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Frosty Morning

4 Oct

Yesterday’s drizzle continued off and on through the day and evening and overnight.  It really didn’t amount to much rain at all.  But it left my gates wet.

The temperatures also dropped enough that there was frost on the bottom.

Even the llamas were covered in dew and frost.

damp Maybeline

It was a beautiful morning for a walk.

Aurora, Maybeline, and Odie coming up from pasture with me

It turned into a perfect fall day.

Sunday Showers

27 Sep

After our week of everyday rain that left us with just over four inches, we haven’t had another drop until today.

Despite that huge rain earlier, we’re still horribly dry, so every rain shower is blog worthy.

I still can’t get used to the magnolia tree not being there.

It also serves as a reminder of how much still needs to be repaired from the derecho.  I’m not complaining.  I’m on a list, and my damage is not too bad compared to those who still have holes in their roofs.

gutter hanging from the house

It was enough to bring the goats up from pasture.

It was also enough to make Bob Cat leave his usual spot of lounging on the patio.

Bob Cat

He decided it was time to come in for a bath to dry off.

Once he finished his bath, he find a nice, cozy spot to nap.

Bob and Sky

Rocky agrees it’s a day for being lazy.  He refuses to get out of my chair.


I am grateful for a rainy Sunday without wind.

Rainy Week

12 Sep

Oh my goatness.  No sooner than I report that we are in a severe drought than the forecast says rain.  It started raining Monday, and it hasn’t quit.

I don’t know how much we’ve had (probably close to three inches), but my redneck rain gauge is overflowing.

The dry, dusty air has been cleaned.


The colors are vibrant.

There are drops.  I’m loving it!

The goats aren’t quite as happy about being wet; although, Antigone says a girl has to eat to keep feeding kids, so she’s still out there.

Edith, Kate, and Antigone

The  barn smells a bit like a wet wool rug.

Tilly, Gill, Dolly, Tiger, and Reva; Aurora in back

Maybeline doesn’t look like she cares.

I’m thrilled with the rain, and I’m also happy to say that, with this first test of the tile my nephew put in, the swampy area at the end of the lane is not too bad.

The only critters who seem to truly love the rain are the geese.

They are doing their own little happy dance flight.