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We Got Our Rain

14 Jun

The slight chance of rain with not a lot turned into a blessing rainfall of just over an inch.  Storms woke me up about 4:30 and then we had more mid-morning.

My garden is happy.  Of course, now I’ll have to weed it, but I’m not complaining.

I’m especially happy that the hay that was mowed earlier in the week got raked yesterday.

My nephew recently acquired this round bale baler.

Late in the afternoon, he came and baled it!

Thank goodness.  And this rain will help it grow for the next round of hay!

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Rain, Rain…

30 Apr

We’ve had rain all weekend.  The goats did get to go out and eat a bit yesterday, but they got rained on, and back they came to take shelter in the barn.

Betty Lou (top) and Sallie (front)

I decided to take pity on them and give them some hay.  They ate for about two seconds, and then they decided they’d rather go back out to pasture.


Even though it wasn’t raining then, the grass was wet.  It was cold and windy.  They still preferred to eat that green grass.


The kids didn’t seem too upset with their wet feet and legs.

Dove and Jinx

The llady llamas were happy to eat that hay.


Although, I’m not sure they each needed a whole bale.


Today, I’m not being quite so nice since they wasted half of what I fed them yesterday, but they did have a nice soft bed for the night.

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April Showers

3 Apr

The pasture is really starting to get some green to it.

Haley and Zorro

The goats have enjoyed being out there.

Myson (front) and Penny (back)

After our rain that left the barnyard rather muddy, they actually decided it was much nicer to nap out on the hill rather than come in the barnyard for their afternoon siesta.  Don’t worry.  They come back to the safety of the barn at night.

Ellie May

We had another soaking rain all day today.  I swear I can stand here and watch the pasture turn more green.

Unfortunately, it also means everyone was unhappy today.  The goats were wet because they didn’t want to wait for me to give them hay, or they were hungry in the barn.  It also means Sky was cooped up in the house all day.


Of course, he did track lots of mud in after his potty break.

He was a little wild when I got home.  Okay.  He was a lot wild when I got home.

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