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The Kidding Outlook

17 Nov

I might have a record number of kids next year.  I mean, I’ll have to wait to know for sure–especially for Easter weekend kids.  Right now, it looks like there will be a lot of babies.  Poor Xerxes is looking like he won’t have any kids this year.

Poor Xerxes

Freddie seems to have bred all three of his girls for March: Onyx, Purl, and Perdita.


Frodo seems to have bred Penelope for spring break.

Penelope is tentatively due March 16th.

Benji was a rock star for March.  I think he bred Athena, Trace, Hilda, Aphrodite, and Ostara.


Then he got out, and I believe he bred Cutie, Zinnia and LilyAnn.


I was also afraid he bred Maisie.  She looks really good, so if he did breed her like I thought he did, she would have kidded, but it looks like she finally came into heat.  That is better.

Maisie is tentatively due March 16th.

The other old girls have had shots to prevent them from kidding.

Dolly with her last kid, Pluto

In all the craziness of trying to get Easter kids, if Benji and Freddie combined managed to breed everyone I saw in heat, that would give me a lot of babies in one weekend.

Frodo and Benji

I saw Joy, Ava, Antigone, Tansy, Rosie, Venus, Bubbles, Flora, Daisy, Caroline, 2TC, Hera, Sidney, and Cupid all in heat.


That only leaves Pretzel, Chiffon, and Astra that I didn’t see in heat.  I will try Pretzel for June, and we’ll see about the other two.

Pretzel and Frodo have to give me my perfect kid.

They might get a year off.

In the Love Shack

14 Nov

Saturday morning when I went out to see what else was frozen, I decided my little girls were cold.  That sudden change in temperatures was a shock to their delicate systems.

Crystal snuggled against Pretzel for warmth.

Now Jeanie and Barbie could snuggle with their mom and stay warm, but they were lucky.

Jeanie and Barbie snuggled against Zinnia

Crystal and Mini’s moms don’t seem to want anything to do with them after they’ve been weaned for so long.

Mini missing room service.

I decided to put my thin Margarita and the other little girls in the Love Shack, so I could give them extra feed and a heat lamp.

Margarita and Terry huddled against the cold.

I also decided to put Myson in there because he’s really showing his age.  As long as he’s nice to Margarita and the littles, he can get some extra feed and heat too.

Myson (with Casey on the other side of the fence)

I had already put the two little bucks (I couldn’t wether them because my bander was too small) in the greenhouse with Benji and Frodo, so they were warm and happy.

Frodo, Benji and Simon (Howie was inside enjoying room service)

It’s a huge relief that the sale barn has opened back up (I still am in shock at his passing–he was such a nice guy), so I’m going to try to get all the littles left to sell and Freddie down there this weekend.

A Fight

25 Oct

I couldn’t get Freddie sold this past weekend, so I very carefully and sneakily worked to get him put back on the front pasture with Xerxes and Frodo.

Frodo is my good boy.

I am pretty sure Perdita and Purl were quite happy to be back with the main herd.

Perdita back in pasture

Freddie and Xerxes had to fight.

Freddie and Xerxes

I did keep an eye on them to make sure it wasn’t too serious.  After all, they do like each other, but they just have to fight when you put them back together, and with bucks in rut it isn’t always good natured.

Freddie is a mess between rut and cockle burrs

I can take care of the boys in there without me having to get too close to Freddie.  He’ll be okay in there.

Then I’m going to try to make an arrangement to use a trailer to haul the rest of the goats to be sold to the sale barn at one time.


I just have to wait for Mini to be past the withdrawal time for her wormer.

Benji and Myson

And poor Benji is just going to have to stay in the greenhouse jail until then.