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Second Guessing

13 May

I just posted my predictions for who was kidding in June and who wasn’t.  Now I’m second guessing myself.

Purl (not bred) and Hilda (obviously pregnant)

Antigone was with Xerxes for a really long time, but she was really run down after raising kids last year and I didn’t have anywhere else to put her that she would get to go in and get a bit of extra care.  I just checked again, and I think she’s starting to make an udder.  She is probably due much later in the summer than everyone else–maybe July or even August.


I am letting her in the milk room to get extra feed, and I’ll keep pampering her.

In related news (kind of), I keep trying to get a picture of Jasmine and Aladdin to be next year’s tail count kids, but they are not cooperating.

Aladdin in front of Cinnamon (not a good fit for “tail count”)

If I can’t get them, I at least have a backup with Tippy and Tawny.

Tippy and Tawny

Seriously? I’m thinking next year and we aren’t even done kidding this year.

Tidbits and Stuff

15 Apr

I haven’t shared the llamas for ages.  Maybeline and Odie are their characteristic fat and sassy.  They are definitely ready for a summer shearing.


Aurora is a bit more shy again since I’ve not been on the back side with them very much.  I do think she’s picking her weight back up after our harsh February.  I do always worry about her though. Once you’ve had ulcers, you’re more likely to get them again, so I constantly worry about her.


But she seems to be doing well.

I am starting to think about June babies.  I know, we just finished kidding, but it’s time to start checking udders to see who has settled.  I’m pretty sure Joani will try to smack me when I feel her udder, but I’ll try to be sneaky and quick.


I haven’t even shared anything about my old ladies or the young ones who were with the moms.

Dolly enjoying a nap

But they are still there and doing well.

Flora playing in the tree

Antigone enjoying the sun out of the wind

Onyx is making an udder!  That kind of scares me as little as she still is.  She’s going to be fifteen months when she kids, which is plenty old enough, but she is still rather small.  All of the others her age seem to have outgrown her.


This is the look of a dog who would like to chase and eat a whole bunch of kids. He and I have serious conversations about not acting like a dog.  It does no good, so I’m grateful he respects boundaries and I have a good fence between the yard and barnyard.


The goose is sitting on a nest.  She’s not very good at this because I keep finding eggs out of the nest.  Or it might be that she won’t let the other girl in the nest to lay her egg.  I’m not complaining because I don’t need another twenty geese running around.

Can you see her on the nest in the feed bunk?

In other goose news, the jerk gander seems to have tangled with someone and lost again.

The gander on the left seems to have balance issues

He appears to have brain damage.  His balance is off.  It doesn’t seem to be anything that will kill him, but he doesn’t seem to be attacking goats anymore either.

Planning Ahead

21 Mar

We are a little over a week away from kidding.  This was my last weekend to really prepare because I don’t know how things will go on March 26th.  I’m getting my second Covid vaccine that day, and who knows how I might react.  That means I have to have everything done this weekend, and I do have a backup plan in case I’m knocked out of commission for a couple of days.

The whole herd out in pasture.

My first step was to get panels set to divide the barn and barnyard for my two groups of goats.

Myson wondering why he can’t get into the barn.

Then I had to get Xerxes up with the two young bucks before I mixed everyone else.  As soon as I opened the gate from the Front Pasture to the East Barnyard, he and Astra and Antigone were coming through.

Xerxes, Astra, and Antigone

About that time, everyone else was coming up from the Back Forty (see them behind in the picture above).  It didn’t take them long to figure out they couldn’t get to this side of the barnyard.


I walked across the barnyard, and opened the gate into the North Paddock.  Freddie and Tiger started coming to check out what was going on.

Freddie and Tiger

By the time I had come far enough through the gate not to be scary to Xerxes (he is the biggest chicken on the farm), he was already in there.

I closed the gate, and that was that.  Although, he and Astra are a bit upset about not being together.  She’s been sharing the buck room with him for five months.  But she needs better company for kidding.

I won’t say it was all sunshine and peanuts up there; I did see Xerxes chasing after the little bucks a time or two, but it hasn’t been too bad of an adjustment.

Xerxes, Freddie, and Tiger

I think they’ll be just fine after another day or so.  Up next, splitting the herd.