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After the Rain Stopped

13 Sep

The goats had been cooped up and wet for almost a week when the weather turned.  They were really enjoying the pasture again.

Cupid and Tiger (and I don’t know who else)



Purl has some of her mom’s attitude.

The bottom looks good after the rain


Pistol must have been knocked down. Dang goats.

on the bottom: Bonnie, Annie, Coral, Cinnamon and Haley






Seven-that strip of long blond hair on his back cracks me up

And it looks so fresh and green!

In a Routine

10 Aug

We certainly seem to have hit a routine for this late summer.

Pluto and Popcorn

After milking, I spend the rest of the day making cheese or canning.

time to grate cheese, make cheese, and put some fruit in the yogurt

onions to chop and freeze for winter’s use

salsa for my son

The goats go out to pasture pretty early and stay there until late in the evening.

Gill, Tilly, Sidney, Kate, and Edith

Dolly (and Sidney in front)

Of course, I do step out to give the chickens my left-over veggies.

My four milking does come up to get milked and go right back out.

Cutie and Ava coming up (might be Pistol behind)

I did just recently switch to only milking Cinnamon in the evening because she really doesn’t have enough to mess with, but she is my old lady.  She deserves to at least come in once a day for a while.


Then it’s time to finish up chores and we all are ready to hit the roost.

peacock on the roost

After a good night’s sleep, it’s time to do it all again!

Turning the Goats Out

19 Jul

As much as the goats love going out to the big pasture, you’d think I could open the gate, say “Come on goats” and that would be it.  Cutie just stood and looked like I was a fool talking to myself (there might be some truth to that).


Even though Cookie had her head through the fence, I could not convince her to come up to where the gate was open.


Finally, Odie saw me.  That was all it took.

Odie looking out to pasture

Maybeline was quick to join her.

Maybeline and Odie checking out the added territory

Of course, the goats immediately had to explore next to the barn where they were not allowed to be.

Cutie and Cinnamon lead the way

Cutie found some tasty weeds

Cinnamon feasting on nettle

Haley climbing the concrete to find a good treat

Flower working on scrub mulberry

Everyone seemed more interested in the dead brown trees than anything else.  Go figure.

Odie and Maybeline found it first

Aurora and some of the goats joined them later

It’s going to take me a while to get used to seeing goats in all that extra space.

Coral, Flower, Cinnamon, Cutie and Haley

I’m probably going to go racing out to get them out of the buffer strip for quite some time.