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Go Away, Rain!

5 Oct

We’re still in the weather pattern of too wet.

We had over two inches of rain Tuesday into Wednesday, and we’ve and another round of heavy rain this morning.

Everything is miserable and muddy.  That means, I did not sell little boys today.  (Grumble, grumble, grumble.)

Xerxes, Mary, Gidget, and Tootles

I’m babying Chiffon because she was not doing well with the rain.  We couldn’t get her by herself in the barnyard to give her sweet feed, so she spent a couple of days shut in the milk room.


That made it fun to milk those cranky girls with the little kid in there.  I’ve built a small pen and moved Chiffon into the greenhouse.  I do think she’s looking a little better, but it’s always such a long road to recovery.  [Edit: I did just see her chewing her cud while I was doing chores, so that is an improvement!]

No, you may not join me in the soap room.

I still need to get everyone else copper.  Again, it’s not easy to do anything in the mud (especially take blog pictures).


Another Weekend Without the Camera

29 Sep

I had good intentions of taking lots of pictures this weekend, so I could flood you with goat pictures.  There’s two reasons I didn’t take many pictures this weekend.  The first is the weather.  I managed to sneak out to pasture for a couple of minutes on Thursday when the weather was nice.

Astra, Pistol, and Antigone

We had rain of Friday and we had rain all day on Sunday.  It was afternoon before the goats finally gave up and headed out to pasture.

Margarita, Moose, Sidney, and Ringo

By the time the sun peeked out for a few minutes, I had to take advantage of it to do chores.

Pipsqueak and Penny

It’s only been 1 1/2 weeks out of 3 that I’m supposed to be wearing the shoe the podiatrist gave me.


It’s wet enough double bagging it isn’t enough, and we’re supposed to get a lot more rain on Tuesday.  It seems like we only have three types of weather in Iowa–too wet, too dry, and too windy.


I guess I shouldn’t complain though since it’s rain and not snow.

Rainy Weekend

23 Sep

We had a really rainy weekend.


You can see the beans keep turning yellow.

The goats spent a lot of time stranded in the barn.

Daisy and Dahlia getting ready to cross the barnyard to the greenhouse

It makes milking a challenge.  They have to come from the barn to the milk room, which usually isn’t a big deal.

Fionn in the Love Shack and Zinnia in the barn door

But we have a design flaw that leaves a huge mud puddle in front of the milk room door. That means muddy udders. Luckily I ordered teat wipes that work well.


We’re working on getting that fixed.  It also means I had to double bag my foot. That didn’t even keep it perfectly dry (but not too bad).  Anyhow, with all this rainy weather and the work I did all weekend, I’m not sure how I’m going to do any blog posts this week.  It’s most likely going to be crappy cell phone pictures.

putting the geese in for the night

Hopefully tonight’s nicer weather will give me an opportunity to get out and take some pictures.