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Another Weekend Storm

19 Jan

We had another storm move in Friday afternoon and dump another three inches of snow on us.  It’s a lot less than they thought it might be for a while, so I’m not complaining.  This storm, unlike last weekend’s, brought a lot of cold and wind with it.  Even though it’s sunny today, it’s still bitterly cold.

The only thing a goat (or llama) can do on a day like this is stand out of the wind and hope to get a bit of warmth from the sun.

Moose, Fionn, Casey, Myson, Buster, and Cinnamon

You know it’s cold when Maybeline’s hot breath is causing frost on her nose.


I’m going to try to keep sneaking out a few minutes at a time to get blog pictures because it’s going to take me all week to get you caught up with what’s going on out in the barnyard.


Freshly Bedded

5 Jan

My nephew brought a big round cornstalk bale to bed the back part of the barn.

Moose, Casey, and Margarita

It is a challenge.  This space is a bit tricky to maneuver with a tractor and bale, but he finally got it done.  I don’t know how.

We had to chip the big sliding door free from being frozen to the ground, so we could open it farther.  It was really an ordeal.

It did, however, make everyone happy.

Casey (in back) and Margarita (in front)

Myson checking it out

Next summer, I think we’re going to try to remove the first section of fence to make a wider gate area.  If we’re really good, we’ll redo the fence along the lane and make it wider and so the goats can keep the scrub brush and trees eaten from the west side of the barn too.

We’ll see how ambitious we are though.


17 Dec

Since the weather was nice this past weekend, I spent some time giving the goats treats.


Antigone took hers, but Cupid would not take one from me;

although, she did pick up one that Antigone dropped.  I’ll keep working on her.


I’m always popular when I have peanuts!



I’m glad Margarita likes peanuts.  It’s much easier than having to push a copper capsule down her.


Hera is still not about to trust me enough to come take one from me, but I can pet her now–as long as she doesn’t notice me because she’s busy eating her corn.


Cookie got hers.


She liked it so much, she ate her brother, Casey’s, before he could take his from me.

Cookie stealing Casey’s peanut

Greedy goats!