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Done and To Do

21 May

It’s been such a flurry of activity this last week or so that I thought I’d just try to catch everything up.  After I sold the girls Saturday, that let me move the bucks back onto the front pasture.  That’s a good thing because their little paddock was getting eaten down.  Now they have plenty of green grass.

Fionn and Xerxes

Although I still need to get the hill planted with grass.

My corn was planted on Friday. It’s been a rush to get everything planted this year because of the late finish to winter.

The pasture is growing well.

My mom is coming to let the goats out each day because we haven’t had a chance to get a fence put up around Dead Tree Hill to try and keep thm safe from coyotes.  That’s still on the agenda for this summer.

Of course, it’s soon going to be time to make hay.


And then June babies are coming.  It’s always busy on the farm.


Grass Seed

1 Feb

Sunday morning I decided to forget about waiting on the goats to go out to pasture so I could move Fionn up north with the other bucks.  I blocked the barn door with everyone on the other side of the barnyard, and then I opened the panel and called to Fionn.  He came trotting over and followed right behind me.  We got to the gate where Sam and Xerxes were and I opened it.  He went half way in, and then he stopped.  He refused to take another step.  You see, I usually bribe him to walk across the barnyard with corn.  I didn’t have any with me (but I was going to give it to him after he went in), and he wasn’t about to go in if I didn’t have his corn.  I went and got a pitcher of corn, and then he happily went into the north paddock.  I love my good boy!

Fionn, Sam, and Xerxes

Of course, as soon as I got done moving Fionn and opened the barn back up, everyone else decided to go out to pasture.

That was fine with me.  I decided to use this time with the empty barnyard to haul several tubs of old hay from the barn floor over to the mud of the buck pen.

Eventually, the llamas noticed.  Odie was happy to come in and eat from that old round bale.


Buster somehow missed out on seeing how the girls came in, so he was left wishing he could have some.


Maybeline decided it was her job to supervise my work (and sample some of the hay I was carrying).


It finally started warming up enough to make the ground slick, so I stopped for the day.

I’ll keep cleaning out the barn and using it to reseed that big hill.  Plus I can add real grass seed once it has a cover to keep wild birds from just eating it.

Moving the Goats Around

7 Jan

Today was the day I moved my goats around to make June babies.  It was an off-and-on process that took most of the day, but I got everyone where they belong!  Sam and Vinnie were easy.  They are in the Love Shack.


Vinnie was happy to see her little girls, even if she is still shut away from them.  It didn’t stop her from talking to yelling at them.

Vinnie and Sam

Xerxes was easy to move up north.  I had no problems getting my three February girls, Sidney, LilyAnn and Zinnia, up there with him.

Xerxes and Sidney

Although, LilyAnn did escape once before I had the gate securely fastened.


It was pretty easy to get Dolly to go up there too, but when I came out later, she was standing in the outside bird pen.  That would be because of the hole Sam put in the fence.  I hobbled it and got her back up there.  As of this evening, they are all four with him yet.

“Don’t laugh.  I got to eat the birds’ grain.” –Dolly

Fionn didn’t have to move.  I just had to bring girls to him.


I caught Victoria, Haley, Harley, Reva and Cookie and put with him.

Harley and Reva

I was going to put Stormy in there, but she seemed a bit off this morning.  She is better this afternoon, so I’ll keep an eye on her and decide if I want to put her in there in the next couple of days.


Otherwise, we have ten girls with the boys in hopes of lots of healthy little June babies!