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17 Dec

Since the weather was nice this past weekend, I spent some time giving the goats treats.


Antigone took hers, but Cupid would not take one from me;

although, she did pick up one that Antigone dropped.  I’ll keep working on her.


I’m always popular when I have peanuts!



I’m glad Margarita likes peanuts.  It’s much easier than having to push a copper capsule down her.


Hera is still not about to trust me enough to come take one from me, but I can pet her now–as long as she doesn’t notice me because she’s busy eating her corn.


Cookie got hers.


She liked it so much, she ate her brother, Casey’s, before he could take his from me.

Cookie stealing Casey’s peanut

Greedy goats!


A Homecoming of Sorts

19 Nov

If you’ve been visiting here for a long time, you know I started my goat herd with five Saanen girls.  One of them was Cutie.

She had a daughter named Pam, who was such a spoiled diva that she earned the title of Princess Pam.


In March, 2013, she tried having triplets, but it was not very good outcome.  We lost the first baby and Pam died of a uterine infection.  The other two babies were really weak, and I was happy to send them to my neighbor (I was having lots more weak kids that needed extra care).

Tansy and Tucker

My neighbor had Tansy (renamed Scarlet) for several years before losing her.  Now as she has decided to sell her herd, I’ve brought a Tansy/Scarlet granddaughter back to Eden Hills.  Meet Cupid.


She was born on April 14, 2018 (which makes her three days younger than Antigone, perfect companions to stay in the Love Shack together for a while).

As you can see, she has Nubian bred into her, so I’m hoping she’ll be another good milking doe.  She is about half dairy and half boer.

My Plan Worked!

14 Oct

This is Part II of my continuing my posts on making spring break babies. Saturday morning, as soon as I got done milking, I started implementing my plan for making spring break kids.  I had set panels where I needed them the night before, and before everyone got up for the morning, I shut them in the barn.

Betty Lou

There was already a few goats up and out on my side of the barnyard, but most of them were my milking girls.  No worries.  I just grabbed my lutalyse and gave them a shot to bring them into heat.  I even managed to catch the three that weren’t my milking girls.  Since one of them was Vinnie, I was really shocked and happy!


I had to put Lily in the barn so I could let her out the other side, but that was easy peasy.


Then I just grabbed my drugs and syringe and started poking girls and putting them out into the barnyard.  As I caught the wethers and retired ones, I put them out of the barn on the other side of the barnyard.  I will say, I decided that once I caught Daisy, I wasn’t letting go, so I walked her all the way over to the buck pen where I planned on putting Xerxes with his girls.

Daisy Ann

It actually was easier than I thought it might be. I did change my mind on which buck a couple of the girls got put with, but overall, I’m happy to say it’s all good!


Along with Daisy, Xerxes got several Sam sisters.

Cutie, Astra, Ava, Xerxes, and Zinnia (Daisy in back)

It will be interesting to see if I can figure out how to milk Zinnia while she’s over there.  Tomorrow Part III.