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Too Many Heartbreaks

16 Dec

Winter cold kills.  It’s just how nature works, and as we have suddenly had crazy cold I’ve had to make decisions on all those that I’ve been babying and watching.  The vet came today and checked my four that I was worried about making it through the winter.

Midnight Margarita Osboer

Maggie had a difficult birth and it ended up being a buck born just before midnight and a little girl just after midnight.  In between there was a third kid that was already gone due to the copper issues I hadn’t yet figured out.  They were given the names Tequilla and Midnight Margarita.

Tequilla, Maggie, and Margarita

When she was a kid, her maa saved her when she was attacked by a coyote, and she still spent about a week in the hospital stealing the hearts of all the vet students.

ready to come home from the hospital

She’s always been a little girl, but she certainly has been a giant in my heart.

with her first kid (top) and her mom Maggie (bottom)

This summer, she just got run down and I haven’t been able to get her weight back up. Honestly, I believe she was wasting. She hasn’t been able to stay warm and we haven’t been very cold.


Before we get frigid cold next week, I decided it was time to say good-bye.

Reva Van de Yell

Reva was the only girl in a set of triplets born to Pebbles.  That means she had to have spunk and sass to survive.

Reva enjoying a good scratch

She also learned to use me as a vending machine.  My mom and I would walk out to pasture, and she’d come running for her bottle and then bounce off again.

Reva running for her bottle

She never did get very tall, but she certainly carried herself like a large goat.  Nobody messed with her.

Reva with mom, Litha and her first kids

She unfortunately suffered from the arthritis that her mom also struggled with, and it was to a point that her quality of life was suffering.

Joani van de Yell

Joani was the only kid I kept from Millie’s girl, Joe.  She reminded me a lot of her mom, a big girl with a big heart. And she had her mom’s cheesy grin; although, she wasn’t quite as into mugging for the camera.

Joani van de Yell

She was one of the rock solid silent ones in the herd.  She was a good mom and didn’t need help with her kids, well, except the one time I chased her around the picnic table forever to catch her and pull a baby.  But otherwise, she was awesome.

wither her mom, Joe, and her twin brother Chachi

Like all of them, she could have an attitude.  Usually hers came in the form of avoiding me whenever I needed to do hooves.  How could she always know what was on my mind?

Joani (with maa Joe in the back)

She struggled a bit last winter, and her weight was not good enough to sustain her through the winter.

Myson Osboer

Myson had been improving in the weight department, but this week of crazy weather seemed to just melt it off of him.  This one about kills me.  He was Millie’s last baby.

Millie and Myson in 2012

He was my bottle baby.


He was my dress-up actor goat.

Santa Myson; detective Albert Smooth; Linus in the Great Pumpkin; Cool Dude; John Wayne; Renaissance goat; and confronting the troll in Billy Goats Gruff

One of my three amigos–the big fat wethers who are my rock steadies.

Moose, Casey, and Myson

My sweet Myson.

It will no longer be Eden Hills without him.

Planning Ahead

13 Dec

I know I have alluded to replacing the greenhouse, but I’m not sure that I shared that it is a done deal.  I’ve signed a contract with Morton Buildings, and they are going to be putting up a new building next May/June-ish.

It clearly needs to come down.

I have to get the old building torn down.  I think I have that arranged, but the guy doing it has to have it done before he starts planting.

It is partly in the barnyard and partly in the yard.

That means it will be coming down around spring break.

I’ll have to figure out how to get the outside pen down and then put back up.

I still have a lot of junk around it that I need to clean up.

Sparrow enjoying the weeds.

I’ve given up.  I’ll just plan on kidding in the buck room and garage again this time–in March and April.

old and pregnant girls from 2022

It better be the last time.

in 2018 when it was just a year old

I’m really excited about the new building going up because it will be insulated and properly vented for livestock. In addition to kidding, it will be good for my sick and old ones. I really wish I had it done right now for Myson and Margarita.

Myson and Margarita

Myson is picking up weight and looking good. He seems to like the room service.


But Margarita is still thin and she is cold.  I had to put the heat lamp back on for her.


She hardly ever comes out of the Love Shack.  I’m not sure how much longer I can support her.

Enjoying the Sunshine

8 Dec

Just some pictures of goats enjoying the sunshine–

Daisy and her bratopotamus Zora

Flora eating a stick


Reva sleeping in the sun




Ostara knows where the corn comes from.

Margarita and Myson