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You’re Killing Me

28 Jan

I am ready to strangle Maisie.  She will not quit trying to bust through my panels into where Pistol, Antigone, Blaze and Wanda are.


I finally thought I had it fixed, but when I went out the next time, she’d made it through.

Maisie terrorizing everyone else

This is where I found Antigone huddled and stuck.  She’s behind the pet taxi above where Maisie is pretending that she’s not being mean.


Maisie knocked the air conditioner off the big rolling cart, and a wheel came off the cart. Ladders and garbage cans were tossed everywhere.  Blaze was hiding in the mess created when Maisie broke through.  Wanda was on the wrong side.

Blaze in front; Wanda behind

I had tied the panel to the wall using twine.  The staple has spikes.  It was pounded into the wall.  I don’t know what more I can do.

I finally got everyone sorted back to where they belong, and nobody seems any worse for the terrorizing.

Pistol and Antigone

She’s driving me crazy.

Maisie with Uno nursing

This time, I used the green ladder to try to wedge it in and hold the cart against the panel.

But seriously…she went back to jumping the panels, so I decided to kick her and Uno out because I really was going to strangle her otherwise.

Maisie and Uno

He has a heat lamp and his coat.

I’ll closed the outside door at night for a while to help it stay a bit warmer.

Nursing makes everything better.

I am keeping a close eye on him, but his mother is a pain.

A very big, mean pain in the butt.

More Shuffling

27 Jan

As you might have figured out by now, goat farming is just moving goats from one place to another and hoping they don’t kill each other.  The old ladies I had in the garage when it was cold have been moved back outside.  They’re doing fine.

Dolly with Pluto (left) and LilyAnn (right)

I moved Moira back out, too.  After a little fight with Venus, she’s fine too.


Antigone spent a day with Xerxes, so I hope she’s bred now.  She’s back to destroying my garage.


I got Blaze put in the garage until she has her oopsie babies. I’m going to say two or three weeks yet, but we’ll see.


That means I have Pistol, Antigone, Wanda, and Blaze in the garage on one side, and Maisie, Uno and Tony on the other side.

That Leaves Maisie

16 Jan

That leaves Maisie with poor Pistol and Antigone.

Pistol and Antigone

Maisie might have accepted Tony and let her kid snuggle next to a llama. Yeah, that’s where I usually find the kid.

Maisie, Uno, and Tony

Or Uno likes to use Tony as a jungle gym.

But that doesn’t mean Maisie isn’t going to chase the other goats away from her precious baby.

They were going to step into my half of the garage. And they are both my half.  No way!

She really needs to chill, but she’s not going to.  I walked in once to find that Pistol and Antigone were trying to hide from her.  Of course, Antigone noticed the pan of llama food once she was up there. Yes, she has one foot on the bag of potting soil, one foot on the lawn mower handle, one foot on the panel, and one foot on the llama food pan.

Antigone and Pistol

I even tried putting the coat on Uno and putting them in the buck room, but Uno was shivering right away.  I’d still have problems with Maisie picking on Hilda, but I’d also have to worry about Xerxes picking on the kid.  I decided to close my panel and just shut her in with the llama.  If her kid couldn’t get through, maybe she’d stay with him.

That didn’t work.  I added more junk along the panels (to the point I can’t get through). Before.

Yes, Maisie is glaring at Antigone trying to figure out how to kill her while I’m standing there to protect her.


It worked.  For about two days.  Then yesterday Maisie (and Uno) were on the wrong side again.  Seriously, Pistol and Antigone just want to be able to take a nap without the fear of being killed by Maisie.

I think they had about five minutes of peace that first full day.


You’d think it wouldn’t be too much to ask, but Maisie just can’t refrain from killing someone.  She’d be this problem anywhere I put her.  She’s lucky she’s a good mom and I like her kid.