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Just Some Pics of the Animals

14 Aug




Litha (with Aurora behind)




Pluto and Dolly


Purl and Stitch


I Miss My Herb Garden

13 Aug

I really do miss my herb garden.  It used to be along the edge of my garden when it was in my yard.  Now that whole area is part of my north paddock where the little girls are weaned.

Cher by the panel I opened to let them in the old garden area

Even before I did that, the herb garden had been pretty much killed off.  Part of it was by years of too much and too little rain.  By the way, we’re in drought again right now.

Back in it’s second year, when it was still in good shape.

Anyhow, back to the herb garden.  It was also further decimated by yard goats.

Bud and Flower helping in the garden (she’s ten now, so that was ten years ago)

Dogs have also been hard on it.

Sky (as a pup)-the remains of the herb garden between the dog and goat

I did find a few remaining plants out there this past week.

black eyed Susan

surprise lily


I’m trying to figure out where I can start an herb garden over again.  I’m dreaming of strawberries and oregano and sage and rhubarb and…

Big and Little

12 Aug

Myson is a big goat–he’s actually the tallest on the farm.


Here he is with one of the littlest goats, Kate.

Kate and Myson

Moose is the biggest goat if you go by weight.  That also makes him the biggest wether.

Moose napping in pasture

Although, Blaze looks like she might be the biggest around.


Popcorn is fully a wether now, after the vet finished removing his man parts.  He is my littlest wether right now.


Although, after he finishes growing up, Pluto will be my littlest again.


As for cute, they are pretty much all a tie.