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More of the Aftermath

27 Apr

When I let the goats out on the back half of the Back Forty, I decided I better do a check of the fences.  I mean besides the one that I know was just flattened.

Not worried about this one for now; I just have to have it fixed before our genealogy trip.

I already shared that the neighbor’s farming practices included ripping out the waterways and planting by tilling highly erodable hills which allows everything to just wash.  Luckily they didn’t till under the corn stalks from last fall because that would have made it ten times worse.

The darker lines in the soil outside my pasture are where there used to be waterways. The grass slows the water and stops the cornstalks from slamming into my fences. But they want to plant it and make more money instead of stopping erosion.

Anyhow, not only is the tile intake on the north side of my farm completely covered in their silt, but the one in the middle of the bottom is also completely covered.  There’s supposed to be a burm to help hold the water back but it is completely covered in silt and corn stalks.  Hopefully, when things dry out (after planting), my nephew can bring his new backhoe and help find the intake and repair this damage.

I went back to the fence to check it out, and it looks like there’s a new foot deep gap of lost soil.  I’ll have to fix this, or the goats will be out of my pasture.

They did actually start coming that direction.

But the ground was too soggy, and they decided to go eat elsewhere.  I have a few days to get it fixed.

I did check the intake on the south side of the pasture, and it was still open.  Although, we kind of missed where it needs to be.  The water largely bypasses it and has cut a ditch through that burm.  Erosion is really hard to reduce when you do things correctly, and when the neighbors don’t care, it. makes it even harder.

Anyhow, I’ll get off my high horse about conservation and just enjoy watching happy goats on the pasture.

Penelope and Maisie



Perdita (still sporting her second horn apparatus)

Until the next time their horrible farming practices totally mess with my pasture.

Eating Green Stuff

21 Apr

Despite the cold weather (which is now warming up), the grass has turned green.

The herd enjoying the green stuff.

It is isn’t very tall yet, but the goats and llamas are happy to have green stuff.










Now that it’s warm, I might even go spend more time out there with them.

A New Salt/Mineral Block

1 Mar

Somehow, the three little bucks managed to lose their salt/mineral block under their hay.  It might be that I feed them too well.

Lemuel and Frodo (Benji behind)

Anyhow, I got a new block.  I gave it to the goats in the main herd.

Myson was the first to find it.

I gave what they had to the three boys.

Frodo would not stop trying to come see me. Lemuel licking it.

Everyone was excited to get their new salt/mineral block, which means there were lots and lots of happy licking goats.


Lemuel and Frodo


Ava (with Moose behind)

You know what that means?


Thirsty goats.

Hera (very pregnant)

So I get to haul even more water.  But they are certainly happy with it.