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Noooo, Mooose!

12 Oct

Moose is a brat.  I cannot forget to use twine to tie my chicken pen gate shut.  If I do, Moose opens it.

Seriously.  He checks every time he goes past the gate.

He just flicks the latch up.

Then he grabs a wire and pulls it open.

If I do forget and he gets it open, then I have pretty much the whole herd in there.  They refuse to leave until I yell, and jump up and down, and occasionally, I have to start crying before they will actually leave.  Okay, that’s a tiny exaggeration (but not much).

It would be bad for him and the other wethers to eat the chicken feed (bladder stones).  I try really hard to remember and tie it shut, but man.  He’s a pain.


Some Random Animals

26 Sep


Bob Cat enjoying Sky’s bed



African goose and Embden gander

Aphrodite and her maa, Cutie

Growing Up

14 Aug

Zeus has always been a cute little guy with his spots and blotches.  He still has them!


Although, they are not as pronounced as when he was little.

Love the silver triangle.

But he’s also growing up.  Do you see it?

He’s growing a beard!

Soon it will be time to get him away from the girls and put him in with the big boys.

Zeus (back) and Hera using maa, Gidget, as a pillow

His mom and sister will certainly miss snuggling with him when I have to move him.