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Putting Them Back Where They Belong

22 Oct

After just five days of having the boys and girls mixed, I put everyone back where they belong.  The three bucks are out in the front pasture.


I had thought of putting Harley back with everyone, but I had the thought that when she came into heat, there was a good chance a fat wether would jump on her, and that would kill her.  That means, she’s up with the little boys again.

Harley with Pluto and Anubis

I don’t know what I’m going to do with her when the little ones start to get ideas about breeding her.


I let the main herd–breeding, retired, and too young to breed–are all back together.


Moose, Bonnie, Dolly, Sidney, and LilyAnn

Of course, that means Athena is getting more of her maa’s milk than I am again.

Cinnamon and Athena

It’s not fair!


Time for Copper

21 Oct

I am giving all the goats another round of copper.  As bad as they were, I don’t think it will hurt to give it to them a month early.


I think the peanut butter and pill hidden in a peanut shell worked well, so that’s the plan again this time.

I really want to make sure the girls who are getting bred have copper for their babies because I don’t want to lose anymore babies.  I know most of my greedy goats will gobble down the peanuts.


Although, I know I’ll have a few that won’t cooperate.

This time, I’m prepared!  I have a pill pusher that is actually made to hold the capsule I’m using.  It doesn’t fall out, and the thing is spring loaded!

This made things so much easier!  I did manage to get all but 2 1/2 adults to take the copper in treats (LilyAnn spit half of hers out), and Zeus did too.


I’m really glad I didn’t have to push it down Margarita with the scar tissue in her throat.  She still sounds kind of like Wolfman Jack.


I had to use the pusher on the three March girls, but it was easy!


I am so glad it went well this time.  I’m definitely going to keep pushing the peanuts as treats.  We’re good for another six months.

Fionn is Not Retiring

16 Oct

Part III of the spring break baby making post.  Fionn is getting rather old for a buck.  He’s going to be eight in March.

Reva and Fionn (Cinnamon in back)

He’s assures me that he is not ready to retire even though he’s given me 201 babies.  He’s says he can handle a few more.

He certainly does have a way with the girls!

Bonnie and Fionn

And he does give me cute kids.  I have to give him credit for that.