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Just Pictures

14 Oct

I can’t get enough of the beautiful fall colors; sadly, they are about done.

2TC and Penelope

Aurora in front of the neighbor’s derecho battered corn

Hilda (in heat) and Xerxes

Poor free-range hen hasn’t gotten to free-range since the derecho.




“Did you bring me a peanut? I don’t care if it’s unsalted.” -Chiffon




Myson front and center

Trying to decide if he wants to come out and face the day. I know that feeling.


11 Oct

I might have some spoiled goats.  I know that’s hard to believe.


But how can I deny Dolly?  She is my oldest goat; she’s cute and sweet, and I just can’t say “no” to that face.

Popcorn doesn’t eat with the other goats.  It’s probably wise–they still don’t fully accept him.  Jerks.

Maisie, Margarita, Moose, Cinnamon (Casey behind) (Wanda in front)

He just hangs out by the gate (with my other boy).

Popcorn and Sky

He has figured out that the milk room has sweet feed, so he’s been known to come over.

Again, how can I say “no” to that little cutie?  I can’t.

But he did get his first hooficure the other day while he was eating.

Myson managed to come into the milk room for the first time the other day to get his hooves done.


He makes the milk room look small.  Just saying.

The Day’s Work

7 Sep

Fairly early in the morning, the goats leave the barnyard.

Heading out to pasture

They spend their day in pasture eating.

on the back hill

Dolly and Pluto



They take their job seriously, for the most part.  However, you’ll find an occasional slacker lying down on the job.


The llamas help too.

Maybeline, Aurora, and Odie

Although they do tend to cut the day short and lounge in the barnyard all afternoon.

Aurora hurrying to catch up to the other two for quitting time

Happy Labor Day to all those who are celebrating this weekend.