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15 May

Despite finding out what is wrong with my kids and being able to treat it, there’s nothing I can do for the kids who have already had neurological damage.  That means I had to have Clover’s babies put down.

Ares and Brigit

Now I’m milking again.


I was surprised how much milk Clover had because she didn’t have hardly any when the kids were born.

Of course, since I’m milking, Cinnamon decided she was going to be milked also.

Athena was not quite as happy about that.


But she’ll be fine, and I’m probably going to need that milk for June kids.


To Make Lotion

24 Apr

I’ve had a couple of people ask when I’m going to have lotion back in my online store.  In order to make lotion, I need goat milk.  I have one thing preventing me from getting milk.


Athena is really not quite ready to give it up.  Notice how she’s trying to cut her mom off and stop her from walking.

Caroline, Penny, Cinnamon and Athena, and Joani

I’m sure Cinnamon would be willing, but I think it will be a couple more weeks before I try to wean her (or just shut her in overnight).

Athena and Cinnamon

Then I’ll get to make lotion again!

Until then, all I have left is past it’s sell by date, which means it’s all mine!


The Last 48 Hours: Part 1

14 Mar

The last 48 hours have been pretty overwhelming.  It all started with Cinnamon’s kidding at 1:30 on Monday.  It will take me a whole week to tell you about those two days, so I’ll tell you how it started. (I apologize for the large number of crappy cell phone pictures, but that’s all I had time for.)


And, if you know Cinnamon, you know she’s a drama queen, so the action actually started at 10:00 the night before.  That’s when she decided I should sit with her and hold her hoof.  Since I had no idea when she was going to finally get down to having her baby I put a pen in the back of the buck room, and I got to check her every couple of hours all night.  Twice she had been jumping on the panel I was using to make the pen and nearly had it knocked down.  I let her out in the morning and moved her into the Ranger stall in the garage where I had already penned Clover, Cutie, Pistol and then added Vixen and Vinnie because the winter has nearly killed them.  I put those girls and Aurora back into the buck pen and outside area.  I’m telling you, I feel like all I’ve done is pen goats and move goats around.

Cinnamon and Athena

Like I said, she finally had her baby at about 1:30 pm.  Of course, that was typical Cinnamon as well.  She got the baby almost here and decided she just couldn’t continue, so I tugged on her little hooves, and out she came.  I present to you Athena!

By the time Cinnamon finished, I saw that Gidget was in labor and looking for a place to have her kids.  I put her in the greenhouse and waited.


Finally, I ended up calling the vet because Gidget is one mean mom.  She will stomp her hoof, snort and smack me with her horns.  That makes it hard to fight her and help her have kids at the same time, so the vet got the privilege of bringing her babies into the world.  The one in back is a buck, and the one in front is a doe.  I’m horribly behind on naming kids.

By then, I figured out that Daisy was going to do something.  This is where things got a little weird.  While I was feeding everyone, someone hit Harley hard, and she went down.  She couldn’t get up.  It took her a bit, and she was still struggling with her back end.  That’s the kind of injury Pistol had that we’re just really lucky she didn’t end up paralyzed.  I put Harley in the greenhouse so she didn’t get hit again and could rest and be on some good anti-inflammatory medicine.  Because the winter was so hard on my kids, I also caught Harley’s two girls and put them in there with her too.   So all of a sudden, I was starting to run out of space for my girls, and we were really too cold to let Daisy have her baby outside that late in the afternoon.

Twyla, Harley, Toffee hidden behind her mom, and Ava standing

Daisy has a crazy feral streak in her even though most times I can pet her.  However, I dragged her (yes, bucking and fighting) to the greenhouse.  I was going to put her in a pen in front of Gidget, but Daisy decided to jump on the workbench.  No problem.  She could have the whole rest of the greenhouse.  Harley was in pain and wasn’t going to bother her and Daisy was busy trying to have her kid.


I left her alone to calm down and adjust to her surroundings.  I figured she would be fine.  When I went back to check on her, she was in the process of trying to give birth on the work bench full of goat berries (with Toffee below).  Really?  That is not a good plan.

I made her get down.  By that time, since I had caught her, I decided the baby was coming out before she went back up there and I had to chase her around again to catch her.  I pulled out her beautiful baby girl, and I put her in front of Daisy, and she looked quite unimpressed, but I left them alone hoping her mother instinct would kick in.  She just kept looking at her.  She’d sniff her.  That’s it.  By this time it was dark and getting cold, and the baby had to be dried off.  That means, I did it. I left her to see if the baby would nurse from her, but Daisy was having none of that.

Luckily, I had colostrum frozen from last year, so I got some in her and figured she was good for the night.  By this time, I’d also decided that there was a good chance Cutie was going to have her baby sometime during the night.  Luckily, I had already put a pen in the Ranger stall for Cinnamon, so I could shut Cutie in the other part of the Ranger stall and the rest of them with Aurora in the buck room.


And that is how these two crazy days began.  To be continued…