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June 1st

1 Jun

What’s going on in my backyard for the first of June?  Well, the doghouse landscaping is doing quite well.  Although, it does look like it needs weeded.

I love the spider worts.

They were especially pretty after our rain yesterday.

I have cherries waiting to be picked.

The peaches are growing.  I’m really looking forward to them, and I will even fight the squirrels for them this year.

I’ve started trying to reclaim the strawberries.  I’ve even picked a few, but there are many more that need to be picked or should have already been picked.

The garden has been tilled, and I have even started planting it.  I know, it’s horribly late to just be planting.

My gardens have really been neglected because most of my time has been spent with the goats.  This is one of the triplets Maggie had a couple of nights ago.

This one is much smaller than the other two, and I didn’t think she’d ever get enough to eat.  That means she’s another bottle kid.  She’s growing and doing well.  Mushu is getting used to having kids in the kitchen.

Stella isn’t quite as sure about this little girl being in her yard.

I admit the little girl did think the back yard was a bit scary, and she was happy to go back to the kitchen.  For now, I’m happy to neglect the gardens to enjoy the company of the goats and their new little ones.

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