Working Boys

3 Jan

My goat boys were put to work this weekend, so we can have June babies.  I have to say, moving goats around went much easier than I thought it might.  Fionn is happy with his girls.  They are on the front pasture.


Fionn Osboer, Harley Blackboer, Cookie Blackboer, Maggie Osboer, and Vinnie Osboer

Boeris is retired, so he’s just hanging out in the Love Shack.  Ironic, huh?  The Love Shack is my bachelor pad this year.

Boeris van de Yell

Boeris van de Yell

Xerxes and Wanda are in the greenhouse.  I thought Wanda could use a little extra hay, so she’s with Xerxes.

Xerxes Moxon Osboer and Wanda van de Yell

Xerxes Moxon Osboer and Wanda van de Yell

Sam has his girls up north.

Pistol Osboer, Sam Goodberry, Annie, and Clover Blackboer

Pistol Osboer, Sam Goodberry, Annie, and Clover Blackboer

Luckily, he seems to have already done his job with Annie.  That’s good because I had to cut her head out of my fence yesterday.

Polka Sallie Annie Osboer

Polka Sallie Annie Osboer

I put her back with the rest of the herd so she didn’t get stuck when I went back to work today.  Goofy girl.

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