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A Couple of Notes

6 Apr

I mentioned Aphrodite is my next girl due.  After that is Tansy.  I am pretty sure she settled, so she is due May 7th.


I’m not sure if Penelope settled or not. Honestly, I haven’t see any girls in heat recently.  I’ll have to check udders when we get a little closer to when they would be due if they settled.

Popcorn and Penelope

I’m 100% certain Ostara is a keeper.  Her sister is really nice looking too, but she’s already nowhere near as sweet as Ostara.

Brigit and Ostara

Guess who got her head stuck in the fence!  Perdita better get that figured out, or…


she will be wearing a horn apparatus.  As you can see, she didn’t figure it out.  She is such a brat.

I can’t believe how sweet Bambi is now that she’s getting peanut butter meloxicam every day.  She just comes up to see me and sticks around even if I don’t have anything for her.


I am still working my way through trimming hooves.  I’ve mad a lot of progress considering the rotten weather, but I do want to try to get all of my moms done before I get them back with the main herd.

Hera feeding Lady and Tramp

I might do that while I lead them through the garage back to the barnyard.  That might be a plan.

One-Shot Benji

25 Jan

You might remember that the day after I separated the bucks and does when we were making spring break babies is when Cupid decided to come into heat.  I threw her in with Benji and told him he had one shot at breeding her.


After I finished with chores, I took her out.  Well, I’d say his one shot worked.

Cupid (hard to see how round she is with all the winter fur)

Two days after I separated Benji and his girls, 2TC came into heat.


So I told him he had one shot to breed her.

This time, he actually only got about two minutes with her. It was cold.  I wasn’t waiting.

2TC (with Perdita in back)

We’ll see if that took or not in about three weeks.

2TC and Cupid–the “one-shot girls”

If it worked, he might just have to be forever known as “One-shot Benji.”

The First Moves

23 Jan

The first change I made last week was kicking some of the girls out of the buck room where they were with Xerxes.  The buck room is the nicest facilities for winter, but it’s not huge.

And there were too many goats in there.

Zinnia, LilyAnn, Sidney, Daisy, Xerxes, Margarita, Joy (Ava not pictured)

Especially when you have goats that can’t get along, and, trust me, no goat gets along.


I had already swapped Astra back into the main herd after she was in heat and brought Sidney over in her place.

Astra and Perdita (with Wanda in front)

I planned on leaving Zinnia and her daughter Joy with Xerxes to give him company and to let them get bred because they are good moms and I need my milking girls to have kids.  They’ll be able to handle little ones while I’m gone on vacation next summer.

Zinnia peeking into the garage where we’ve been milking

I’d seen everyone else (except Margarita) come into heat, so I decided to move them all back with the main herd on Sunday and Monday before we got stupid cold again.


I didn’t want to mix goats when it was so cold because I don’t want someone to get pushed around and left outside in the cold. It would not be so crowded and easier for me to haul hay for three goats instead of eight.  And everyone else would just have to wait until it warmed up again. At least that was the plan…