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The Vet Visit

6 Jun

Occasionally, I have to have the vet come out and trim the dog’s toenails.  Because he’s crazy and would wreak havoc if I tried taking him to the vet to have it done.

Sky (with Flower behind)

Anyhow, when he’s here, I often bombard him with other questions.  This time was no different.  I had to ask him about Antigone’s front feet.  They had this weird thing going on where it looked like someone had sliced a line along the hoof wall, and it was not attached to the rest of her hoof.


When I went to go shut her in the Love Shack so it was easier to catch her, she was in pasture.  I waited, and the rest of the herd came up, but no Antigone.  I went down in pasture and discovered she was being a good mom and staying with Spunky who had put her little head though a tiny spot in the fence.  I got her unstuck and then carried her all the way to the Love Shack because her mom followed us and I didn’t have to catch her.

Antigone and Spunky

Anyhow, the vet said that she had stress fractures in her foot, but it is healing, so I’ll just keep her on the pain meds a little bit longer and she should be fine.

She is more comfortable walking now.

Then I asked about Flora–the brat who won’t leave her horn apparatus on.  Basically, at this point it’s switching from duct tape to gorilla glue (not serious on that) when we go on vacation.  I do think I’ll try to find a stronger tape.

Flora just knocked them off again. Brat.  She is using her ear as a fly swatter.

Then there was Flower.   I was up north checking Ducky and Alice (when they were still up there) and turned and saw…

Flower should never have an udder. She’s a freemartin (can’t get bred).  In twelve years, she’s never been bred, but she had a little udder. I had him check her out, and the official word is that she has just some weird hormonal thing going on, but she is not bred.

The vet noticed she has a lot more hair this time.

And it’s already smaller.  So I have no idea what was going on, but she should not panic me like that.

Cheeky Kids

22 May

Don’t let the sweet looks fool you, Alice and Ducky are cheeky little girls.

Alice and Ducky

They snuck out of the north paddock to run amok in the main barnyard.  They had a lot of fun.

Most of the big goats just ignored their shenanigans.

Bambi and Ducky

Antigone and Ducky

Although Pretzel did think she should check them out a bit closer.

Pretzel checking out Alice and Ducky

That made Alice nervous.  She wanted to get back to her maa, Tansy.

I might have had to help her figure out how to get back in.

Tansy and Alice

Ducky was still out running around.

Zinnia checking her out

Silly girls!

Saturday Morning

25 Apr

With the fence being knocked down I decided Saturday morning that I’d let the goats go through the gates onto the back part of the Back Forty rather than having to climb over the fence.  I was planning on doing it this weekend anyhow (if I found time; otherwise next weekend).

I headed out to pasture while the herd was on the bottom by the gates.  Luckily the post that I keep under the gate so half the goats don’t sneak under just washed to the side and stop.  You can see how high the water was rushing down the hill.

It also put a lot of pressure on the chain fasteners.  Pretty sure they aren’t going to work again.

Since the goats were right there, I had Cupid and Caroline heading through as soon as I opened them.

Cupid and Caroline

As soon as the herd noticed the first girls going over there, they came on the run.

Tramp had no idea what was going on, but he was caught up in the excitement.


They were all in a hurry to get back there.

The grass back there is taller because nobody has been eating it yet.  It’s still not tall because of the cool weather we’ve had, but it’s a lot better than what they have been on.


Then I realized Antigone was still down by the gates even though all the other goats had headed up the hill.  She had her kids.  And  then I noticed four other kids had been left behind.  I shooed them over to Antigone and hoped they would stick with her.


Then, I headed back up to the house.

the herd on the hill

Later I went out to check, and they had all joined the herd.

The llamas were quick to head to the summer barn for some lounging.


Everyone was enjoying it.