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Three Updates

16 Jul

Pretzel is doing well.  She loves her bottle.


Sometimes, I let her come in and drink straight from her grandma, Astra.  I can’t believe how good Astra is about doing that.

Astra has been amazing with her grandkid!

She is a very happy, bouncy little girl.

Pretzel meeting Maisie’s doe, Tara

I’m also happy that she is going out to pasture on the Back Forty with the herd.

Pretzel in front; Joani & Glover; on the rock: Myson, Tawny, Lemuel, Jack Frodo, Rosie and Hilda beside it

This will keep her in the herd and help her learn to eat and develop her rumen.

muddy head from playing in the ditch

I noticed one day that I had a goose missing.  She showed back up and was gone for a couple more days.

Six of the seven enjoying their corn

That meant I needed to find where she was nesting.  Sadly, by the time I found her, she was already really sitting.  I’m hoping to find someone who might want to take whatever she hatches.  These geese are such terrorists, I’d almost be happy to find them all a new home.

Between Tiger’s first visit to the vet (for the diarrhea meds) and his second visit to begin kitten shots, he gained quite a bit of weight.  In eight days, he gained 14 ounces.  It’s nice to know all the food I’m giving him is doing some good.  He is also growing into a very good helper.  He likes to help me knit.

testing how snuggly soft the blanket is

He was checking the tension on my weaving.

Oh, he likes to help with so many things!

helping with this blog post

I’m glad he’s actually acting like a kitten now.

But I’m not sure my plants are going to survive this.


10 Jul

I am planning on keeping the kitten that showed up last weekend as long as I can get it healthy and integrated into the rest of the house animals.  I shall call him Tiger.  I had my Leo (the lion) and I have my Bob Cat, so I think this one shall be my Tiger.


When a kitten hasn’t had food for heaven only knows how many days and you suddenly give it food, it does horrible things to its digestive system.  The vet wormed him and gave us another med to help his tummy. She also though he is around nine weeks old.

Cat litter added to the bathroom because there’s no way it can make it to the basement.

If this kitten had wandered into my yard and the dog found it first, he would have killed it.  That’s what he does.  If it doesn’t belong here, he’s going to kill it.  It’s why I have to be so careful with the new kids.  He would love to chase and kill them because they don’t belong (ie they are new to the farm). However, since I caught the kitten first and brought it in the house and told him it belonged here, he is the sweetest he can be with it.

There have been a couple of awkward moments when the kitten tried nursing him, but overall they are good.

Rocky and Bob are the bigger hurdles.  Bob is outside most of the time, so he has been pretty good about ignoring it right now.  We’ll see how his attitude changes this fall.

Bob out on the patio

Rocky is my big chicken.

Tiger, Rocky and Sky

He may have decided to show his displeasure with the new arrival by attacking an innocent zucchini.

He always loved snuggling with Leo and I know he misses him, so I think he’ll be happy once we get through this time of adjusting.


I hope.  Because this little one is really sweet and deserves to be a cushions and cream cat.  Oh, and here’s a bonus video of Sky and Tiger.

Good-bye, Hello Tiger

5 Jul

The morning that I found Moose had opened the gate on the bird pen I had gone out to check Tiger.  He was still getting his head stuck to the point that I was cutting him out of the fence.

Tiger from last week

When I had just finished putting the birds in and goats out, I heard blood-curdling screams from the north paddock.  Xerxes and Freddie were right there.  I climbed the gate and went around the barn to find Tiger stuck in the fence.  He had jumped out into the bean field, but when he tried jumping back in, he caught his back foot.  He was hanging there.  I lifted the weight off his foot by hugging around his body and holding up while I used my other hand to free his foot.  This was the final straw.  My nephew came Saturday morning, and we loaded him up.

Honestly, it was a lot easier to catch him than I thought it might be, but that’s because he had his stinking head stuck in the fence again.  Once we got him loaded, I took him to the sale barn.  I was planning on selling him at the end of the month now that I have my perfect little girl from him, but I decided it was worth the extra trip to keep from having to cut my fence up every day.  And, honestly, I would have considered keeping him another year if he weren’t such a big problem to keep where he belongs–just like his dad was.

Ready to unload.

Anyhow, right after we got Tiger loaded onto the truck, my nephew looked into the barnyard and saw something–a tiger kitten being followed by a gaggle of geese.  I grabbed the kitten and tossed him into the milk room, went to my mom’s to get a can of cat food, and then left him until I got back from the sale barn.

Just what I needed.  He was starving and dehydrated.  The poor thing was quite happy to be captured.

In the pen I had for Mama Phoenix.

Talk about torturing my dog.

We are doing much better now.