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I Can’t Take It

30 Mar

This morning, while trying to take some things from my house to my soap room, I kept getting run over by Mary and Maisie and their babies wanting bottles.  I decided it was time for them to leave the garage.

Adonis, Apollo, Mary, Diana, and Artemis

Of course, the first thing was fighting.

Maisie and Dolly

For some reason, Dolly was being just nasty.  For crying out loud, she’s ten-years-old.  She needs to quit doing that stuff.

Joani was happy to be out with her little girl, Persephone.

Persephone and Joani

Clover’s kids were also enjoying running around and meeting the other kids.

Ares, Brigit (well, her tail) and Clover

Mary and her girls were enjoying the sunshine.

Punkin, Diana, and Mary with Sky in the background

I did warn her photobomber stalker that he better not think of touching any of those kids.


A Muddy Mess

28 Mar

With our recent snows and rain and ice, we are a muddy mess.  They are working really hard at eating their second round bale.

It’s just a mess.  I hate making them be out in this stuff.  Even the kids are muddy.

Wanda’s girl, Zephyr

I feel really bad that they have to be in that.  I haven’t even had the heart to kick out my four moms out of the garage.

Maisie with her boys: Adonis and Apollo

Really.  How can I kick this cute little Punkin’ out in the mud?

Artemis (aka Punkin)

I thought about letting them out with Aurora, but every time I make a change with who is in there with her she loses weight again.  She’s still trying to catch up from the last change when I put my old girls in there.


And I’m pretty sure Pistol is going to have oopsie babies soon.


She doesn’t need anyone fighting with her.  Joani and Clover keep fighting with a fence in between them.

Joani (back) and Clover (front)

I am just ready for better weather.  Seriously.

The Last 48 Hours: Part II

15 Mar

Technically it’s been longer ago than forty-eight hours, but I’m picking up where I left off.  After the crazy day, I begged my mom to stay.  She had come out to help me see Cinnamon’s adorable baby and I hijacked her and put her to work.  She agreed to let me go to bed after I fed Daisy’s little girl and take the next check.  Even though I was expecting Cutie to have her baby overnight, every other pregnant goat could go into labor at any moment.


Unfortunately, with everything going on and about to happen and how overly tired I was, I couldn’t sleep.  I still managed to have about three hours of sleep when I woke up just before my 2:00 am alarm went off and I had to check goats.  On my way out to see Cutie, I decided it looked like Mary and Maisie were both in early stages of labor.  When I got to Cutie, she was pushing hard and had a bag out.

Cutie Pie and her doe

Bless this first time mom.  She did it all and licked her baby dry and let her nurse and was a super mom!

(She has the cutest chocolate wattles!)

Then I shifted back to Mary and Maisie.  I really had no more space.  I did the only thing I could.  I backed my car out of the garage, spread my last bale of staw and my last cornstalk bale and drug them into the garage.  Really.  Why do they make me drag them?  Then I went back to bed for an hour.  They were both laying there and that was about it.  Then another hour which was when I came out at 5:00 am, and Maisie was hard pushing.

I saw one hoof, but that was it.  I felt and found a head, but no other foot.  I went in and it took forever to get the other foot pulled forward, but I got it.  Then I pulled, and nothing really happened.  This was a big kid, and it took quite a bit of work to get him out.  The second one was not any better.  This time one leg was bent back all the way at the shoulder, but I couldn’t find it.  She was pushing.  At least this kid was smaller, so I finally apologized and pulled really hard.  He arrived safely.

Maisie and boys

Mary was still standing and acting like she might decide to have kids soon, so I kept coming back out every hour.  Finally, at 8 am I came in to see she had just had one baby girl.  She started pushing again and had baby girl number two.

They are both adorable girls, but Baby Girl #1 is just the most crazy marked thing every.

I don’t know why it worked with two big dominant girls in the same pen, but it’s like Maisie claimed the straw and Mary got the cornstalk bales and there was some kind of invisible fence there.  I’m just glad it worked.

Finally, I had made it through the night.  I’m pretty sure I never really did much more than light dozing after that initial three hours.  And it was going to be a really long day.  To be continued…