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Best Buds

27 May

Uno and Xerxes have settled in together quite nicely.  Most times they are hanging right next to each other.

Uno and Xerxes

Uno has recovered from being weaned, and Xerxes is much happier now that he has company again.

The other day, I looked out the window and they were playing like a couple of kids.  Seriously, they were chasing each other up the fallen tree and running around the Quonset hut.

fallen tree in the back is what they were racing over

Silly boys.

Eventually, I’ll wean my two little bucks that I’m going to keep (for at least one breeding season) and add them to the mix.


Uno will get to stay for a while longer, and then I’ll sell him when it’s time for people to be looking for new breeding bucks.  Until then, they can keep being best buds.

Still Checking Goats

25 May

You’d think that now that I’m done kidding until at least June 10th, I’d be done checking goats for a while.  But no.

heading out to pasture

I am still trekking out to the Back Forty at least two or three times per day.

Caroline trying to pick a fight with Bambi

Why?  Well, the other day when I went out I saw Moira trying to reach that delicious whatever.

I knew before she did that it was not going to end well.

I got her freed, and then she just gave me the stink eye, like it was my fault.

The herd was moving off, and Moira quickly joined them.

Myson (waiting for me)

But I was really concerned when I looked back at the fence and saw these three.  I caught two and tossed them back over the fence.  The third scurried back to where they  had gone under the fence (coyotes hollow out areas to come under) and they re-joined the herd.

Chrys, Addie, and Bronc

Then there’s this one. She’s about one more time of being stuck in the fence before I have to take drastic measures.  The other night, she was clear on the far side of the pasture when I went to find her.


By the time I had her free, the rest of the herd was all the way up in the barnyard.

Of course, my faithful friend Popcorn was there to accompany me and try to help me free Penelope.


So, yes, I am still checking goats.  Hopefully those two figure out quickly that their horns have grown too much to be sticking their heads through the fence anymore and the little ones quit slipping under the fence.

Relaxing in Pasture

24 May

After our rains over the weekend, the goats decided the barnyard was too muddy to lounge around and relax, so they stayed out in pasture.

Annie and daughter Flora

Caroline on the tile


Pluto and Casey (with Scooter coming over)


Margarita (just before I moved her)


Milo (top) and Addie



Tiger and Tansy

They do look pretty chill!