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23 Apr

I shared during my week of spring break kids that Harley hurt her back.  Someone hit her and she was struggling to get back up.  I shut her in a pen in the greenhouse and had her on anti-inflammatory meds, and she was doing well.  She did so well that she jumped the fence and let herself out.  I wasn’t sure what to do because she was walking fine, and I was worried she’d keep jumping out and aggravate it that way.  I really felt like it was a no win situation.  I couldn’t shut her in the Love Shack where she couldn’t jump out because I still had little kids in there with a heat lamp.

Toffee and Harley a couple weeks ago

Well, I came home from work last Tuesday to find Harley largely unable to use her back end.  I’m guessing someone hit her again.  I got her shut in the Love Shack and got her started on the meds again.  I put her little girls with her for company.

Twyla and Harley (notice the wide stance on her back end)

Now it’s a waiting game to see if she gets better or worse.  To make things harder, she’s pregnant and due in June.

I am really worried about her.



Eating Hay

20 Apr

The kids are starting to eat hay with their maas.  That means their rumens are going to start working,


and they’re going to start getting nutrients from the  hay that they eat.  That is good because it will help take some of the pressure of their moms.

After the Storms

16 Apr

I am pretty sure it’s going to be a while before my fences get fixed.  I did shut the gate between the barnyard and pasture, so nobody can go out there.

Maybeline wasn’t too happy; although she’s obviously been eating hay.

But my fence that keeps Aurora, Lily and Vinnie out of the pasture is also smashed.  I’m pretty sure Vinnie isn’t leaving the building until it warms up (like July).


Lily already managed to sneak out once, but she just wanted in the barnyard.  I’m not sure she really needs to go in there.  Everyone is cranky.  I put her back where she belongs.


I am not sure if Aurora will stay put or not.


I figure it’s better to be safe than sorry, so I set a couple of T-posts and threw same panels across to make sure they stay in.  I’m not the only one dealing with the after effects of the storm.

I hope they had good insurance because I’m sure their house is a total loss.  Poor babies.