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Moving a Couple of Goats

15 Feb

I have given up on Trace. I’ll just consider her a freemartin since I’ve tried really hard to breed her, and she’s still coming into heat and yelling at the boys.

Trace (Zinnia and Penelope to the right)

Zinnia did not come back into heat last week, so I assume she’s bred for June (we’ll see).


That means, I can move them out of the pen and only have two goats to feed up there. That makes it easier for me.

Frodo and Penelope

Unfortunately, when I tried letting them out Saturday morning, the gate was frozen shut.

So I had to wait until I did chores.  I snagged Trace and Zinnia and put them in with the main herd.  That means fighting.  Seriously.

Zinnia, Bubbles and Trace

They drive me crazy.

At one point Trace picked a fight with Hilda (pictured above), which she soon regretted.

Zinnia, Bubbles and Trace were the last ones fighting by the time I got my camera out there.

I’d really like to let Penelope out too.  And take Antigone out of the buck room.


Then I could put Xerxes and Frodo together in the buck room.


But if we get cold again, or rainy and icky, I’m a little worried that Frodo wouldn’t go inside because he’s afraid of Xerxes.


It might be wise on his part, but they are coming out of rut and should be able to get along by now. Anyhow, I guess I’ll wait a little longer before putting the two boys back together. Besides, I’ve had enough fighting for a while.


10 Feb

We’ve had warm weather, and the days are getting longer, but I’m still feeding the goats and llamas full hay.


Ostara and Pretzel behind





Daisy and Zora

Odie (and Maybeline behind)

Frodo, Zinnia, and Penelope


Onyx (I know it’s a Christmas tree, but she’s still munching)

They do like their hay!

End of the Week Photo Dump

20 Jan

Just some more pictures from the past week.

This is the week Trace and Zinnia came into heat; now I wait three weeks to see if they settled.

I bribed them to come out with meal worms


I’m not sure he leaves the middle part of the barn other than to get a drink. He feels safe here.

Sky smelling Tux on me

Cutie was also rubbing on the fence out in pasture

Maybeline–just because

Victoria at the salt/mineral block

Bob staring into the barn, presumably wishing Tux weren’t in there.

Hilda looking beautiful in the Love Shack doorway

Mr. Peacock


Bob always looks annoyed

Xerxes and Antigone

4/5 of the cats (Herbie, Salem, Tiger, and Rocky);You’ll never see all five of them this close together.

Hope you have a great weekend!