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At Pasture

29 Apr

We are really enjoying the nice weather.

Bambi and Cinquain

Bronc ready for a nap

Odie and Aurora

Marin might have fallen in the water


Victoria with Onyx and Ruby


Popcorn playing by the ditch

Astra, Bambi, Sidney and a bunch of kids

Everyone (including me) has been enjoying pasture time.

Fun With Mary

27 Mar

Mary was awfully cranky with my other moms before she had her kids, but now she’s pretty chill with all the little ones.

Mary with her kids Trace (left) and Quatro (right)

She’s the fun mom that everyone wants to bounce on.

Quatro on her; Cher beside her

She doesn’t care even if it isn’t her kid bouncing on her.

Cher on Mary

Victoria in the back is watching her girl, Ruby, bounce on Mary.

Even Popcorn got in on the fun!

Popcorn on Mary

Mary, Mary, Miss Extraordinary!

The Genetics of a Cutie Patootie

14 Mar

I just can’t get over how cute Victoria’s little girl is.


That might lead to a hard decision because I have vowed never to keep a descendant of Joe’s.  She was a great goat, but her hooves were horrible, and she did pass those genes on to Clover. I don’t want any goat to have to go through that again.

Joe Jo Street (2008 – 2015)

But look at this baby!

She looks like a true combination of her grandma Coffee and her grandpa Flash (Joe’s boy).

Coffee (came to the farm in 2011 – 2015)

Flash Blackboer (2010 – 2011)

It just amazes me that she can look so much like a combination of those two grandparents and doesn’t look like her mom.

She is just cuteness overload!