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Walking In the Pasture

14 Oct

I decided I had to go for a walk after being sick most of last week.  Even though we were under a high wind warning and only made it to around 50°F for a high temp, I grabbed my camera and went out.

Bambi, Cookie, Aurora, Marge, and Maybeline

Actually, it wasn’t too bad on the bottom because the hills do help shelter us from the wind.

?, Moose, Casey, Coral, and ?  (Aurora and Odie in the back)

I also closed the gates for the winter.  They have to stay on the front half of the Back Forty now.  Hopefully, that will prevent any losses to coyotes.


I also checked and saw that there’s not a lot of clover on the bottom, so I’m going to leave the wethers on the pasture with everyone else.  Hopefully, I don’t regret that later.

Pluto and big sister Sidney

Overall, it was a nice walk.


Some Goats

4 Sep





LilyAnn feeding Ringo



Enjoying Pasture

28 Aug

The pasture looks so pretty where we made hay.

Aurora, Odie, and Maybeline

The recent rains have helped the grass to grow, and the llamas are happy that they can get out there and truly graze again.

Maybeline and Odie

The goats are really enjoying it too.

Of course, they are still browsers and want to eat any leaf they can reach.


Even if that means waiting for a favorable breeze before they can catch it.

I could spend all my time back here right now, if only I had time.  I think the boys on the front pasture might be jealous of the nice green lawns.

Anubis and Zeus

Where’s Tony?


Okay.  He was lying down.  It’s not really that tall.