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Goat Pics

28 Jun

Here’s just a few pictures from the last week or so.  I started this post a while back, but we keep having more things happen and I push it back.

2TC is queen of the picnic table

Beautiful Bambi


Tansy and Sunshine


I think Purl is ignoring the fact that she’s no longer her maa’s baby.

Sidney’s boy, Thunder



Wanda scratching her neck

Haley is still doing well (and the white bandage just looks like another sock)

Joani’s boy, Glover

These goats might drive me crazy, but I do adore them.

We’re Ready

6 Jun

Friday evening, I decided I had to catch Joani and get her shut in.  I still have to work the first part of this week, and I need her shut someplace where my mom can check her.  She is not easy to catch when I need to do something to her (hooves or kids).


I do remember one year when I needed to get her in to help her kid and I had to chase her all over the barnyard and did ring-around-the picnic table before I could finally get her.  This time, despite having horrible hooves because I can’t catch the brat, I still had to chase her around the barnyard.  Finally, I got her trapped on the west side of the barn.  We did quite a few laps in there before she finally gave up.  Seriously. I’d have never caught her.  Something about being five months pregnant with sore feet wore her down though.  This time, I had another problem with trying to catch her…Cinnamon.


She was having a fit of jealousy, and I couldn’t move without Cinnamon cutting me off and getting between me and Joani.  Finally, I did catch Joani and drug her across the barnyard to the greenhouse, where I trimmed her hooves before letting her go.  Of course, I did have to pause and threaten Cinnamon while I was trimming because she was trying to fight through the fence. I completed trimming the hooves, fastened the gate, and she could finally pick a fight without it being a problem.

Now Joani gets to lounge in the greenhouse and be fed mulberry scrub brush and be treated like a queen.  And she lets me just walk up and start petting her now that she’s shut in.

She’d still prefer to be out in pasture, but that’s not happening until she has kids.

I did add Litha to my little group in the north paddock.  She’ll be thirteen in a couple of weeks, and the heat combined with her arthritis was not fun to try and keep up with the herd in the Back Forty.


I did have to scold her and Haley and tell them not to fight because why not?  One is thirteen and one has only three functioning legs, so why not fight.  It only took a couple of minutes for them to settle down and decide it was too much work to fight.


Everyone else figured out not to bother fighting.  Just eat and get ready for babies.


And I do think I got this all arranged with none too much time before we start kidding.  I don’t have a due date for Onyx, but I don’t think she can go much longer.


And Zinnia this morning is standing in the shelter I made away from everyone.


Look at how she’s dropped.  Her udder is tight.  I wouldn’t be surprised if she had them before I go back to work in the morning.

Let the kidding begin!

Just Some Stuff

20 May

I don’t think I ever shared Sky all dressed up in his “happy faces” bandana.  He was funny, trying to turn and see it when I first put it on him, but then he didn’t care at all.  Good boy!

Sky in his Happy Faces bandana

Tansy has gotten pretty big.  I’m not too worried about her kidding as a true yearling.

Tansy is pretty much as big as her mom.

I just hope she has it on her own and doesn’t need my help because that would be hard.


Onyx still worries me because she’s so fine.  Look at that cute little udder.  She’s getting close!


For no reason at all, here’s one of the brown leghorn hens.  I am drowning in eggs.

We have cows across the road again.  They are back for the summer (these are not the ISU cows who stayed with us).

Cows across the road

Popcorn’s copper really helped.  He’s getting is color and spots back, and his fur is growing in nice and soft.


Cinnamon’s fur on her nose is coming back, too.  I wasn’t sure it was ever going to grow back in, but she is looking good.


I dug a little itty-bitty baby plum tree.  So far it’s doing okay.

I’m thrilled because I do love my plums.  I’m hoping to get another one or two going in pots, and then I’ll try to plant them outside this fall and hope at least one makes it.