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Catching Up on Hooves

30 Jul

Hoof care is never-ending with the number of goats I have here.


Luckily, our dry weather is at least good for the goats’ feet.


I have a bit of a break in projects, so I am trying to do a few goats each day and checking them off my list.

The milking girls or retired milking girls are easy.


They are happy to come into the milk room and let me do their feet instead of milking them.

Pluto (not a milking girl) and Dolly

The only problem is that they want to get their hooves trimmed twice a day after I do that.

Astra with Jester

Some of the others aren’t so easy.  I have to tie them.

Wanda (with the leash and collar behind her)

Whenever I trim hooves outside, Casey is my helper.


How does he help?  He spends the entire time I’m bent over trimming hooves rubbing his head against mine, which does wonders for the ponytail.  Real helpful!

I am making progress with hooves, but by the time I’m done, it will be time to start over again.  That’s just the nature of farming.

More of the Goats on the Front Pasture

9 Jul

Antigone got to rejoin the rest of the herd.


Maybe they’ll get it eaten down enough that I can actually see her girls to take their picture.

Antigone and her girls

Kate and Edith

Antigone is already teaching them to keep the fences clear.

Edith, Kate and Antigone

Cookie walking in the tall grass


Astra keeps gaining more of her kids trailing after her.  I have decided to give up milking her anyhow because she must have been weaning them.  I wasn’t getting hardly anything from her.

Astra followed by Jester and Avril

Casey is tall enough to reach higher into the tree.

Poor Purl got separated from her mom and brother.  She was standing on the fallen limb trying to see them.


I gave her a lift to find them.  Well, she found her brother, and that made her happy.

Pluto, Purl and Stitch

Ava was chowing down.  I did however not get milk from her or Cinnamon the next day, so I had to re-wean their kids.

Bambi and Pluto were slowly working their way down the fence.

Purl, Trace, Cinquain, Bambi, Ruby, and Pluto

They are happy with all this tall stuff, except poor Six and Fannie who are stuck in the Love Shack (Freddie is with Xerxes and Milo).

Six (standing) and Fannie

At least my tarp is working to give them shade.

The Goats Go to the Front Pasture

8 Jul

Considering Hera and Caroline can find a tiny spot to get through a fence, I figured the goats would find the big open gates, and I was right.

Haley and Joani coming back into the barnyard

The first thing they did was feast on the weeds south of the buck room.

My pastures are beautiful grass.  People are always asking how I get my pastures so clean.  It’s simple.  The goats like to eat all the weeds.

Here’s Casey working on thistle control.  Thank heavens they like eating thistles!

It only took a couple of minutes for Avril to find her mom and start nursing.

Astra and Avril

The next order of business was checking out the trees.

Haley and Moose

They also check the fences to see what they can reach.

They will keep all the trees away from the fences.

It’s important work.


Daisy and Freddie were working on the wild grape vine.

Daisy and Freddie

Pretty soon they’ll actually make it to the bottom part of the pasture where it’s just thick grass.

I have to say, I was surprised that Cinnamon and Ava did not have their kids nursing.

Ava with a full udder; Cinnamon behind her

I didn’t separate them again, but I still got all of my milk.