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Who’s Due?

2 Mar

I cannot believe we’re just a little over a week away from spring break babies.  I have been working hard to try to figure out who’s going to have babies.  I swear it’s been a difficult year, and I still am not sure on some, but here’s my best guesses.  Those definitely having kids:  Maisie, Cinnamon, Hilda, Gidget, Cutie, Mary, Clover, Wanda, and Reva.




Cinnamon and Joani

Those I believe to be open:  Annie, Victoria, Blaze, Bonnie, Bambi.

Blaze (and Bonnie in back)

I am leaning towards Daisy being bred.

Bambi and Daisy (and Myson who is not expecting)

Those I do not have a clue:  Haley, Harley, and Ava.

Wanda and Ava

Harley with daughter Toffee behind her

I guess we’ll know for sure pretty soon.  I’ve already added my tail count image for 2018 on the sidebar to the right!  They are Hilda’s babies from last year–Pearl and Rudy.



8 Jan

My nephew brought us his Christmas tree over the weekend.

Moose (butt), Maisie and Buster

Sallie (and Annie in front)

Blaze, Bonnie, Litha, and Hilda

Myson scratching between his horns

Everyone was happy, but they really think he should start putting up five or six trees instead of just one.


One tree just lasts a few hours.

We Survived the Day

3 Jan

I survived my first day back to work.  It was kind of stressful worrying about everyone at home, but we did it!


My nephew came and let Sky out after it warmed up, and he hadn’t even destroyed anything in the house. Woo hoo!


As a bonus, my hydrant had thawed by the time I got home!  Sky didn’t even eat his kitten (Of course not.  He’s a good boy.).


The goats and llamas were a bit upset that they didn’t get fed three times throughout the day.

Where is my mid-morning snack? -Myson

But they survived.


We have a couple more cold days, and then we should be back to our normal cold winter temperatures!  Maybe then Bob will quit swearing so much.

Bob Cat

Thirty degrees (-1.1* C) sounds downright warm.