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Tony Llama on the Goats

17 Jun

Tony got to the farm in the middle of our rain storm, so we just put him in the garage.  (I’m never going to get the livestock out of my garage.)


When it quit raining, I opened the door and showed him the two buck–Xerxes and Fionn.  Fionn decided that an open door might mean food, so he wandered in to have a look around.


At that point, I’m pretty sure Tony was trying to decide whether or not his could jump through the tiny garage window because this big, scary monster with horns meant for impaling an innocent llama was coming to get him.

I gently herded Fionn back to the buck room and shut the door; although, I did leave it so Tony could look over the half door.  I’m pretty sure he did not get close enough to do that.  Anyhow, when the bucks went out to pasture, I closed the gate cattle panel, so they couldn’t come back in.  Then I tried leading Tony out because I thought he would like to see where he was at.  They said he leads well.  Sure he does–when he isn’t in a strange garage with a strange lady trying to pull you into the room where the big white monster came from.  He put his feet down, and after playing tug of war for a few minutes, I said, “Whatever.”  It actually didn’t take too long before he came out on his own.  He spent a lot of time looking around.

Then I had to milk, so I called the goats up from pasture (actually, I walked down to make sure they all got back across the swollen ditch).  When we got close, Tony really panicked.  There were lots of those scary monsters. (video link below.)


He sounded the alarm for the next hour or so.

Tony keeping an eye on the bucks in pasture

It did help a little when he noticed the other llamas on the hill with them, and the goats weren’t eating llamas.

Aurora and he exchanged some googly eyes (NOT happening).

Poor boy.  It might take a few days before I can even let him and the bucks in together, but we’re making progress.




Done and To Do

21 May

It’s been such a flurry of activity this last week or so that I thought I’d just try to catch everything up.  After I sold the girls Saturday, that let me move the bucks back onto the front pasture.  That’s a good thing because their little paddock was getting eaten down.  Now they have plenty of green grass.

Fionn and Xerxes

Although I still need to get the hill planted with grass.

My corn was planted on Friday. It’s been a rush to get everything planted this year because of the late finish to winter.

The pasture is growing well.

My mom is coming to let the goats out each day because we haven’t had a chance to get a fence put up around Dead Tree Hill to try and keep thm safe from coyotes.  That’s still on the agenda for this summer.

Of course, it’s soon going to be time to make hay.


And then June babies are coming.  It’s always busy on the farm.

A Test Run

12 May

I’ve ordered copper capsules for the goats, and they are scheduled to arrive on Monday.  This weekend, I’m trying to figure out my delivery method.  Today the test medium was marshmallows. Clover was happy to try it.


Then she got this “OMG! What are you feeding me” look, and it ended up on the ground.

Fionn checked it out.


I’m not sure that is a compliment.

His ended up on the ground too, but Xerxes loved it!


Bambi thought they were delicious.  She kept following me to see if she could eat anyone else’s if they didn’t want it.


Maggie was about the same.


Dolly would take them, and then throw them on the ground.  It was starting to look like the Easter bunny hopped through leaving marshmallow pellets as he went.  Later, I caught Maggie going around and picking them up.  No five-second rule in our barnyard!

Dolly with Diana looking at her

At lot of goats wouldn’t even try it.  You can see on Lily some of the signs of the copper deficiency–the light coloring around her eyes and lack of hair on her nose.


Tomorrow, I will try dates.  I think I might end up with about ten goats that I could feed them anything, and everyone else is going to be difficult.