Scavenger Hunt Sunday Again

This week the items for Scavenger Hunt Sunday are:  makes me happy, hidden, one, dessert, and modern.

Makes Me Happy:  It makes me happy to see the goats going out to pasture sometimes this winter.  It helps them get rid of excess energy so they are less likely to kill me while I’m trying to do chores.

Goats in pasture

Hidden:  I’m also happy to know that hidden, not too far beneath the snow, is spring.  It’s just waiting to burst forth.  Maisie also has kids hidden in there waiting to burst forth in about a month.



One:  Helen is just one of my seventeen goats that is due to kid at the end of March.



Dessert:  Bambi seems to think the scrub cedar tree makes a yummy dessert.



Modern:  I’m grateful for modern medicine.  I currently have two animals on antibiotics.  Bob was beat up again. I’m so tired of cats that don’t belong here coming onto my farm and picking on my cats.

Bob Cat

Bob Cat

His eye is doing better.

Bud is also on antibiotics as of today.  One of the problems with doing the bladder marsupialization was the higher risk of infections.  I noticed that he was looking a bit puffy and wet.  Today when I checked him more closely (I had checked Thursday), it was obvious he has an infection.  He got a shot today and will get another on Tuesday.

wether goat prepubis

Hopefully that will take care of it.  He still acts good and is happy.  Hopefully, as he gets farther from the surgery and we get better weather, he’ll get his immune system built back up and we won’t have to deal with this.

I Can See Clearly Good Random Fun

I’m so glad I enjoyed the sunshine and took all those sunshine pictures on Saturday because Sunday turned cloudy, and we even had some rain in the evening.

Pasture Sunshine

There are no obstacles in Bud’s way.  He’s been amazing since the bladder marsupialization surgery.  He does drip urine all the time, but he hasn’t had any scald, and he’s just his normal, happy cheerful self!



I had my little visitor back!  He always gives me a bright, bright sunshiny day.


Sharing with The Good. The Random. The Fun. and Song-ography.  This week’s song is I Can See Clearly Now by Jimmy Cliff.

Another Scavenger Hunt Sunday

This week Ashley gave us the task of finding the following:  Pink, Old School, Walk, Accessory, and On My Table.

Pink:  Bambi’s nose is about as pink as they come.  She is adorable, and she’s a brat.  I love her though, and she’s due to have kids again on April 1.



Old School:  I feed my goats old school.  I have small bales that I take pad by pad to feed them.  For some reason, the first thing Millie (or many of them) does is dump the tub and eat from the ground.  I’ve honestly given up on most of the tubs.  Can you tell Bambi gets her pink nose from her maa, Millie?



Walk:  If you remember, I shoveled paths for the animals and me.  They were so nice, but now they are mud.  Really, really, muddy. And there’s ice underneath.  That makes them a bit treacherous.

Barnyard Trails

Gidget and geese

I wanted to take advantage of our beautiful day by going for a walk in the pasture, but it was a bit snowy and sloppy.


I don’t know why it would be slushy with thirteen inches of snow melting quickly and running off the barn roof.

drops 041ew



I didn’t make it very far.  I had to admire the beauty from a distance.


Shadow Shot

Accessory:  Mother Nature must have decided we needed a splash of color in the winter landscape.  I’m glad to have this cardinal accessory.


Bird d’Pot 

On My Table:  At any given time on my kitchen table you’re likely to find a basking or bathing cat lying among the plants.



They are pretty sure the table belongs to them.  And I can see that I should wash the muddy paw prints off the window again while the weather is nice.

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