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17 Dec

Since the weather was nice this past weekend, I spent some time giving the goats treats.


Antigone took hers, but Cupid would not take one from me;

although, she did pick up one that Antigone dropped.  I’ll keep working on her.


I’m always popular when I have peanuts!



I’m glad Margarita likes peanuts.  It’s much easier than having to push a copper capsule down her.


Hera is still not about to trust me enough to come take one from me, but I can pet her now–as long as she doesn’t notice me because she’s busy eating her corn.


Cookie got hers.


She liked it so much, she ate her brother, Casey’s, before he could take his from me.

Cookie stealing Casey’s peanut

Greedy goats!


Temperatures Rising

15 Dec

Well, after a record cold November, our temperatures have been creeping up, and now we’re warmer than average for this time of year.


It looks like it’s going to stick around for a while too.  There’s been blue skies and wonderful sunshine!


The water is completely open back there in the ditch.


Yes, I’m still complaining because, even though I enjoy it, it’s really hard on the animals when the temperatures change rapidly like this.


They do still enjoy getting to go out to pasture though.  It’s much tastier to have trees to snack on than just boring hay in the barnyard.


Although, I am also enjoying the goats and llamas not needing to be given hay yet.

They are happy to be out there in pasture most of the day.

Maybeline and Odie

Even though it does look like Maybeline and Odie are rather irritated with the gate being shut.

Oh well.  If they did a better job guarding the goats, I wouldn’t have had to put the fence up.

That’s My Glove!

14 Dec

I was just trying to pet Cookie.


I think she’s gotten spoiled with all the peanut treats (and copper capsules hidden in peanuts) lately.

I guess that’s not a bad thing,

but I wish she wouldn’t try eating my glove.

I guess that means I should give her more peanuts.