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The Struggle

5 Jul

I really work hard to make sure Aurora gets her llama feed once or twice a day, but some days it’s not easy.

Aurora and kids

Everyone is pretty sure they are worse off than Aurora and they need that extra feed too.

Dollly with kids Pluto and Anubis

Buster would be among the worst offenders that way, so when he snuck out of the barn before I got my gate up, I decided to be creative.  Trust me, Buster is like wrestling a hydra with an ever increasing numbe of heads on that long neck.

Buster Brown

I let Aurora into the chicken/bird pen.  Since she saw me hang her food pan on the old training stanchion, she went right in and started eating.


It worked well.  Anything she dropped, the birds ate.  It was all good (except for a disappointed Buster).

Then the goats came up from pasture.

Betty Lou in front of my gate; Aurora in front of the camera.

Um.  How am I supposed to get Aurora out for the first time when I’m trying to keep everyone else from rushing in?  First, I put the birds in the building.

Is this the way out?

By the way, Ms. African Goose has gotten serious about hatching whatever she’s sitting on.

Then I opened the gate and tried to block everyone from coming in.  I think I did quite well because Sidney, Pandora, and Gilgamesh are the only ones that snuck in.  That was way better than the forty goats I figured would swarm the open gate.


Whew!  Now we get to try it again tonight.

And every morning/evening/whenever we can until Aurora’s back to full weight.  And we’re getting there!



16 Jun

I have mentioned that we have been dry this spring.  It seems like the rain is all around us, but stops just short of my farm no matter which direction it’s coming from.  Seriously.  My nephew just north of town got four-tenths of an inch one night while, two miles away, I got sprinkles.  That’s been the pattern.  Well that all ended overnight Wednesday and into Thursday morning.  My red-neck rain gauge overflowed.  I had to call my dad and see how much we got–five inches by the end of the rain event.

You know it’s a hard rain when you get the waves of wash coming through the barnyard.

Aurora in the background

After five inches, the barnyard was wet, but not muddy.  We really did need this rain.


I decided to go see how much water was in pasture.  The ditch looked more like a real creek.

The debris and flat grass shows how high the water was.  I was impressed.

Then I got to where I was going to take the fallen tree bridge across the water, but it was gone.  You can see where it was supposed to be–there’s no grass.

Seriously.  The water swept it farther down the ditch.  I kept following the ditch to see where it ended up.

It landed against the next batch of willow trees.  Both of the logs crossing were moved from the spot .

To really see how far it was moved, it went the path of the arrow below.  For perspective, the little white spots behind the willow tree are goats.

Water is some powerful force!



Bottle Triplets

10 Jun

I have Harley moved to my north paddock so she has a bit more space, and she even has green grass to eat.


She is still up and down on how well she moves. I think she over-exerted herself the first day she was up there because she barely moved the next day.  She’s still getting her meds.  She’s doing better again.  I got her hooves trimmed (finally); it was just impossible to trim them with the pregnancy and back injury.  I hope she continues to improve.

The last thing she needs is to be feeding kids.  I did take them up to visit, and she was happy to see them, but I think she also realized she just can’t do it.  I’m letting her dry up, and her boys are bottle triplets.


They are a challenge to feed.

Horus and Gilgamesh

They aren’t quite good enough to feed them all at once yet because they keep losing the bottle, and they just lunge without opening their mouths, so they all want to eat, but I can only feed one at a time.

Horus and Enkidu

At least when they are peeing, they aren’t being pushy.


I have been so attacked with those little mouths trying to grab and suck anything they can find.  It works well when they try nursing each other’s noses–keeps them out of my way.

Then I look over and see Sidney with her one little Pandora and it’s so peaceful.  Not the chaos of my babies.

Sidney feeding Pandora

Although, occasionally, I feel a nibbling on my back pocket and turn to see they are both checking out what we’re doing.

I still can’t believe all four of these little early birds are doing well.  They are little miracles.