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Trying to Decide

14 Jan

I still have a few girls I’m trying to decide whether or not they are bred for spring break.

LilyAnn (with Haley looking on)

If I can catch them, I might throw them in the greenhouse with Zeus and Anubis just to make sure.


I’m also going to try to put Wanda in there.  She’s still not as heavy as I’d like, and her fur is just starting to grow back from where she scraped it off.


I’m also looking at a couple of other girls who might just be going to have oopsie babies before spring break.  Hopefully, it won’t be until after we’re done breeding for June babies because Zeus and Anubis are going to get sold right away after we’re done.  I just need the space.


I am really going to be glad when this kidding year is done.

Oopsie Maisie

11 Dec

I gave my old goats shots.  I thought I saw everyone else come into heat.  And I might have thought Maisie was too big for the little boys to reach her, but now I think I might have been wrong.  My first indication that I might have been wrong…


Actually, that huge wide load in conjunction with not having seen her in heat at all were both pretty good clues.  I also copped a feel of her udder last night, and she’s starting to make one.

Now I’m guessing she’ll have kids sometime mid-January to mid-February.  She looks happy with herself.

I am not looking forward to winter babies though.  Mostly because I’ll probably have to build a pen in my garage again.  Sigh…

What the Heck?

6 Dec

When I was doing chores on Tuesday, I noticed Wanda had lost some fur.  It looked like she rubbed all the fur off.


And some of the skin.

I have no idea what the heck she did.  Well, I assume she got stuck somewhere and removed the fur and skin trying to get herself unstuck.

This is what pictures look like when I try to take them after chores this time of year.

Crazy goat.  Anyhow, she’s a little thin.  I have been thinking about putting her in with Zeus since she hasn’t come back into heat.  And he would still like to have some company in his prison.

Zeus: Let me out. I was framed!

So I put them together.

It will be warmer for her when we get colder next week, and she can get a little extra feed to help her gain weight.