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Looking Good

6 Dec

After Antigone’s infection, I thought I should have a post op check done.

Cupid and Antigone

Dr. Schmitz stopped by and gave her a thumb’s up.

“Is the mean vet gone?”

She has a little drainage yet, but they are healing nicely, so I will just keep a eye on things yet.

“Then you may pet me.”

She will be really happy when all this is completely healed up and she has no more vet visits.



27 Nov

Antigone is improving.  She’s still on antibiotics, so the poor girl doesn’t want to let me get close to her.


It doesn’t help that I’m also picking the hay dried to her head off.  I was spraying it with a wound spray, but I’m not going to spray her when it’s this cold out.  Hopefully, the antibiotics will be enough to finish healing her up.

She is still in the Love Shack with Cupid.

Did you notice she has a mythology name–she even arrived with it.  That tells me it was fate that brought her back to my farm.


Cupid is still shy.  Of course, it doesn’t help that Antigone screams every time I catch her to give her a shot.

Both of these little girls can really put the food away.  I can’t believe how much they eat.

That might be why Cupid is getting so round.  Of course, we like our fluffy goats.

Late Fall on the Farm

22 Nov

We’ve already had several small snows, and most of November has been colder than average.  I have a hard time believing it’s still fall.

frozen raindrops on a cattle panel

Antigone and Cupid in the Love Shack

corn husks on the fence after being combined

It really doesn’t seem like fall.  We have a couple of seasonal days.  Of course, there’s lots of rain in the forecast for one of those days.  Then it’s snow on Sunday and back to cold next week. I guess I’ll just be grateful for the couple of nice days and the fact that I’m mostly ready for winter.