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Winter Fat

20 Nov

The goats are working hard at putting on some winter fat.


Moose seems to be doing an exceptionally good job.



18 Nov

I didn’t get my little bucks sold today.  Things are just too crazy.  I did, however, get them put with the big bucks.

Colt and Butter

They are not very happy.

Pistol is not happy either.  She is such a doting mother.

Pistol and Astra

Astra doesn’t look too concerned about her brother being shut up there.  She’s probably thinking it’s just more milk for her.

Getting Ready for Winter

15 Nov

We had the bulk bin filled up earlier this week. We should be ready to get through the winter now.

Margarita is back out with the whole herd.  She is happy not to be stuck in the Love Shack by herself, and she’s doing better about not being picked on.