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Random Pictures from the Week

13 Apr

Clover’s bottle jaw is doing better.  Same with Bonnie. That makes me happy.  I keep trying to baby them through.


The boys are enjoying the nice weather.  They will be happy when they get their buck pen and front pasture back.

Xerxes and Fionn

Maisie and Moose hanging together in the pasture.

Moose and Maisie

Bambi in pasture.

I’m really happy to be back to summer in the barnyard (well, mostly kind of).  The water buckets are out for the kids now.

Tinkerbell, Peter Pan, and maa Joani

Sacagewea is filling up that food pan.  Won’t be long before she doesn’t fit.


Another look at last weekend’s rainbow.

Here’s to another good weekend!


The Rest of the Kids

19 Mar

You might have noticed that I kind of quit talking about kidding before we were done and started posting my pre-made-in-case-I-get-too-busy-to-do-a-post-some-day posts.  I got sick.  I never ever want to be sick during kidding week again.  It was horrible.  I wouldn’t have made it through without my family.  As it is, between my being sick and the weather we lost Maisie’s baby.  Sadly, she only had one, so she’s horribly upset now.  So am I.

old photo from last summer

Back to where I left off.  Cinnamon has a buck and a doe.

Caroline has a little girl that looks about like her.

Joani had the only set of triplets (buck, doe, and doe).

Annie has a buck and a doe.

Wanda has one big girl.  I was sick and didn’t even take a slimy newborn photo of her.  It’s still a crappy cell phone picture, but I’ll start trying to get some better pictures of the kids.

I’m certainly glad to be done kidding, and I’m finally starting to feel better too.

Edit:  I had to fix Annie’s name.  I accidentally called her by her maa’s name.  I make the excuse that I’m still recovering.

The Great Divide

5 Mar

I divided my goats that are going to have kids on spring break from the rest of the herd.  The ones not having kids over spring break are on the west side of the barnyard.

Casey, LilyAnn

The ones due for spring break are in the east side of the barnyard, and have access to the greenhouse and one section of the barn.

Pregnant goats

I do have three not bred girls that didn’t get moved over.  I am still feeding Dolly a bit of extra feed, and I like to keep a close eye on her.


The morning I moved them, I saw about 15 goats in the greenhouse, so I know it is big enough to hold that many goats.  The problem is trying to get all the personalities to get along.  That’s the hard part.


I swear goats are more like people than any other animal I’ve ever seen.  That is not intended as a compliment.  Maisie is my big pushy girl, so I put her in the buck room with Aurora.  She wasn’t too happy about that, but I don’t really care at this point.  I just need everyone to be able to go inside and stay warm.  Unfortunately, you always have one goat that is most dominant that likes to let everyone else know it.


We’re trying to get along.