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2 Nov

I am watching all of my girls this week to see who comes into heat because it’s been three weeks since they were with the bucks.


So far, I have seen Vixen, Stormy and Zinnia come into heat. That’s okay because the first two are retiring and Zinnia won’t get put with a boy until January.


I did think Ava might have been in heat when I saw her hanging out by Xerxes.

Ava and Xerxes

Then I realized she was just being a greedy piggy eating his dinner with him.

Silly girl.


Still Waiting

31 Oct

I’m still waiting on crias to arrive.  I can’t think it will be more than a couple of weeks, but I kind of thought they would be here by the end of October.  I’m guessing that isn’t going to happen.


I wish we’d get back up to some more normal temperatures.  Bless my mom for coming to check on them during the day.

Maybeline and Odie

Hopefully soon!

Holy Crazy Hormones

14 Oct

This past week was the time for me to give my girls shots to bring them into heat and mix them with the boys.  The hormones here are a bit crazy.  The girls are swarming around the bucks.

Sam is happy.

Fionn is happy.

Xerxes–not so much.

He lost his girls and ripped his ear.  I’ve spent quite a bit of time hobbling the pen around the greenhouse back together.

I did at least put Cutie back in with him for company, but I let Ava stay out.  If everyone settles, I think we’ll have sixteen girls due to have babies on the week of spring break.

Edit:  I just came back in from the barnyard.  Make that seventeen for spring break babies if they all settle.