Good Random Goatie Fun

The Good.  We had a good night out in pasture.  I even managed to get Fez to join us.



Hopefully, he’ll start eating a lot more green stuff.  Then he’ll keep growing big and strong.

goat kid eating

The Random.  These two are three-quarters siblings.  They have the same dad (half) and their moms are triplet sisters (cousins).  I figure that makes them three-quarters siblings.

??? and Monterey Jack

??? and Monterey Jack

The Fun.  I don’t think anyone can deny Sallie looks like she’s having fun.  Although it’s not easy to photograph a running black goat at dusk.  Just saying…



Of course, I think it’s fun to shoot silhouettes.

goat silhouette

Reva, Bambi

Reva, ???, and Bambi

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Sounds of Silence

Okay, it’s not really silent, but it’s where I go.  It’s away from man’s noises, and the goats and wind and birds are sweet music to my soul.

goat pasture at sunset

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The Blood Moon Random Friday

With everything going on, I only had a chance to check out the lunar eclipse and take a couple of pictures.  I wish I’d had time to get out the tripod and really make it an event.  We had no clouds, and it was perfect for viewing.

moon collage


blood moon and star


I’m sad to report that I’ve lost two of the kids with polio, Gaston and Blyssin.  Blaze’s little girl was not as far along with the disorder when I began treatments, and I’m still optimistic for her full recovery.  Pistol’s little girl is still having a hard time holding her body heat and refuses to take a bottle.  We’ll see how that one plays out.

Blaze's girls and Pistol's triplets

Blaze’s girls (SOOC) and Pistol’s triplets

Somehow, I managed to delete pictures from my new camera before I got them on the computer.  I have no idea how I did that.  Luckily, it was just pasture pictures, but it still annoys me.

pasture collage


I did manage to get my first bird pictures of the season out in pasture.  I found a bluebird, and I’m not sure what the second one is.

bluebird collage


bird collage


Have you ever gone for a walk with a cat.  It’s totally different than walking with a dog.  The cat has no stamina, and they get behind, rest, and then run to catch up.  Often, I end up carrying Bob part of the way when we cover the whole Back Forty.

cat in pasture

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