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18 Jul

Thursday morning, I moved my bucks back onto the front pasture.

Freddie and Xerxes

I decided Thursday afternoon to wean kids so I could start milking again after everyone got mixed back together.  I shut Perdita up north first.  When I went back out to catch Joy’s boys, she was already out.  I think she climbed the remains of the tarp hut and went over the fence.

Perdita and Astra in pasture

I put Joy’s boys up there but I never did get Perdita caught again because she was standing on top of the fallen walnut tree until dark.  I caught Swen and Olaf and shut them up there so I could at least milk Joy in the morning.

Swen and Olaf

The next morning, Joy’s boys were out.  Seriously?  I swear it has been harder to wean kids this year than ever before.

Greta and Gary, Joy with her boys Olaf and Swen, and Micah

Anyhow, I did actually get to Astra before Perdita had breakfast, so I got a pint out of her.


Then, after my coffee, I once again weaned the little stinker.  She’s lucky she’s so cute.

Then I decided to go with Ava’s kids.

Geo, Glory, and Gilbert

She’s had triplets on her and she could use the break.  It’s been a hard year on all of the moms with the poor pasture quality due to the drought.


I hauled all three of them up with Perdita and blocked the hole I think the other two boys escaped from.

Perdita looking for a new escape route

Tonight, I’ll try to get Joy’s boys again.


After my hands get used to all of them, I’ll think about adding Caroline to my milking.

Chunky and Caroline

Or maybe Cutie.

Cutie with Sylvia and Simone

Eventually I’ll be milking all of them (hopefully in just a few days.)  In another month or so, I can start milking Zinnia.


Maybe I’ll see about training Onyx.

Onyx–love that perfect udder

Bring on the milk!  Time to make cheese!

On the Go

14 Apr

The kids are getting big and are constantly on the go.

Aladdin racing up the hill

Ava with her kids: Glory, Gilbert, and Geo

Simone bouncing on maa, Cutie

I think these are Daisy’s kids

Nestle bouncing

Rajah an Tippy exploring

Chunky Boy manhandling Pinta

LilyAnn’s boy, Swen, bouncing on Athena

They are at a really fun age. For your viewing enjoyment, here’s a video.

Another Three Goat Day

2 Apr

I think I last told you about the three girls who kept me busy all Monday.  Well, Tuesday was a slow race between Penelope and Cutie.


They were both in labor pretty much all day.  I had Penelope in the garage and Cutie in the greenhouse.  I kept going back and forth.  I had to go put all the goats on the west side of the barnyard back where they belonged once because they escaped into the corn field.  My mom came to keep an eye on Penelope while I did that.  Then my sister came to help, so I did at least have company for the rest of the day and night.


Somewhere when they were getting pretty close, I was going from the greenhouse back to the garage and realized Margarita had a kid with her in pasture.  I ran through the garage grabbing a towel on my way to pasture.  When I got to her, she was in a little dip that was wet and cold and she was laying flopped out and looked dead.  I scooped her up, and she moved.  I brought Margarita and her little girl up and put her in the buck room with Chiffon.  She was dried off and nursing and doing well in no time at all.

Margarita’s little girl

It wasn’t long before Penelope was ready to push.  She was not making progress.  Finally, I decided I needed help.  Luckily, Dr. Aimee was still at the vet clinic, so it didn’t take her very long to get here.  She managed to pull this adorable Queenie.

Penelope and her little girl Queenie

Then I went right back over to check Cutie, and she was just ready to push.  Luckily, she had her two little ones without any problem.

Cutie and her two girls

That was enough for one day.  And here they are all dried off!

Margarita’s girl


Cutie and her girls

Because it’s been busy.