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A Tale of Two Wattles

20 May

It’s crazy everything that a copper deficiency causes in goats.

Annie sporting a “fish tail” caused by copper deficiency

Just before I got the copper capsules down them, I noticed that Cutie’s wattles were losing all their hair.  Naked wattles are not attractive.


I’ve wondered how long it will be before I can start to see an improvement in their coats and eye color.


I think I got my answer.  Can you see?  (Of course not when I’m trying to photograph over Aphrodite with Astra bouncing on my back.)


New hair!

Just five days after getting the copper capsule, her wattles are already starting to get new hair.


Doing Well

28 Apr

I do appreciat all the support from my whining yesterday.  I have to say, there are lots of goats and other animals at Eden Hills who are doing quite well.  I just seem to focus on the ones I’m worried about because they take so much time and energy.  So today, here’s a very short survey of some  residents of the farm who are doing quite well.  The three llamas are enjoying the Back Forty, but they come up and roll in their dust bowl and get a drink and just see what’s going on.

Odie, Maybeline, and Buster

The two bucks are doing quite well.  They do want to know why I didn’t bring grain or peanuts or girls though.

Fionn and Xerxes

The fat boy wethers are all doing well too.  They really are fat.


I have kids who are growing and doing well and chewing cud.  It’s hard to believe that I could actually think about weaning some if I needed to.


Margarita looks awesome!  She’s turned into a little snot though.  She doesn’t want my attention at all.


And I have lots of girls that look really good!

Bonnie, Penny, Betty Lou, and Blaze

Bob is doing great!  He’s not happy with Rocky and Noelle existing, but he’s fine other than that.

Bob Cat

And that’s just a very small sampling of who’s doing well.

Brigit’s Waiting Too

2 Apr

Brigit was standing in the barnyard staring longingly out to pasture waiting for warm days and sunshine.  Sadly, she’ll have a long wait as our long range forecast is predicting temperatures about fifteen to twenty degrees below our historical average every single day.


Wait.  Brigit isn’t old enough to know about warm weather and sunshine.  All she’s known in her life is this miserable cold.  She must have been waiting for her mom to come up from pasture.

Brigit (Myson, Moose, Annie, Caroline, Toffee, and Harley)

Hopefully, she’ll get her mom and warm weather soon.