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To Make Lotion

24 Apr

I’ve had a couple of people ask when I’m going to have lotion back in my online store.  In order to make lotion, I need goat milk.  I have one thing preventing me from getting milk.


Athena is really not quite ready to give it up.  Notice how she’s trying to cut her mom off and stop her from walking.

Caroline, Penny, Cinnamon and Athena, and Joani

I’m sure Cinnamon would be willing, but I think it will be a couple more weeks before I try to wean her (or just shut her in overnight).

Athena and Cinnamon

Then I’ll get to make lotion again!

Until then, all I have left is past it’s sell by date, which means it’s all mine!




23 Apr

I shared during my week of spring break kids that Harley hurt her back.  Someone hit her and she was struggling to get back up.  I shut her in a pen in the greenhouse and had her on anti-inflammatory meds, and she was doing well.  She did so well that she jumped the fence and let herself out.  I wasn’t sure what to do because she was walking fine, and I was worried she’d keep jumping out and aggravate it that way.  I really felt like it was a no win situation.  I couldn’t shut her in the Love Shack where she couldn’t jump out because I still had little kids in there with a heat lamp.

Toffee and Harley a couple weeks ago

Well, I came home from work last Tuesday to find Harley largely unable to use her back end.  I’m guessing someone hit her again.  I got her shut in the Love Shack and got her started on the meds again.  I put her little girls with her for company.

Twyla and Harley (notice the wide stance on her back end)

Now it’s a waiting game to see if she gets better or worse.  To make things harder, she’s pregnant and due in June.

I am really worried about her.


Already Thinking of Next Year

21 Apr

Each year I have to remember to get a “tail count” picture.  One year I almost forgot, and the kids were getting really big by the time I got one.  This year, I figure my “tail count” kids are going to be Zephyr and Hermes.

Zephyr, Hermes and Wanda

I’ve been trying to catch them, but they seem to always have their mom in between them.  That might be appropriate since she and her twin were my 2015 tail count kids.

They are bouncy too.

I do think I finally got one that will work though!

Now I just have to not lose it on my computer before next year.  Or I can keep trying for a better one.