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In Heat in the Cold

29 Jan

Ironically, as we are experience record cold with dangerous temperatures and wind chills, Hera came into heat.

Hera (front) and Anubis

In the twenty-four hours that the girls are in heat and putting off all those hormoes, there’s only about five minutes that they actually want to stand for the buck.

That means, she and Anubis were running around and expending all kinds of energy they shouldn’t have been wasting on these games with the cold.  Silly kids.

It’s a good thing Anubis has a clue about what’s going on.  Hopefully, Hera will stand for him, and we’ll have Hera and Anubis babies in June!

Pluto was just like, “What are you two doing?  Why don’t you come on in where its warmer.”


I did finally go out and shut them in.


In the Love Shack

8 Jan

I moved Pluto and Anubis to the Love Shack with Hera and Aprhodite.

Pluto, Aphrodite, Hera, and Anubis (Maisie in back)

Hera was the first to be in there with the boys, and she was fine with them; although, she was horrible for me to catch and put in there.


Honestly, she’s never forgiven me for the horn apparatus.  I’m hoping being in a small space with two sweet boys will help Hera settle down and be friendly again.

Anubis and Pluto

After I added Aphrodite, things got wild.  Aphrodite was not acting like a love goddess.  I finally had to remove her so she didn’t hurt the little bucks.


I put her in with Zeus and his other girls.


He can handle her a lot better!

Getting Ready to Shuffle Again

21 Dec

This year has been a challenge to figure out where to put everyone for breeding times.

Aphrodite and Zinnia

It’s extra challenging because of the ones I have in the north paddock right now.

Harley, Anubis and Tony

Tony seems to be doing better.  His appetite is increasing and his poops are back to how they should be.  I still have no idea what was going on, but I am glad he’s eating better.


I just wish he’d pick up some more weight for winter.  It’s kind of challenging to feed him llama feed and the goats goat feed and not have them eating each others’ food.

I also have Harley that I have to keep away from anyone who might jump on her.  Her back is still not good.


Then I have two extra little boys.

Anubis and Pluto

I’m pretty sure I already will give Harley a shot to make sure she doesn’t have any oopsie babies.

Harley and Pluto

Not that Pluto seems to have any interest, but Anubis might have it all figured out.  They are going to really miss each other when they are separated.


I also am pretty sure I want to keep Antigone and Cupid where I can make sure they get enough to eat with all the big bullly goats I have. Plus I’m still hoping to get Cupid more tame.


I think I finally have a plan for when I make the move to breed June kids here in a couple of weeks (we get out of school so late anymore).