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Who’s Where

1 Feb

I was going to get the boys and girls separated before the storm arrived because we’re done breeding. Yay!  However, it didn’t work very well.

Litha torturing Tiger; Onyx in back

I did get a few moved.  I put 2TC back with her maa, Blaze.  I am still worried about her making it through the winter, so I thought a daughter to snuggle with would be good for her.

Blaze and 2TC (Antigone on the shelf)

When I was letting 2TC out of the Love Shack, Trace came out first.  After wandering around the barnyard for a while, she decided she wanted in the greenhouse, and that’s a good place for her.

Trace (Purl on the workbench)

Moira took matters into her own hooves, and let herself out.  This is the second time she’s done that, and I still don’t know how.  After chasing Joy around the barnyard trying to fight with her for an hour or so, she settled right in again.


I was going to try and get the girls away from Freddie (who by the way has discovered the buckish joy of peeing on his face). It didn’t happen.  Nobody would cooperate.

No more snuggles with Freddie

Then, as I prepared for the snow, I decided I had to get Victoria in where I could make sure she was getting more food.  I caught Tiger by the tail horns and straddle walked him to where Freddie is.


Hilda was pretty easy to get out.  Cupid and Tansy were a bit more work, but I finally got them out.  It’s just the two bucks up there now.

Hilda and Cupid butting heads; Tansy in back

I put Victoria into the Love Shack with Onyx (her daughter) and moved her other girl, Ruby, in with them too.  That should make them all happy.  For some crazy reason, I thought I could add Dolly since she’s Victoria’s grandmaa.  That didn’t work.


I finally ended up putting Dolly in the greenhouse.  Luckily, she seems to have given up the idea of picking on Blaze.

Dolly (with Trace behind)

Purl snuck out while I was moving Ruby.  She immediately found her maa, Hilda.  I left her out.

Hilda and Purl

I had let Sidney out of the buck room with Xerxes right after she came into heat because nobody would let her eat.  I tried to baby her, but it was chaos.  So she’s back with the main herd.


Xerxes still has Astra, Zinnia and Joani with him.


I think this is how we’re going to stay for now.


By the way, most of the rest of the pictures this week all come from right before the storm hit because cameras, rain, snow, and ice do not mix well.

Still Watching

28 Jan

I’m still watching my little groups of goats to see when the girls come into heat.

Trace, 2TC, Tiger, Onyx, and Moira


I much prefer to know when they are due, but it’s hard to notice this time of year between being at work and the goats spending more time inside with the cold weather.


Freddie with Cupid checking him out

I think Onyx has come into heat since the last time I updated you.  That means she and Trace could be moved out,


but I actually think it’s been working to have the smaller groups. And Moira finally came into heat a couple of days ago! We’re getting there.


Of course the one who is unhappy with the situation is the only one I think hasn’t been in heat yet.


I keep telling 2TC that she can go stay in the greenhouse with her maa, Blaze again as soon as she gets bred.

A Plan Executed

10 Jan

Friday evening, as I was doing chores, I rounded up eleven little girls and shut them in the Love Shack.  My nephew came in the morning, bright and early because tax season has started, and we loaded nine of them up.

a full truck

After that we decided the truck was full.

That means I still have four of the girls on the list to be sold who will probably be staying here until after tax season.  I will sell Ruby and Flora then, but Tansy will have had her kid(s) by then, and she’s probably destined to be my next “staying on the farm because I couldn’t catch her” goat.  I’d been trying to pet her and see if I could get her to tame down, but I really just taught her to always be on the lookout for me.


Anyhow, Trace is another story. When I got back from selling the girls, I went on to the next part of the plan–mixing bucks and does.  Somehow, Trace ended up with Tiger.  That means she’s just staying.  Call me sentimental.


I also put Onyx, Moira, and 2TC in with Tiger.

Moira, 2TC, and Onyx

2TC was sad to see that I blocked her little space she was hopping in and out of.


He’s a happy guy with all those girls.


I caught Cupid and put her in with Freddie.


He immediately realized (for the first time) that he’s a buck, and he looks quite impressive. Well, he’s still a sweetie, and Cupid was definitely holding her own.

Freddie and Cupid

Then I tricked Hilda into joining them.  She is quite upset.


She is really not happy that I weaned her girl.  Trust me.  It’s time for Purl to be weaned.  She’s actually old enough I could have put her up there to be bred, but I’d rather let her grow a bit more.


On the other end of the barnyard, I tricked Zinnia, Joani, and Sidney to going into the milk room or letting me catch them with a bribe of sweet feed, so they are all with Xerxes now.

Xerxes, Zinnia, Joani, and Sidney

Astra will stay in there just because. I also caught Antigone and brought her out.

Astra and Antigone

Unfortunately, I was trying to keep her in there until her girls were gone so they didn’t have to go through the weaning process again.  She was supposed to come into heat on the 11th, but it looks like she was a couple days early.


We’ll see if she settles or not.  Anyhow, it actually went better than I thought it might.