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Cinnamon Insists

18 May

I noticed the other day that one side of Cinnamon’s udder looked quite full.  She was also kind of talking to me in a demanding voice, so I milked her out.

Cinnamon Blackboer

Now she’s decided that it’s an everyday thing.  She’s weaning Norm so she can go in to be milked.

Well, in all fairness, he’s old enough to be weaned.

Cinnamon and Norm

It still hasn’t been long enough since they were wormed for me to use the milk, so it’s going to the freezer for future bottle kids.

Because Cinnamon insists on being milked, I have Dolly, Haley and Stormy lining up to be milked too.  They, however, are not weaning their kids.

Dolly with LilyAnn, Sidney, and Andy

Stormy’s teats are usually wet and slimy from Ghost having just nursed when she comes in.


I’m going to have to figure out how to wean some kids, so I can start milking in earnest.  I have the feeling I’m going to need it soon to help with some June triplets.


I also have a Cutie Pie who must remember me telling her she’d get to be a milking girl when she grew up.

Cutie Pie Goodberry

I must have forgot to mention the whole having a baby first part because she’s as insistent as Cinnamon that she needs to come into the milk room and eat some sweet feed.  I guess I’ll call it training.

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Where’s the Milk?

2 Mar

I really  need to make lotion, but I haven’t been milking.  I was actually kind of happy that Dolly was going to be one of the girls who had kids on Feb. 1.  I figured I could skim a bit from her to make my lotion.



That has not happened since she’s raising triplets.  Guess people will have to choose a different scent or be patient for a little longer.

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Drying Up

28 Nov

My girls are drying up.  I’m really afraid I’m going to be out of milk before I’m done needing it to restock lotion for the rest of the holiday season.  I am getting about a cup a day from Cinnamon.

Cinnamon Sue Blackboer

Cinnamon Sue Blackboer

Stormy dried up.  So she’s no help.

Stormy Sue Street

Stormy Sue Street

I did see Litha letting Princess nurse the other day.  Suppose I could convince her to let me have some milk?

Litha May Street (with daughter Princess)

Litha May Street (with daughter Princess)

I’m guessing they would both veto that idea. Although I’m pretty sure I could use that milk more than Princess.

I do hope you’ll come back to join me for Friday’s Hunt.  I have this week’s items at the top of my side bar.