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Weaning Maisie

22 Jul

While the goats’ hooves are a bit softer from out recent rain, I’ve been trying to get everyone trimmed.


As an aside, I was trying to figure out who else might be a good candidate for milking, and both Hera and Venus were fine with me messing with their udders.  Hera is even a high percentage of dairy goat. Hmmmm…


I brought Maisie in to the milk room and got her hooves trimmed.  But she’s struggling with raising triplets during a drought when she’s nine-years-old.  Her coat is coarse, she’s thin, and her eyes are pure white.

Maisie getting her hooves trimmed.

I decided to immediately wean her kids.  As I was hauling Tawny up to the north paddock, I changed my mind.  Instead, I put Maisie up north.


She has the already weaned kids for company.

The weaned kids in the north paddock.


Chunky Boy

She’ll also have access to food–green stuff as well as sweet feed.  It will be a lot less exercise.  She can focus on just resting and recovering up there.

Her kids were not exactly happy with this arrangement, but they will be fine.

Tara wanting her maa


I told Moose to take care of his little brother and sisters.


Hopefully, she’ll make a full recovery and retire.

Some of the Kids

15 May

Tonight you just get some of the kids.  They are already growing.

Gidget’s girl Diva (with brother Dusty behind her)

Tippy again


Mia–I’ve quit giving the kids bottles, and they are still doing well

Maisie with kids Tippy, Tawny, and Tara

Jasmine (front) and Aladdin

Glory (another of Ava’s kids) after licking the salt block

Geo–one of Ava’s triplets

I can’t believe I’ll be able to wean them in just of  couple of weeks.

The Kids in Pasture

23 Apr

Now that I have everyone back on the Back Forty, it’s been interesting to see the little ones out there.

Gemma in her mother’s shadow

I did wait until they had enough age to them that they should be able to keep up with their moms.

I had to shoo them back to the herd on the first morning.

At first, a lot of them would stay in the barnyard.

?, Abu, Olaf and Swen in the greenhouse door

Their moms would come up to feed them.

Maisie feeding Tawny and Tippy; Tara watching in the back

More and more of them are going out to pasture now.

Abu bouncing on Reva


Sylvia and Abu butting heads

It’s getting to be a lot of fun to watch them out there.