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Weaning Woes or Not

1 Jul

I was a bit surprised when Cutie announced she wanted to come in and get milked.  Last year, I tried to wean her kid and milk her, but she threw such a hissy fit I had to give her daughter back to her and wait to start milking…twice.  Then I sold her kid, and she had no problems with letting me milk.


This year she has two kids on her.  I decided if she wanted to get milked, I’d wean her kids and see how it went.  I put Addie on the front pasture, and I put Milo with Xerxes (since I sold Uno).


That evening Cutie came in and let me milk her. I’m not sure she let all of her milk down, but she did let me milk.

Cutie and Cinnamon–yes they are racing to see who gets milked first

Cinnamon won, but Cutie waited patiently for her turn.

When I went out later to shut the birds in for the night, I saw Addie with her mom.  I still don’t know how she escaped.  Now some goats with twins will not let one kid eat unless the other is there.  Other moms will let a kid nurse whenever.  I figured I would know which Cutie was in the morning and hoped I’d at least get Milo’s share of milk.  But Cutie is a both kids or none mom.  She had a full udder in the morning!

Addie is out in pasture with her mom.

Addie itching (Tilly front; Octavius middle, Myson and Cutie back)

She thinks she’s really special having escaped me.  I honestly don’t care who weans her–me or Cutie.

I’m guessing as long as Milo stays put, I’ll get to keep getting all of her milk!

“It’s not fair!” -Milo

Well, most of it.  The next evening after her escape it looks like Addie managed to skim two or three inches off my milk from Cutie.

I guess I can share until I manage to catch her again and figure out how to keep her weaned.  I’m actually okay with sharing for a little bit because Cutie, for some reason, is a lot harder for me to milk.

Selling, Weaning, Moving, and Milking

28 Jun

I started milking with Ava.  I wanted to ease into milking to get my hands back in shape.  I must say, they’ve done well.


That means I was ready to add more girls to be milked, and that means I had to start shuffling goats.  First, I let Margarita and Joy out with their kids.


Instead of being on the front pasture and in the buck room, they got put back with the main herd.

Joy and Seven (Sidney behind them)

I only have the small buck room on the front pasture for shelter, and I had to put kids in there to keep them weaned.

Fannie, Freddie, Avril, Jester, Joker, and Six

I added both Astra and Cinnamon’s kids.  They joined Freddie and Fannie.

Six trying to figure out how to get back to her maa.

Antigone and Aphrodite are still there with their kids too, but they will get moved when I need the space.  I also need to make sure Kate and Edith will be able to keep up in the Back Forty.

Antigone with Kate and Edith (nursing)

Then I started milking Cinnamon and Astra.



Before I could wean more kids, I had to sell Uno.  I need to put my little bucks up with Xerxes, and Uno is really big.  He was picking on Freddie for the few minutes he was with him.  Uno needs to find a forever farm.

Uno (with Xerxes in the background)

I also sold Marge.  She was not intended to be a keeper, and it’s the pandemic that delayed her being sold.  My nephew came and helped me tag and load them.

Uno and Marge ready to leave the farm

It was a rainy trip, but I managed to get them hauled to the sale barn Saturday morning.

Waiting to unload behind some sheep

With them gone, I can next add Zinnia and Cutie’s kids to the group that got weaned, and I can start milking both of them.

Cutie always has the most cud-stained mouth and beard.

That will be five girls.  I’m already getting five quarts per day with just the three girls.  It should probably double when I add those two.

2 1/2 quarts–the morning milking

That’s a lot of milk.

draining chevre

I’ve started making cheeses–first up is chevre.

I’m Milking

22 Jun

I finally got Freddie and Fannie weaned by putting them on the front pasture with my newest moms.

Fannie and Freddie (they are not going to starve)

That means I started milking Ava.


That girl really gives me a lot of milk.  It’s no wonder Freddie is so big.

I have decided that it’s easier to wean by selling the kids right away. Ava has been a bit melodramatic.

She was refusing to give me her milk at first.  She’s doing better now, but I still think she’s holding it some.


Since I’m milking again, I’ve also spent some time cleaning in there.  I hate how muddy the milk room gets.

I thought I’d better start with just one goat to get my hands back in shape.  Cinnamon is coming in.  I hadn’t weaned six yet, but Cinnamon was not supposed to have a kid, and she is struggling with getting enough copper.

Cinnamon and Six

Astra also decided she should have her kids weaned so she can come in.

Let’s face it.  I have a whole long line of goats who want to come in and get milked despite not having any milk: Caroline, Haley, Cookie, Dolly, and Pluto are pretty much begging to come in every day.

Three generations of milking does: Dolly, Astra, and Pistol

And I still have Zinnia and Cutie to milk.


Later in the summer, I want to see if I can train Joy and Antigone.  Cupid is another possibility for training–she does like her food.