Some Goats

I know I haven’t shared much about the goats lately, but I promise they are still here and doing well.





Maisie (back) and Hilda

Maisie (back) and Hilda

I’m ready for some free time to spend with the goats.  Um. Not sure that’s going to happen.

Strange Bedfellows

It’s pretty common for my goats to curl up and sleep with family members.

Moose and Maisie

Moose and Maisie

Maisie and Moose are mother and son.  Sometimes, though, I wonder how they end up sleeping next to each other.

Lily and Cinnamon

Lily and Cinnamon

Lily and Cinnamon are no relation, not of similar age, and I never see them together.

doe goats

They both look pretty cozy though.

A Poem for Maisie

Queen Anne's Lace in winterBirth and death
and all the good
stuff packed between.

What happens
when there is
nothing between?

A new slate never
to be written upon.

A blossom plucked
before beauty blooms.

Born and dead
within the blink of
a mother’s teary eye.

Queen Anne's Lace

When my son went to do chores last night while I was working late at parent-teacher conferences, he found that Maisie had given birth to twins.  She wasn’t due for ten days yet.  She’s the low goat on the farm, and I try to protect her, but I can’t be there all the time.  I would guess someone hit her and caused her to go into labor.  I hate that she lost her twins, and now I’m glad that she still has her Moose.  Despite being an animal, they do mourn the loss of a kid.

Maisie with Moose and Elsa

Maisie with Moose and Elsa from last summer

Sharing at Alphabe-Thursday for the letter P and Rurality Blog Hop.

I’m also sharing this with d’Verse Poets for their challenge of writing about something that has had an influence on my poetry.  It seems appropriate that it’s a life and death farm event.  Nature isn’t always kind, but it always breaks my heart when something like this happens, and it often comes out in my poetry at my other blog, Razzamadazzle.

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