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Michael, Bianca, and Not Milking

15 May

When I moved the kids up north, I left Michael in the Love Shack. He has a swollen knee, so he’s been getting meds.  Once he’s done with that, then he can be moved.


I didn’t want him to be alone though, so I got the great idea to put Bianca in with him.


That way, I could start milking Cutie!

Cutie in back; Bianca in front

It was a good plan.  Unfortunately, the next morning, Cutie would not let me have her milk.  Seriously, they can hold it.  I don’t know how, but they can.

Cutie (she was hot and irritated in the photo)

I gave up and let Bianca out.

Bianca looking triumphant

I’ll try it again when school is out.

But maybe I’ll try Astra next weekend.  She might be better.

Angel, Moira, and Astra

Now Michael is up with the other kids.

He’s doing well and happy up there.


I Want to Milk

9 May

I miss milking.  I’m sad that I won’t get to milk Clover, Haley, or Cinnamon.  With their health, I had to let them dry up.


I hope to milk Ava and Zinnia like I did last year; although Zinnia isn’t due until June.


I also have a couple of new girls I want to milk–Caroline and Cutie.


Cutie and Bianca

Although I’m pretty sure I’d have to fight their girls for their milk right now.


I also have a couple of yearlings that got bred that I’d like to try milking.  I do think Aphrodite might be good, but I’m a little nervous about even trying Hera.

You want to do what to me? Aphrodite

I guess I’ll be patient for a little bit yet.  But I really do want to milk.

More Goats and Kids

24 Mar

Caroline and her doe

Reva and her boy

Haley and her boys

Victoria’s girl

Haley’s boy

Annie’s boy Pepe

Margarita’s little Peanut

Cutie and Bianca

Spaz  (my bottle kid) and Caroline’s girl