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2 Oct

I’m trying to do more walking in pasture, which isn’t easy since I’ve gone back to work.

Aurora coming up from pasture

Bob wanting to know when we’re going to the house


Coyote den that was newly dug in July

These flowers are blooming all along the ditch

Goats in pasture: Cinnamon, Fannie, Astra, Bambi and Daisy

Taking the camera for blog pictures helps me justify this healthy activity, instead of working at the computer.

Sunday Showers

27 Sep

After our week of everyday rain that left us with just over four inches, we haven’t had another drop until today.

Despite that huge rain earlier, we’re still horribly dry, so every rain shower is blog worthy.

I still can’t get used to the magnolia tree not being there.

It also serves as a reminder of how much still needs to be repaired from the derecho.  I’m not complaining.  I’m on a list, and my damage is not too bad compared to those who still have holes in their roofs.

gutter hanging from the house

It was enough to bring the goats up from pasture.

It was also enough to make Bob Cat leave his usual spot of lounging on the patio.

Bob Cat

He decided it was time to come in for a bath to dry off.

Once he finished his bath, he find a nice, cozy spot to nap.

Bob and Sky

Rocky agrees it’s a day for being lazy.  He refuses to get out of my chair.


I am grateful for a rainy Sunday without wind.


2 Sep

Yesterday, about the time my scheduled post was going up, the electricians finished hooking power up to my house!  I am so excited to simply have a light in the kitchen.

It did change quite a bit.  It comes over from the pole and down into the back porch.  There’s no more breaker box in the basement above the toilet (something about regulations).

Then it goes back up to the upstairs breaker box.

It also goes over to the well house.  I have well water for the critters again!

It also goes to the greenhouse.  Little Avril has light in there now.  (Sorry it’s so fuzzy; they wouldn’t stand still and pose.)  She also has her mom.

Avril and Astra’s tail

Astra’s udder was looking pretty full, so I decided she might be getting more from her mom than I thought.  I put Astra over there with her.

Avril is happier.  She is horribly weak yet, but the diarrhea is better.  I am also happier now, but it did take me forever to find Rocky again.  He was hiding in the basement ceiling.  What a chicken.

Sky and Rocky

I’m still moving back into the house from the soap room, and the electricians had to come back this morning to finish up the buried line to the garage, but things are really starting to get a bit more normal again.