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December Rains

27 Dec

I am not a fan of December rain, but we’ve really had rain.  It started Wednesday morning around eleven o’clock.

It stopped the next morning, but it looks like we might still get a bit more before it’s all done.

At least we were lucky enough to have time each morning for everyone to go out to eat.

Maybeline (and Lily)

I hate trying to feed them hay in the mud.


Although, they would prefer not to have to go out when it’s like this.


Out to Pasture

25 Dec

Sunday morning, with the sunshine, I decided it was time to get Cupid out to pasture.  It was made easier by the fact that Antigone didn’t make it out to pasture with the herd either.

Antigone and Cupid

They just followed me as I walked out to find the herd.

They would stay with me.  If they got ahead, they’d pause and wait for me to catch up.  Finally, they saw the herd and took off to join it.

I think they were enjoying themselves.


Cookie, Antigone, and Cupid

It would be better for Cupid if she could supress her Nubian loud mouth and not draw attention to herself.  Every time she’d speak, Maggie would try to chase her down.

Maggie (with Vinnie behind)

They did finally settle down a bit.

Clover, Pistol, Cupid, and Maggie

It won’t be long before we’re all integrated.

Temperatures Rising

15 Dec

Well, after a record cold November, our temperatures have been creeping up, and now we’re warmer than average for this time of year.


It looks like it’s going to stick around for a while too.  There’s been blue skies and wonderful sunshine!


The water is completely open back there in the ditch.


Yes, I’m still complaining because, even though I enjoy it, it’s really hard on the animals when the temperatures change rapidly like this.


They do still enjoy getting to go out to pasture though.  It’s much tastier to have trees to snack on than just boring hay in the barnyard.


Although, I am also enjoying the goats and llamas not needing to be given hay yet.

They are happy to be out there in pasture most of the day.

Maybeline and Odie

Even though it does look like Maybeline and Odie are rather irritated with the gate being shut.

Oh well.  If they did a better job guarding the goats, I wouldn’t have had to put the fence up.