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Saying Bye to the Bucklings

15 Aug

We’ve hit the time of year when the hormones are kicking in.

Hilda and Xerxes (sorry for the bad picture; it was getting dark)

That means I needed to get rid of a lot of little bucks.


Their moms really need a break.

Chiffon is getting thin.

I penned nine of them Friday evening.

Nestle (one of Chiffon’s boys)

Aladdin was being difficult, and I couldn’t catch him, so I tried again in the morning and was successful. That makes ten bucks to go.

My nephew came out, and we loaded them into the truck.

They left the farm.

Ruby has been here way longer than I planned; Victoria behind

Next week, I’ll try to take a bunch of girls.

Still Cleaning Up

28 Jul

Of course, July is very hot, so that seems like the best time to do work outside. Right? My dad is cleaning up some of the downed trees in the pasture because he needs dry wood for the winter.


I’m kind of struggling with this because I get really persnickity about my pasture.  I can’t help it.  I’m trying, but change is hard.

Then he had a bit of time, so he came out and we tackled the walnut tree that was downed in west side of my barnyard during last year’s derecho.

We got it taken care of!

It’s quite the change for the goats.

checking it out


I’m sure Purl is not happy with it being gone.

Purl with her feet up on all that’s left of her tree

All that’s left is to get the logs picked up and burn the scrub stuff.

Tasting my scrub brush pile–notice Purl looking like this is not right

It’s still a nice napping area.



Of course, with the drought, it will be a while before I burn anything.

Yearling Decisions

4 Jun

I still have quite a few of last year’s kids on the farm.

Tansy and Cupid (front); Flora and Trace (back)

I thought I knew who was staying and who was leaving, but now I’m second guessing myself.


Of course, Popcorn is staying.


There’s also no way I’m getting rid of my gurl Purl.  She is my sweetie.

Purl and Hilda

Onyx was chosen to help me make the perfect kid, and she’s going to kid soon, so she is staying.  That was easy.


Her twin sister, Ruby, is always with Victoria.

Ruby with Victoria

I’ll feel bad selling her, but she was never going to be kept, and she’s not friendly at all.  I know she’s still leaving.

Ruby (with Venus behind)

Since Tansy ended up getting bred, she’ll stay.  She will also be a possible backup for making the perfect kid.  I just wish she would be nice.


I couldn’t part with my sweet 2TC.  She is not as sweet as she used to be, but she does like rump scritches, and she will be staying.


Then there’s the last two…Trace and Flora.  I had planned on Trace staying, but she isn’t very friendly anymore.  I try.  Really, I do, but I also don’t want to keep more goats who are hard to work with.  But I adore her, and she’s Mary’s last kid.


Then there’s Flora.  I was planning on selling her.  She is a little bit nicer than Trace, and she’s Annie’s last kid.


But Popcorn is the bigger issue.


He has a hard time making friends, and every time he makes friends, it’s with someone who ends up getting sold.  So who did he make friends with this time?  Flora.  I’d feel really bad if I sold his only friend yet again.

Popcorn and Flora

I’ll have to decide before long.