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Before My Coffee

5 Aug

I am not really a morning person, and my mornings seem to be getting more and more busy before I can even get that first cup of coffee in.  It starts with going out to milk my girls. Cinnamon is usually already yelling before I manage to get dressed and out the door.


Before milking, I swing by the chicken building and let the birds out.

stupid roosters

The girls generally beat me to the milk room, but they have to wait for me to get my milking stuff.  Stormy gets milked first.  Then Cinnamon.


I’m trying to avoid letting Dolly come in because her girls are still nursing.  Most mornings I’m not successful, so I do end up milking her too.  Seriously.  Could you resist that face peeking in the door at you (it really is through the door, and there’s a muddy hoof print where her nose is)?


Then I get a pitcher of sweet feed and go to milk Clover.  I have her shut in to keep her kids off her, and I want to make sure she has all she can eat hay to get her strength back.

After milking, I have to go in and take care of the milk.  It is immediately filtered and put in the refrigerator or freezer.  Because Clover was just wormed, I also have to keep her milk separate.


Then I go check on my old ladies.  I have to keep an eye on Minnie. She is old and growing weak.  I know she won’t be around much longer.

Minnie Pearl

Then it’s time to go check Purple 11.  We are still waiting on her calf.

Purple 11

That is generally walking half way out to the back hill; although, I was very happy the morning we had rain to see she was in the barnyard yet.

When I get done with the barnyard chores, it’s time for the house chores.  Sky wants to play.  For some reason, he seems to be a play-in-the-morning kind of pup.

Sky (with the remains of a plant) and Snickers

Bob and Snickers both go in and out of the house several times.


I make sure the dog and cats have food.


Finally, while I’m making Snickers his poached egg, I get to start my coffee brewing.   I’m also usually playing tug-of-war or fetch the ball with Sky while I’m cooking.  He is a maniac.

I think I’m about ready for fewer morning chores.


Making Crias

25 Jul

When I got the new llamas the intention was to hopefully breed them this summer for crias next summer.  The lovely lady I got them from said she’d come help me because I’m certainly not a llama expert, and Ollie was brand new to being a stud.

Farina and Ollie

She came about a little over a week ago, and we caught and prepped Aurora for breeding.  You might have noticed in previous pictures that her tail is wrapped.  That’s because it makes it easier for the guy to get the job done when he doesn’t have to deal with all that wool.  We brought Ollie over, and it was pretty boring.  He just stood there.  He is just two.  Sometimes it takes them longer to figure things out.  We decided to wait a month or so and see if he showed any interest then.

Well, yesterday morning, I went out and found that my gate was open.  After we returned Ollie to the buck pasture, I forgot to fasten it.  All three goats and Ollie were mixed in with the rest of the herd. It didn’t take too much work to get the goats back in, but while  I was shutting a gate, I got stung on the butt by a wasp.


I decided to go tend to that.  After all, Ollie had no interest in girls yet, and Maybeline and Odie were less than impressed (yay, I think they are both going to have crias in October).

Maybeline and Ollie

About fifteen minutes later, I came out to take a couple of pictures of the boys just as Aurora and Estarr were coming up from pasture.  Ollie saw the girls and took off running towards them. Estarr started spitting all over, and Aurora ran into the barn with Ollie hot on her heels.  I tried to hurry in, but I had to wait for the thirty goats rushing out before I could do that.  By the time I got there, they were happily making a cria.

Ollie and Aurora (with Farina behind)

Buster might be a wether, but he really thought he should get to join in, so I was stuck there (with my camera) making sure he did not try to help.

Aurora, Ollie and Buster (go away–they don’t need your help)

Some goats were a bit confused.  I have to say, I don’t blame them because the orgling noise the male makes to help cause the female to ovulate is rather odd.

“Why is he growling at you?” –Cinnamon

Anyhow, thirty minutes later, Ollie was finished with Aurora, and I figured I could go put my camera up.  Maybe I’d wrap Farina’s tail, and life would be good.  Ollie had other plans, he moved right on to Farina.  Luckily, by this time, Buster gave up.

I really thought Ollie just needed a power aide and a cigarette, so I finally moved on to mowing the yard.

Then he went for Estarr.  Dude.  Pace yourself.  (He was going to try Maybeline, but she shut him down in a hurry.)

In the evening, I was headed out to the milk room when I saw Odie running from Ollie in pasture.  Typically, a girl will spit and the male llama is supposed to leave her alone.  He apparently didn’t know that.  I will say, Odie would do quite well on the obstacle course.  She had Ollie jumping on her back, but she slipped away and gracefully leaped over a fallen tree while Ollie was like a bull moose in rut coming after her.  I ran and got a halter and went back to catch Ollie.

Odie and Ollie

By this time he had come into the barnyard to check out Estarr again.  I am glad he’s well trained (although he did think about ignoring all that training in favor of hormones) because he was pretty easy to halter and put back with the bucks.

In a couple of weeks, in a more controlled manner, I’ll try to see if Aurora, Farina, and Estarr settled.  This was not the plan.  While I did think, if Ollie showed he had things figured out, I might just put Farina in with him, but it was never intended to have him running amuck with the two girls who are already bred and the wether who wants to help.  Sheesh.

What a difference a couple of weeks can make.

Excessive Heat

20 Jul

We are under an excessive heat advisory.  It’s pretty miserable.


Most everyone is handling the heat okay, even if it is uncomfortable.


I broke down and gave the geese a pool in the chicken pen.  It makes a mess, but they really need it right now.

Chinese Goose

The goats are lounging in the shade.

There’s not a lot of water left in the ditch in the Back Forty.

By the time they come back up from pasture, the goats are hot.  Cinnamon has not been handling the heat well.  Neither has Maggie and Harley.

Cinnamon in the lead

I make sure we have plenty of water in the barnyard.  I’ve even hosed off a couple of the llamas.


I wish Odie would let me hose her off.  She’s the one who is not tolerating the heat at all.  I’m worried about her.


Estarr has it all figured out.


Sky seems to have the best solution though.


He is enjoying the air conditioning in the house.

I hope you’ll come back to join me for Friday’s Hunt.  I have this week’s items in my side bar.