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The Circus Continues

15 Oct

By the time I went out to do chores Saturday, Fionn was out again.  He saw me start to feed, and he was happy to go back to the Love Shack and have his private meal.  Since then, he’s stayed in.

Fionn, Xerxes and Astra

I also noticed that Antigone was coming into heat.  When I went out the next day, I saw that she aborted from the shot I gave her.  That means she had been bred by one of the little boys I hadn’t sold yet.  I’m glad she isn’t going to have babies in February (or January) some day while I’m at work.  I will give everyone else a shot also to make sure my old ladies aren’t going to have oopsie babies, too, because it would kill them.  She will have a chance to get bred for June babies.


Do you notice anything about Caroline?  She’s behind a fence.  She’s not supposed to be behind the fence.  That’s where I have Chiffon and Venus trying to recover from the copper (Chiffon is doing well; Venus is in pretty bad shape).  Brat.

Caroline in back; Anubis

Although, that’s better than Hera who came into heat and keeps jumping up on the workbench where Anubis can’t get to her.  We’ll have to wait and see if she comes back in heat or if she decided to love him for five minutes. I swear…  If only I had waited a day I would have realized that, like Antigone, the little bucks had already bred her.  She will also get put back with Anubis for June kids.


Finally, Sunday night, I saw Wanda was in heat.  Xerxes was happy, but Fionn just kept staring.

I told him if they had all stayed where I put them, he’d be the one dancing the rumba with her.  Anyhow, Monday was the day to get everyone put back where they belong, and it actually went better than I thought it might.  It didn’t hurt that Zinnia had finally come into heat and was distracting Xerxes while I moved the rest of his girls.


Who Didn’t Get Caught

13 Oct

I mentioned I didn’t get all the girls caught and put in with the bucks.  I actually did better than I thought I might.  I was impressed I got Hilda in with Xerxes.   She was supposed to be with Zeus, but there’s no way I was dragging her there.  At least she’s with a buck.


Still, I have four girls that I didn’t get caught.  After dragging Daisy across the barnyard to put with Zeus, there’s no way I was trying another difficult one.


LilyAnn is in that same category.  She is way too much like her big sister Vinnie.  I’ll get her with a buck for June.


Sidney would not have been bad to catch, but she did struggle raising her boys this year, so I thought I’d give her another copper capsule that could go just to her.  We’ll see if she gets a year off or if I put her with a boy for June babies.


Joani is also still looking like she needs a rest.


After all, she did raise my only set of triplets this year, and she still has Wendy with her.


Then there’s Maisie.  I just looked at her and decided she was fat and nasty tempered, and I was not about to deal with that while I was sick.


We’ll put her with Fionn for June babies (but not in the Love Shack).

My Circus; My Monkeys

12 Oct

I tell ya… Things are not going well.  After the times I’ve already had to get everyone put back where they belong, I got up this morning to find Fionn in the barnyard happily munching grass by the greenhouse.  He and Xerxes had smashed (and destroyed) the panel I used to replace the previous one they had smashed.  I once again got him back where he’s supposed to be.


If I hadn’t been sick, I’d have never put the two big dominant boys in the main barnyard and the Love Shack.  I was just trying to get at least a few of the girls bred for spring break kids because they always do so much better than the June babies.  I never did get all of the girls moved. It really is bad planning to have those two boys so close together with a wimpy fence.

Fionn; Xerxes and Victoria by the barn door.

Fionn is actually surrounded by Xerxes and his girls.  He says that is not fair.

Fionn; Xerxes, Astra, and Victoria (Reva to the right)

He especially thinks it’s not fair since I did not put any girls back in there with him this morning, but I’d already drug Wanda into the Love Shack four times when I wasn’t feeling well, and I decided that was enough.  There was no need to put Ava back because she was bred last night. Fionn recovered from the escapades of the day and managed to find energy to do his job.


Anyhow, at least three of my milking girls have been bred.  I know Ava, Astra and Cutie have all been in heat.  I will be able to milk again next summer.


Just when I thought I finally had things under control because Fionn was napping happily in his pen and Xerxes was very focused on Reva,


Anubis wandered by.


I had already had to catch him and Caroline and put them back once.  But wait, I forgot.  When I first put them in the greenhouse together, Caroline tried walking out through the gate.  She put her head through the panel that had not yet been tied shut, so she couldn’t get her head out.  After beating Anubis off so I could work with Caroline, I got her head out and told her not to do that again.  Then she put it through a different little piece of panel that she managed to completely pull loose.  I think she got her head out when she got the panel wedged into a different corner, so she could actually maneuver out of it.  I caught the two of them and put them back.

Hera (she was added the next day), Caroline, and Anubis

Anyhow, she’d pulled it loose again and was standing there with the chunk of panel on her head while it was still attached in one little place to the rest of the fence, and Anubis could just walk through the hole.  I put him back before he got chased by Xerxes.  Then I went to get Caroline’s head out.  This time, I couldn’t do it because the panel was swinging wildly around her neck, and she was not cooperating.  I ran to get the bolt cutters, and by the time I got back out there, Anubis had slipped through the hole again.  I got Caroline cut out, replaced the panel and put Anubis back again.

Luckily, Hera just stood there watching it all like it was good TV.  I’m very grateful for that because I’d never catch her again if she got out, and she and Anubis are supposed to be helping me make the perfect kid.

Hera: Who knew she’d ever be the good one?

Then there’s Zeus and his girls.


They are where they belong.  They are being good.  I don’t know how I got so lucky for Cupid to just happen to be in the barn when I shut it the first night to sort girls, but she was!  I caught her, and she’s been bred.


It’s awesome. But who’s that?  Oh, Antigone, didn’t want to be with Xerxes and his girls, so she put herself in with Zeus.  But by this time, I don’t care.  Stay where you want Antigone.

Antigone (But there’s good grass here. I didn’t want to stay in the barnyard.)

And the last little monkey (so far) is Button.  She says that I can’t wean her.  Only her maa can do that, and she’s not about to wean her.

Button in front of Aphrodite

Touché Button.  For now.  Stay with your maa.  It’s a circus around here!