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In About a Month

2 Jan

I can’t believe I’m talking about kidding season already.  Of course, we are starting much sooner than I would like thanks to Fionn.  We have four girls that are due February 1st.

Dolly.  She’s supposed to have at least one girl in there.  I really, really, really want another Dolly daughter.  She’s only ever had three, and I kept two of them.

Dolly Ann Street

Dolly Ann Street

Penny.  I hope she has only one.  I was actually thinking of retiring her after she couldn’t raise her twins last year.  I guess if she has two, one will have to be a bottle kid.

Penny Lou Blackboer

Penny Lou Blackboer

Maisie.  Those are still her kids from last year with her.  I really need to sell my June babies, but weather and holidays have interfered.  Hopefully, they will get sold in the next couple of weeks.

Maisie van de Yell (with George and Martha)

Maisie van de Yell (with George and Martha)

Bonnie.  She’s ready.  She didn’t have kids last year, so I guess it’s okay for her to be early this year.

Bonnie Grace Blackboer

Bonnie Grace Blackboer

I just hope the weather cooperates.

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Kidding and Waiting

4 Jun

We’ve had more kids since Harley had her triplets on Tuesday.  Thursday, Sugar had one buck.  He’s doing quite well.

Sugar and Mose

Sugar and Mose

Friday around noon, Maisie had twins.  She has one buck.

Maisie's boy

Maisie’s boy

She has a doe also.

Maisie and kids

Maisie and kids

That’s it.  Vinnie is over due by one day.  Sallie is three days past her due date.



And I still don’t know when Vixen and Joani are due, so I’m exceedingly sleep deprived from all the night time checks.  Really.

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Fence and Sky

10 Mar

We had a gorgeous sky last weekend.  I was just enjoying it, when I noticed something odd.

Rainbow Sky_3013ews

It was like a sundog, but the weather was too warm for that.  There hadn’t been any rain, so I have no idea what that little colorful blotch was.

Rainbow Sky_3011ews

I stayed out in pasture with the goats until the sun began setting, and we all came back up to the barnyard.

Sunset Goats_3079ews

Can’t forget the llama!  Here comes Llenny!


Finally, it’s back to the barnyard.

llama sunset_3088ews

goat lane_3091ews

Everyone settles in for the night.  Okay, the picture was actually from earlier in the day, but I thought it was too cute not to share.

Moose with his maa, Maisie, in front

Moose with his maa, Maisie, in front

They do really come up and settle in for the evening.

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