Finally Making Progress

Finally!  The contractor came and we discussed the plans for my garage.  I have someone set to tear it down.  I’m finally making progress!  Except, we’re waiting on a woman.



Everything is still on hold until Lucy is off the nest.  It seems like she’s been sitting there forever.  Come on babies!  Hatch!

Sharing with Song-ography for the Brad Paisley’s Waitin’ on a Woman and Alphabe-Thursday where the letter this week is F.  F is for finally making progress or forever because that’s what it seems to be taking.

Excellent Models

Some goats are just natural excellent models.  They can’t help but pose and smile and have wonderful photos.





Fozzy Bear_1967ew


Others are extremely difficult to get a decent shot.





Blaze buck1_1847ew

Blaze Buck 2_1950ew

This is the best I could do with our photo shoot interrupted by new births yesterday and more misty wet weather this morning.  I’ll have to keep trying for some better portraits.

Sharing with Alphabe-Thursday where the letter is E.  E is for excellent models.

Darling Does

I do want to mention that Coffee’s milk is looking pretty perfect.  I’ll keep separating hers for a little while yet, just to keep a close eye on it, but she seems to be well on her way to completely healed.

I did decide to wean a couple more kids.  I weaned Haley’s three girls so I can milk Haley.  Helen is another milking doe, so I weaned her girls.  Also, she doesn’t want to walk well on her back passenger leg.  I think her hips are bothering, so not having kids nursing will be a good thing.  Finally, I weaned Reva’s doe, so I could try to train her to be a milking doe. That’s six darling doelings that I put with Millie and the two young boys up north.

Haley and her three girls

Haley and her three girls (Fay, Tina and Amy)

It’s a bit loud.  When I walked out to check on the little girls, I heard all kinds of yelling.  It wasn’t the kids though.  Haley and Helen were standing around yelling because they wanted to take their girls to pasture with them.  (video HERE)

Helen with Hilda and Hazel

Helen with Hilda and Hazel

Where was Reva?  She was already out in pasture.



Poor Rainie seemed to wonder why her mom wasn’t there.

Haley and Rainie

Haley and Rainie

I finally got Haley to follow me out to pasture to join the rest of the herd.

red doe goat_1586ew

No such luck with Helen.  I finally gave in and brought her some hay.

weaning kids_1655ew

Everyone is doing well, and it will quiet down in a few days.  Hopefully, Reva figures out how awesome it is to be milked.  She loves food, so I think she’ll love being milked.  If not, I’ll probably give her daughter back to her.  But I’m going to keep trying to milk her for a while first.

Sharing these Darling Does with Alphabe-Thursday where the letter this week is D.  I’m also sharing with Good Fences; although, my fence isn’t too good because I had to re-wean Hazel after she escaped.

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