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Feeling Like Summer

15 Sep

We’ve been really hot this last week.  The llamas didn’t like it.


It’s been rainy and humid.  You can almost see the humidity in the air.

The goats have been melting in pasture.


This weekend we’ve been cooler, but it’s still rainy.  (That means I’m having a trouble getting pictures for the blog.)

And on Monday, we’re going to get really hot again.

bean field behind Fionn

The beans might be starting to turn, but it doesn’t feel like fall yet.


Another Girl Watcher

9 Sep

Fionn is feeling much better.  He’s gaining his weight back.  He’s not full weight or strength yet, but he is greatly improving.  He’s trying to run me over to get to the food whenever I go in there.

I noticed this past weekend that he was staring out to pasture, watching for the girls.

(I distracted him; he really was watching for the girls.)

He’s also peeing on his face. I am not happy about that, but it is an improvement.  He didn’t feel well enough to do that for a while.

That’s normal buck behavior this time of year.  For comparison, check out how nasty Anubis is looking.


Fionn has also taken up his old hobby of trying to knock the building down.

He’s not helping the door.

I just am not sure he’s quite where I can put him back with the rest of the bucks.  Mostly because I don’t want him fighting with Xerxes.

Barn Work

31 Aug

After spending so much time getting the barn scooped out, I decided I should give it a bit more attention.

Fionn’s few weeks in the barn last winter were very damaging.  He has a bad habit of head butting walls.


My almost 120-year-old barn couldn’t handle Fionn.  He busted the wall.

I decided we should try to get this fixed and stabilized.

The same wall right by the door needs some work also.  The wall was coming away from the foundation when I first moved here.  I put some plywood on it to help keep it from getting worse.

It would be nice to get this fixed up a bit more also.

Well, it will be a start.