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9 Dec

By the time I get home from work in the evening, the goats are up from pasture and waiting for me to feed them.


the goats

I sometimes feel like I’m being watched.

Myson and Pretzel



After chores, there’s just a little time before I go back out to milk.  During this time, the sun sets.

The llamas are spending a lot of time out in pasture right now.  I hardly ever see them.

Aurora heading out to pasture

Joy and Zinnia want to know why it’s so dark when I come out to milk them.

I will be glad when the sun starts its journey back north.

Weekend Work

6 Dec

All of my work with Benji finally paid off.  He is doing much better.  I guess he picked up coccidia because the grass is eaten down.  I’m giving them hay every day, but they still try to eat fresh stuff.

Benji with Lemuel

Anyhow, he’s doing much better.  I figured he’d be fine; but there really is always something with a herd this big (and old).

I also got the tarp shelter down this past week. I still don’t have the tarp put over the barn windows, but I’m making progress.

I also managed to get hooves trimmed for both Benji and Frodo.

Benji and Frodo (with Lemuel behind)

Two of my big boys also got their hooves trimmed.

Myson and Moose

It was a bit of a challenge trimming Moose’s hooves because he was not cooperating.  In addition, as I was bent down, I had Casey and Ava rubbing my head.  Occasionally, just for fun, Casey would also pull my hair.  I swear, I have way too much help around here some days.

Casey being sweet to Maisie

I’ve also started filling the dumpster.  It’s mostly a lot of big old tubs and buckets that the goats have destroyed.  They just don’t fit in regular garbage pickup.

Popcorn (and Perdita behind) with some old buckets

Goose headed in for the night

I still have to get the chicken pen cleaned out, but I’m making progress!


After a week of nice weather, we’re back to more seasonable temperatures.

Pretzel getting a drink

I had to plug the heaters back in all the water tubs.

Pretzel and Cutie

I am so grateful for heated tubs.  They do make it much easier.

A Productive Break

28 Nov

I spent some time working over my Thanksgiving break from the off-farm job. Bright and early on Wednesday morning, I took Bob and Rocky to the vet for their annual shots.

Bob and Rocky

I managed to get most of my winterizing done in the barnyard.

I switched to the big tub and put the heater in it.


Of course, everyone is upset because there’s a change.  They are not fans of change.  But it got down to 14°F the night after I got it all done.  I had no time to spare.

Maybeline looking annoyed

I also moved the “shade” tarp, so it is a wind break.

Cutie checking it out.

I finally got all the tomato cages pulled out of the garden.

I didn’t get it mowed off, but it will provide shelter for some wild critters.  The milkweed will also spread its seeds.

I also had a dumpster delivered.  I need that.  Hopefully, I can get a lot of my barnyard (and upstairs and basement) cleaned up.

It’s scary how a farm (and person) accumulates so much junk. I blame the goats breaking stuff.