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Relaxing in the Barnyard

4 Aug

Every evening the goats come up from pasture and settle in for the night.

Ava and Wanda


Betty Lou

Athena and Cinnamon


It makes me happy to see them all lounging around and chewing their cuds.



28 Jul

I have to say, it’s just the last week or so that I’ve started relaxing and feeling like I’m on summer break (and now it’s almost time to go back).  With the bottle kids getting weaned, I’m getting to keep all my milk from the girls.  They know exactly where to go.


I always have a line waiting to come in.  There’s usually a couple more there too.  Sometimes even those that are not currently getting milked (like Haley).  Once I even had Casey trying to convince me he should get to come in.

Ava (back) and Clover

Sometimes Ava gets a little impatient.


I’m freezing gallons for next year’s kids.  Also, I finally have gotten around to making soap.

I have several that are out of stock.  I don’t know the last time my shelves were so empty.

It’s been hard to get motivated to make any when the farmer’s market I used to go to isn’t being held now.  I need to find a new market or something.  Of course, when my garage is fully cleaned again, I can open on the farm on weekends.  First, I need to get everything back in stock.  I made five batches to start with: violet, almond biscotti, plain, lilac, and candy.

I have another thirteen batches before my soaps are fully stocked.  I better get busy!



Going and Staying

6 Jul

It’s time to say good-bye to the March babies that are not staying on the farm.  It’s time.  They are becoming a pain.


He doesn’t even say “thank you;” just “what took you so long to get here.”  I am ready to throw him in with the bucks so I at least don’t have to walk so far to get him out.

They are big.

Zephyr and Hermes

Maisie feeding Apollo and Adonis

I never like saying good-bye, but I have to say it is a relief this time with all the copper issues.  The Maisie’s boys (above) and Giselle (below) all have neurological issues, so it will be good to quit worrying about whether or not they’ll make it to sale.


Sadly, I had a forever farm lined up for Giselle, but that isn’t going to happen now.  In good news, though, it means that Hera will be taking her place (and Hera is a sweetie).


Aphrodite will go to the same farm.  Since they are wanted for milking does, the girls will stay here until they have babies next year, so you’ll get to keep seeing them for a while.


I’m also keeping Cinnamon’s girl, Athena, who is just gorgeous!

Athena and Cinnamon

Zeus (who is Hera’s twin brother) will stay to replace his dad, Sam.


Then I might as well give in and just accept that Antigone will be staying.  Even though she’s kind of a brat, I adore her.


Is it just me or does it look like someone did a really bad job of photoshopping horns out–oops, forgot one!