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The Naming of Kids

24 Jun

We had a lot of kids all at once, and I kind of got behind in naming kids, and I’m not sure I’ve formally introduced any of the June babies, so here are your introductions in order of birth.

We started things off with Chiffon’s twins. They are Masey and Mooch.  Yes, The Mooch got his name from trying to steal from anyone he can.

Masey (right after she got the clip on her eye

“The Mooch”

Next was Cutie and her single buck, Bumble.  He’s big and white, and, you know, bumbles bounce (according to Yukon Cornelius from Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer).


Penelope’s boy is named Gonzo. He is such a little goofball.


Astra’s kids are named PITA Poche.  PITA would be an acronym for Pain in the A@@.  Yes, he is.  And Poche is French for pocket, so together they make Pita Pocket.

PITA and Poche

You might recall the Flora had her baby while I was talking to the Morton Building representative, so she is named Morton.


Daisy’s girl is Zora.


Then I kind of got behind naming, so in a phone conversation while my mother was watching AGT, there was some quick naming.  Margarita’s has a boy and a girl. They shall be named Howie and Terry.



LilyAnn’s two little girls are little and cute.  They shall be named Minerva and Mini.

Minerva and Mini

Then we have Ava’s triplets. I deferred once again to AGT.  They are Heidi, Sophia, and Simon.

Simon, Sophia, and Heidi with Ava

That was followed by Joy’s difficult birth of her boy, Champ.


Finally, Sidney’s boy and girl are Frosty and Crystal.


Crytsal and Sidney

There you have it.  All eighteen of the June kids.

A Two Doe Kidding Day

9 Jun

Tuesday evening, I checked the girls before bed, and wondered about both Astra and Penelope.

I checked at 2:00.  I decided to check again, so I went out at 3:30.  I still wondered if they were going to seriously get down to business.

Then I came out at 6:00, and I still wasn’t sure.  When I went back out at 6:30, Penelope had a baby.

Gonzo all cleaned off

I carried him over to the Love Shack, and I kicked Chiffon and her babies out.

Chiffon, Masey, and Mooch

It wasn’t long after that that I too Astra over and shut her in with Penelope.

in labor

I checked her all day, and late in the afternoon, I pulled her twins.

They are both big–a boy and a girl.

white boy with wattles

brown girl without wattles

I should have a couple of days to relax before the next round.

The Start of June Kidding

5 Jun

I have Margarita and Penelope with unknown due dates.  Cutie’s due date was June 3rd. After is Astra due on June 9th.  So I figured Cutie would be first, but you never know.


I’ve been checking all three girls.


June 3rd, Cutie was looking huge.  She wasn’t settled at bedtime, so I went out at midnight.  She had calmed down, but I went out at four am.


I’m getting too old for this.  I fell back asleep in the morning.  I did look out the window at Cutie a time or two, but nothing was going on.  When I went back out about ten, I found Chiffon and her babies.

Chiffon and kids

Chiffon was not due until the 12th.  I figured she would be early the way she looked, but she was just lying there when I did my before bed check, so I didn’t hunt her down in the middle of the night. Because they don’t usually have them a week or eight days early.

Her boy has grandma Cookie’s coloring.

Her girl has great-uncle Casey’s coloring.

Guess I should have.  They don’t look early at all.  I guess she’s just really efficient at making babies and doesn’t need the entire 150 days.

She has a boy and a girl and they are all doing well.