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Consequences of Bragging

31 Jan

Yesterday I told you how good I was feeling about getting Aurora moved and it was easy peasy.  Well, I should know better than to brag.  I had just finished taking my picture of Fionn stranded in the buck pen on Saturday afternoon and was coming back into the big barnyard

“I’m always a good boy.” Fionn

when I saw all of the goats rushing into the birds’ pen.  I might have forgotten to tie it shut after letting the birds out.  Seriously.  They could just not be so dang naughty (Moose!).

I pushed my way through the crowd and yelled and jumped up and down and screamed myself hoarse, and they really didn’t care.  I did finally manage to get everyone out (after they emptied the two little pans of feed.


At least none of the birds escaped this time.




Being Naughty

21 Jan

I think it was last Wednesday that we finally came out of the ridiculously cold to just a bit below average cold.  It was warm enough for the goats to feel naughty and get in trouble.

Casey: Don’t look at me. It was Moose.

As soon as I went into the barnyard to do chores, I noticed some goat had opened the gate to the birds’ pen.  They had eaten the corn from the birds’ pan, but luckily they hadn’t broken into the big tub of corn.

Zinnia: It was just a little snack.

I kicked out the goats and saw the geese were still just sitting outside in the pen.

I looked in and saw the birds still inside the building.

Nugget is getting big and handsome.

Then I started walking through the barn and found my old male peacock lying out there sunning himself.

Luckily, he wasn’t too hard for me to grab, but I missed getting both wings tucked in right away, and he beat the snot out of me.  I literally had bruise lines on my jaw from where his wings smacked me.

At least I got him back into the safety of his pen.

Then I put my twine back around the gate so they can’t do that again.

Naughty goats.

Sunshine and Shivers

31 Dec

I think we’ve had more winter weather in the last two weeks (and the coming week) than we had all of last winter.  It’s cold.

We’ve had snow!

I’m glad I’m  home on break because I’ve spent most of the last couple days taking care of the animals.  They just need more care when it’s this cold.

It’s almost too cold to come outside to bask in the sun (and it doesn’t help a lot).  It would also help if they quit ripping my tarp on the door (right hand side) loose.

I have a few girls and kids that I shut in the greenhouse so they are certain to get enough to eat.  It’s a little warmer in there too.  Lily is my oldest girl, and I worry about her.

Lily, Viera, and Cutie

They are getting hay twice a day (instead of once) and you’d swear they think I’m not feeding them enough.  They can’t eat it all before I feed again, but you just can’t eat enough to keep warm in this weather.

Buster, Maybeline, and Odie

I’m grateful my nephew brought me some cornstalk bales, and I put that in the building with the birds.

I’m not even opening the door for them to come out.  It’s better to try and keep any wind out.

I’m glad we’re having real winter, but I think adding another ten or twenty degrees to the high temperature would be good.  For reference today’s high temperature is -6 F (-21.1 C ) and low is -20 F (-28.9C).

I will certainly miss being home to check on everyone when I have to go back to work on Tuesday.