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Friday’s Hunt v2.10

2 Sep

Welcome back to Friday’s Hunt.  I want to thank everyone who joined in last week.  I had a lot of fun visiting everyone who linked up.  It’s very simple.  Anyone can participate.  The link opens at 7pm Central time and will close Sunday at 7pm, so you have plenty of time to enter. Hopefully, you’ll be inspired to visit some of the other entries.

If you didn’t participate this week but would like to next week, the topics will be:  Starts with K, Week’s Favorite, and yellow/gold.  I will always keep a list of the items for the coming week in my sidebar at the top. I am crazy busy with teaching and working on the farm right now, but I will make sure to visit all participants.  Without further ado, here’s my interpretations for the week.

Starts with J:  I am going with juvenile.  I have all my June babies that are still juvenile goats.

Elmer, Jacob, Daisy, George and Martha

Elmer, Jacob, Daisy, George and Martha

Week’s Favorite:  My favorite this week was coming home from work last night and seeing the goats in pasture.  Now, isn’t that supposed to be normal.  Yes, it is, but when I came home Tuesday and Wednesday, the goats were in my corn field.  Actually, they were in the corn field on Tuesday.  On Wednesday, they  had made it all the way to the pumpkin patch and starting to head out onto the road.  I guess I managed to get the gate fastened tight enough on Wednesday, and they were in.  Yay!

goat pasture_4596ews

Surprise:  I got a text from my sister on Sunday asking if I wanted tomatoes.  Well, of course I did.  My geese ate all of mine–the few they had with our dry summer.  I got three five gallon buckets full.  Then my mom brought me part of another bucket.  So, in the midst of my goats being out, I was busy canning tomatoes. That’s a lot of surprises this week. I do like the results of the tomatoes though!


6 pints roasted tomatoes and 1/2 pint, 7 quarts and 36 pints of cold packed tomatoes

Now it’s your turn!


29 Aug

You might think Llenny is just out on the hill by himself, just eating and not paying attention to anything.



If you watch, however, you’ll see him stand up and watch something over the hill.

llama 4712ews

He’s keeping an eye on the entire herd.

Goat Pasture 4716ews

Thanks, Llenny.  We appreciate you.

I do hope you’ll consider coming back to join me for Friday’s Hunt.  The items for this week are at the top of my side bar.

She’s a Daisy

22 Aug

Do we see anything wrong with this picture?



I have no idea how that silly Daisy girl got on top of that big round bale.

Pasture 4611ews

She’s an ornery one, that girl.  Yes, she is.

I do hope you’ll come back and join me for Friday’s Hunt.  The items for this week are at the top of my side bar.