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Copper Time

15 May

I remember last spring that the goats seemed to all get really bad with the copper even though I was giving it to them quite regularly.

Casey losing fur on his ears

Haley has bare spots on her hips from scratching and the fur coming out.

I am seeing that this year as well.  I gave everyone another round over the weekend.

Cupid’s orange spots have no orange.

Popcorn’s spots are fading.

Cinnamon needs fur on her face.

Hopefully, this will help get them caught back up.

Brigit (not showing signs, but I want to prevent that)

Even the March babies got some copper.

Friday Photo Dump

25 Mar

These two Benji and Cupid girls are just so stinking cute!

Ostara and Brigit



Of course, all the kids are cute.

Hera with Tramp nursing; Lady, Spuds, Spunky and Bull in back


I think I forgot to mention that while I was home over spring break, Salem went to the vet and was fixed.


It did not slow him down at all.

Climbing the clothes in my closet

Sadly, I think Bob was in another fight.  His nose gives him away.

Bob Cat

My handsome Casey.


I hope you have a great weekend!

After the Rain

21 Mar

Thursday and Friday were cool and rainy.  It was a constant drizzle with periods of heavier rain.  That’s good because we’re still trying to climb completely out of last summer’s drought conditions.

Caroline in the mud

After two days of rain, however, the goats were thrilled for the sun and warmth to come back on Saturday.

The herd

Moose and Casey eating bark

They spent a lot of time enjoying pasture.

Pretzel nibbling grass

Popcorn eating

The llamas were happy for some dry pasture time.



Even the birds were out of the building catching some rays.

We all like the warm, sunny weather.  But we need the rain, and we have another soaking rain coming on Tuesday/Wednesday.  That will be a good thing too.