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Stinky Season

11 Sep

It’s that time of year when the bucks get all stinky.

front to back: Zeus, Xerxes, and Fionn

The wethers are fighting with the bucks through the fence.

Xerxes and Myson

The girls are starting to wag their tails and flirt with the boys.

Xerxes and Astra

I have to say, I agree with Astra that Xerxes is a handsome buck.

It won’t be long before I arrange to mix them for making spring break babies.


Weaning Isn’t Easy

20 Aug

Everyone on the farm has to be weaned eventually.  It’s never easy.  Sometimes, it’s more difficult.  I decided I had to get Zeus weaned before I went back to work, so I could be home all day just to make sure everything was okay.  Saturday morning after milking, I just quickly threw him in with the bucks, Aurora, and Buster.  Easy peasy.


Well, after my quick trip to get the rest of Annie’s antibiotics (she’s doing well), I got home and immediately checked on Zeus.  I found him happily curled up with his maa, Gidget, and sister, Hera.  That’s not how it’s supposed to work.

Zeus with Hera and Gidget

I tried again and did a quick check of where I thought he might get out.  He also was checking the fence.

This time, I was happy with the results, and he cried all evening.

He followed along the fence to try and stay close to the herd.

It doesn’t matter that I keep telling him he’s a big boy.  He still think he needs his maa.  Although, he does look pretty little next to Fionn.

Luckily, Fionn and Xerxes are pretty nice guys (because he is still really a baby at heart).

Buster, Zeus, Aurora (Fionn behind her), and Xerxes

And everyone welcomed him into the buck room to sleep.  I think we’re past the worst of weaning.

Still Working

26 Jul

I haven’t taken a lot of pictures of the animals lately because I’ve just been busy working.  Scooping the buildings is still a priority.  I’m currently working on the buck pen.

I had to quit because Xerxes was in a panic over me being in there while he wanted to nap.  I didn’t complain because I’m old and can’t do the all day scooping like I used to.

Fionn and Xerxes

I was going to finish it today, but we had a rain overnight.  The rain is good.  We were horribly dry again, and this will also help the compost pile settle (picture before the rain).

We’ll see when it gets done now.  At least we still have cool weather in the forecast.  For the record, that really thick part is from the llamas’ poop pile.  I dearly wish they would make those piles outside.

The other thing I had to do this summer was empty the bulk bin.

For some reason, the corn seemed a little lower quality than I like to feed to the goats.  I’m not feeding corn this summer while they are fat from pasture, so I wanted to empty it, hose it down and let it air out.  I emptied it into buckets and took to my nephew for his cows.  Yes, I can get fifteen cat litter buckets in the Ranger.

The cows looked like they would prefer I just gave it directly to them.

When I got it emptied, I reached in, and it was gross.  This is what is plastered to the sides for quite a ways up.

And it really smells bad too.  And it draws flies like crazy.  Yuck.

I’m trying to figure out how to clean it (I’m thinking power washer), and then I have to figure out how the moisture got in it in the first place.  I can’t fill it just to let the corn rot again.