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It’s That Time

13 Oct

Today, as you are reading this post, I should be giving girls shots to bring them into heat and sorting them and the bucks into their proper breeding groups.

Astra is looking good.

Over the weekend, I decided to put Frodo in with his sister because she was not happy by herself.  She did immediately perk up and start nibbling.  That was a good thing.

Rosie and Frodo

While I was at it, I caught Lemuel and put him in there too.  After all, that’s why I had prepped the pen so it could hold goats again.  I needed the two boys in there for this week.


Anyhow, some of the girls are messing with my plans.  Sidney and LilyAnn were both in heat over the weekend, so they won’t come back into heat so soon even with a shot. They will be June mamas or not at all this year.

Xerxes and LilyAnn

And as of prepping this post over the weekend, I still haven’t decided what to do with a couple of girls.  Bubbles is on the edge for weight and Onyx is just so little.  She seems to have inherited her grandmaa Coffee’s mini-genes.


Of course, my old ladies and skinny Tansy were easy to know.


I just don’t know what to do with her.  I’ll update you as soon as I get everything decided and done.

Time for Leftovers

1 Oct

My sweet 2TC girl

another image (or three) from combining my beans


Xerxes in love because Dolly was in heat; it’s hormone season!


a deer on my detour to the sale barn

wild turkeys on my detour to the sale barn

The Last Buckling

29 Sep

With selling the last of the kids I’m going to this year, that means Frodo was the last little buck running loose in the herd.

Rosie and Frodo

I really need my bucks away from the girls.

Hilda, Frodo and Rosie

And all of my moms need to be done feeding kids, even though Hilda isn’t look too bad right now.

Anyhow, I caught Frodo and put him up north with Lemuel.

Hilda thought she should get to go in there too.  Honestly, I’m guessing she just wanted the food he was eating.

Hopefully, Hilda won’t let Rosie nurse anymore, but even if she does, that’s one kid instead of two.

That will be a lot less stress for her.

Although, Frodo isn’t too happy with being weaned.