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Growing Feathers

11 Feb

Look who’s growing his tail out!


Isn’t he handsome?

They are both growing their tales out.  I saw one of them with it up the other day, but I didn’t have my camera.  They’re not quite full length yet.

The geese are always out during the day.

They enjoy the hay I toss in there for them, you know, when they’re not threatening me.

The two ganders have really turned into jerks.

Birds Enjoying the Weather

27 Dec

The birds have really been enjoying the warm weather.

The peacocks have been out until dark nearly every evening this week.  You can notice the tail is starting to grow.

My chickens have been out quite a bit too.

My Easter egg chicken

The hen behind Nugget is my free-range chicken.  She was actually out free-ranging this week.

Nugget in front; Free-range hen behind

The geese have been liking it the most though.  Even though I still have one naughty gander. (The other is all threat and no bite.)

With the record warm temperatures on Christmas Day with the long dry stretch, I finally managed to get them a clean pool.

Not that it stayed clean very long.

It looks like they’ll get to keep the pool going for a little while yet.


16 Aug

It’s that time of year when the peacocks start losing their tail feathers.

Every time I go out there, I’m picking up a handfull.

Soon they will be naked!

They’re still beautiful even when they don’t have their long tails.