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Settled and Unsettled

15 Nov

It’s been long enough since I mixed the bucks and does for spring break babies that I have a good idea of who will have kids in March and who didn’t settle.

Clover, Wanda and Astra all seem to have settled.

Of the girls that I didn’t see come into heat when they were with the bucks, Bambi and Vinnie have come into heat since then, so I know they aren’t bred.


Daisy, I thought might have been in heat, but she came into heat around the same time as Bambi and Vinnie, so it must have just been lots of hormones and not her.  She couldn’t have come back into heat that soon.


Cinnamon might have been in heat around the same time, but she wasn’t obvious, so I’m not sure.


Sidney and Blaze I’ve not seen in heat, so they are probably bred.


I have seen LilyAnn in heat, and that doesn’t surprise me.  I thought she was too far into being heat to get bred when I put her in with Zeus.


Then there’s Zinnia.  She came into heat right after I put her with Xerxes.  She was bred.  She came back into heat.


I’m a little worried about Xerxes’s low success rate at making babies.  I’m not sure if it’s him or the lack of copper in the girls.  Yes, it can cause fertility problems.


We’ll have to see what happens with the girls I give him for June babies.  Otherwise, I might have to rethink keeping him forever as a replacement for when Fionn is gone.


Putting Them Back Where They Belong

22 Oct

After just five days of having the boys and girls mixed, I put everyone back where they belong.  The three bucks are out in the front pasture.


I had thought of putting Harley back with everyone, but I had the thought that when she came into heat, there was a good chance a fat wether would jump on her, and that would kill her.  That means, she’s up with the little boys again.

Harley with Pluto and Anubis

I don’t know what I’m going to do with her when the little ones start to get ideas about breeding her.


I let the main herd–breeding, retired, and too young to breed–are all back together.


Moose, Bonnie, Dolly, Sidney, and LilyAnn

Of course, that means Athena is getting more of her maa’s milk than I am again.

Cinnamon and Athena

It’s not fair!

They’re Still Mad

19 Oct

I am so far behind in sharing what’s going on around here.  The llamas are pretty much avoiding me since the ISU vets were here.  Well, except Buster, but he didn’t get checked out.  And, honestly, he was just looking for food.


I did hear back with results of the fecals they did on Tony and Aurora, and they were both fine.  That’s good news.

Buster and Aurora

I hope that means that Tony will just continue to get his weight back and be fine.


I hadn’t heard about the blood test they did, so I checked with them, and those results were okay too.  We are talking about doing further nutritional testing with my hay.

Maybeline and Odie won’t even put their ears up around me.


I swear these two are determined to be old maids.


Cranky broads.  And just when I’ve decided they are going to spurn the stud forever, I come home to this.

Tony and Odie

Not in front of the kid, you two!

Antigone watching Tony and Odie

Hopefully she has settled.  It makes me wonder if Maybeline might bred as cranky as she is.

Maybeline and Odie hating on Tony

I think they plan on glaring at Tony with their ears back for the next 11 1/2 months.  I guess we’ll see.