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Friday Afternoon Leftovers

15 Oct

Just a bit of stuff from around the farm:

Antigone looks really good after a year off from having babies.

Mrs. Goose

She’s molting right now.

Hilda and Purl. I think Purl is happy her little brother and sister are shut away.

Maybeline and Aurora

Mr. Peacock

He’s starting to grow his feathers back in.


My sweet girls–Haley and Pretzel

We are trying to get back to normal after all the repair work from the derecho. (Sky)


7 Oct

The girls are really starting to come into heat.

Antigone and Flora hanging out by the boys

Xerxes is getting a bit naughty and chasing poor Benji.  Hormones are evil things.

Xerxes, Freddie, and Benji

I did a bit of work on the fence to try and make sure we don’t end up with oopsie babies.

Xerxes and Flora

The boys are unfortunately rubbing their stink off on the girls.

Cinnamon with buck stink all over her face.

I also fixed the fence around the Love Shack.

I’ll have to put Frodo and Lemuel in there while we are breeding for spring break babies.

Lemuel and Frodo

It will just be a couple of weeks until I have to mix them.

An Overnight Rain

21 Aug

The forecast called for a bit of rain last night.  I never get too optimistic, because the drought has been relentless.  The weatherman did say it wasn’t going to be a drought buster, but at this point, we don’t want enough rain to end the drought in one shot.  But we did get some rain.

It was even enough to leave some puddles.

The chicory looks so fresh and clean.

It is wonderful seeing actual drops on the flowers because I am really tired of drought and dust.

It looks like Antigone didn’t make it inside.  That girl is the bottom of the pecking order.


My poor tarp tent for shade didn’t fare too well through it.

That’s okay. This fall I’ll take it down and cut it up to cover the west windows in the barn because those tarps are falling apart too.

Myson chatting with goats on the west side of the barn.

Now I just hope it was enough to help my beans finish filling out the pods.

If not, I’m probably not going to have much to harvest this fall.