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Amazing Goats

7 Feb

I have been crazy worried about Maisie not having kids.  In fact, Sunday afternoon I thought she was dribbling amniotic fluid, so I did a check.  I was trying to be quick and careful, and I was wearing my glove with some lube.  She was not happy and fought me, but I though I could feel her cervix closed.



I did get nervous enough to call the vets on Monday afternoon, and they told me not to worry about her being overdue as long as she was eating and acting normal.  Of course, I still worried.  I had thoughts of Boeris babies with big heads (Maisie is a Boeris baby) and how Maggie and Sallie showed no signs of being in labor because they just couldn’t get the kids far enough down to push.  I had thoughts of Pam’s baby being tail first and her not showing signs of pushing.  So after a sleepless night, I went out early this morning and saw she’s had more fluid loss because hay was stuck to her back end. I caught her and did another quick check.  This time without the glove, and I could feel that it was kid–not any part of a kid I could identify.  I called the vet, and he showed up quickly and went to work.  It took him a few minutes, and he even had to use the snare, but he got the kid out.


Have I mentioned that I really love my vets?


This was one huge boy!  For a last surprise, he has wattles!


It’s a Sam baby!


Introducing Hercules!

And I get to sleep all night tonight.

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Still Waiting

6 Feb

Maisie is killing me.  Today is five days past her due date.

Maisie Bird van de Yell

Maisie Bird van de Yell

I’ve never had a goat go more than five days past their due date.


I just want to go to bed for the whole night.

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Waiting on Maisie

2 Feb

We are still waiting on Maisie to have her babies.  I keep rooting for before I go to bed, so I can sleep all night.



She seems totally unconcerned.

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