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I Found a Feathered Friend

27 Jun

While I was walking through the pasture looking for goat kids tucked away in the grass the other night, I saw something I was not looking for or expecting.

Can you tell what it is?  Look at those delicate downy feathers.

Does that help?  How about now~the big round eyes and hooked beak might give it away.

The baby great horned owl was tucked into the grass.  It’s obviously too young to be flying, so (after taking pictures) I came to the house and looked at Iowa State University’s Wildlife Care Clinic on the Internet.  They have a page that gives information on wild animals to help a person make decisions on whether or not a wild animal needs rescuing.

After reading their page on the Great Horned Owl, I decided I just needed to leave the baby and hope its parents could keep it safe.

I can find a baby great horned owl in the pasture, but I can’t find a goat kid.  Go figure.

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