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Some Friday Notes

14 Jan

My nephew brought the goats his Christmas tree last weekend. By the time I got home, they had stripped it clean.


By the next day, they had a good start on the bark.


My peacock is working hard on getting his tail grown out.  He’ll look handsome for those hens who really don’t care.

The goose appreciates the fresh corn stalk bedding.  It’s nice to snuggle down in when it’s cold outside.

With all the breeding talk, my wethers were feeling left out, so here they are from oldest to youngest.






Salem seems to be accepting Sky finally.

Sky and Salem

These two llamas are just crazy.  Actually, I think there is some weird hormonal thing going on.

Odie and Maybeline

Which explains why we’ve never had a cria.

And I just have to share Tiger again.


Oh, that tail!

Time to Breed

4 Jan

Well, it’s time to make June babies, and, boy, do we need to make a lot of June babies.  I think only seven girls settled for spring break.

Pretty sure Antigone is due for spring break babies

This is the second year in a row I’ve had very few settle for spring break.

Astra didn’t settle; Perdita curled up behind her

Even Trace came back into heat, and that never happens when it’s going to be an oopsie baby.

Trace and Pluto

Anyhow, I have to figure out where to put my three bucks and which girls they are going to get with them.


I can say, I think I’m going to put the two little bucks in the Love Shack with Flower.

Lemuel before the move

It’s kind of nice that she’s a freemartin because I don’t have to worry about her being around bucks.

The Oldest Goat

19 Dec

Well, it’s official.  At 13 1/2 years old, Dolly is the oldest goat I’ve ever had.

Rickie and Dolly were Bambi’s twins born June 3rd 2008.

She takes the title from Minnie Pearl who was also 13 1/2 when I lost her.

Minnie Pearl (4 Feb 2004 – 8 Aug 2017)

Dolly also has the distinction of having had the most kids of any goat here.  She’s had twenty-one kids.

She is also my last goat with the last name Street

And she’s been retired since Pluto.


I’ve kept a lot of her descendants because of the good luck I’ve had with their ability to kid and be good milking does.

great-granddoe Perdita

I plan on continuing to spoil her forever.

Dolly Ann Street (3 Jun 2008 – )

If only I could be like Thor and have immortal goats.