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The Kid and the Cat

8 Jun

I mentioned that we had a very little kid born here, weighing in at only three pounds and six ounces.  Well, he’s doing well.  He’s filled out and getting bigger.  Just for comparison, this is him and his twin sister, Ebony, by the water tub.

Ebony and Tiny Tim

Here is another size comparison to show you how little he is.  The board is a 2×6, and it is a standard concrete block.

I am still feeding him from a bottle because I don’t think he could reach Sallie’s udder yet.

Sallie and Ebony

Luckily, Millie is giving me a little milk every day, and I’m hoping she’ll keep producing more as she feels better.  I’m also taking some from Sallie each morning.  Tiny Tim is a pretty good kid for being in my living room.  He knows the pet taxi is his place to curl up and sleep, although I do have to kick the cat out sometimes.

Tiny Tim and Leo

He loves the dog’s pillow (note to self~Mushu gets a new pillow for the fall).

But he absolutely is fascinated by Leo.

It’s a daily routine, and as Tim gets bigger, Leo appreciates the attention less and less.

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