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A New Project

18 Feb

Even though I always have lots to do outside on the farm, I’ve started a new project.  Part of the reason for the timing is that we’re back in mud season.  I don’t like to do anything out there when it’s this muddy.  Although, you’ll notice that I am no longer carrying buckets of water to everyone.


The other part of timing is I’m getting old.  I’m feeling it in my bones and joints and muscles this winter.  Before we get to spring break kidding, I want to move my bedroom downstairs.  That means I am working on clearing out my library/office/mail room/storage/junk room.  I did manage to get the computer moved to the living room.

I can at least see the bookshelves now!  Little does my father know that I’m recruiting him to help me get the shelves off the wall and cut in half so I can get them upstairs.  I have already informed the nephew he’s helping me move furniture.  Of course, he’s planning on my next move to be into the nursing home.  Smart alec.

I need boxes to pack the library though.  And I might need to find a more industrial strength allergy medicine.  Anyhow, while I’m doing this, my posts will probably be pretty short.  At least I think I have enough pictures from today to get me through a few days.


Still Improving

16 Feb

I felt bad when I had to take Aurora back into the garage, but I think being out that little bit to see outside and all the other llamas helped her emotionally.


Since she went back in the garage, she’s only had Lily for company.


The two of them get along well (Lily is calm), and I always make sure there’s two places to eat, and I tied the tub so Lily can’t dump it out.

She has really been picking up weight again.  She’s constantly eating.

Bless my nephew for continuing to bring me a few bales at a time for these two girls.

I am really starting to feel optimistic that she’s going to make it.

I wrote this post a couple days ago and scheduled it, and now I’m editing.  I swear every time I think she is gaining weight and doing better about two days later, I think she looks more thin again and I’m worried the ulcers are back.  I guess I have no idea how she’s doing, and I’ll just keep playing it by ear.



Udder Check Season

15 Feb

It’s about a month until we have spring break babies.

Gidget (and Ava in back)

I’m getting anxious to know who actually settled or if I missed someone coming back into heat.


Since they are this close, I can start to feel udders to see if they are starting to make milk.


It’s not an exact science as to when they will start developing, especially with the cold we’ve had.


They tend not to drop until just before they kid when it’s really cold.


I know some are making udders, but others will just have to keep me guessing for a little while yet.

Cutie, Sallie (retired) and Annie

I hope we warm up by the time we start kidding.