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Ready to Work

2 Sep

My bucks are ready to get to work.

Xerxes stalking Caroline along the fence

Freddie is such a sweet boy, but I have no desire to give him any loving right now.

“Come closer; I want to kiss you!” -Freddie

Freddie checking out Gemma

I’ve been trying to plan for next year’s kids.  Can’t believe it’s already time to start thinking about that.


I think I mentioned that Reva is retiring this year, and Maisie is also retiring.


I am excited to see what kids I get from Benji.


I actually have a spring break from work next year, so that will make things a bit easier.

A Good Long Weekend

1 Jun

I have to say, I was really ready for a long weekend, and our crazy weather was actually pretty nice.  I got to go spend time out in pasture with the goats.

I found them in pasture!

They alternate between browsing and resting.

Kids in the tall grass

I do have a hard time taking decent pictures though because the grass is quite tall in places.


Venus and Rajah

It can be hard to focus through the blowing grass.

Trying for Tansy, but the photobombing Nestle is in focus

And they are busy stuffing their faces.

Caroline (I seriously think she was chewing on a deer vertebrae) and Chunky

But sometimes, I can get a decent picture.

both old ladies: Litha and Dolly

Reva with maa, Litha, in back

Penelope and kids


Victoria and Dolly

It was quite nice even though it’s hard to take good pictures.

Some of My Goatie Family

21 May

Just some of the critters today.



Swen and Olaf (Joy’s boys)

LilyAnn with Jasmine and Aladdin


Aphrodite just hanging around



Beautiful Bambi

Penelope and Queenie

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