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Still Waiting for Spring

1 Apr

We are having our coldest Easter in ten years.  Our forecast for the next week or so is calling for temperatures averaging about ten degrees below our historical average.

Maybeline “I love my thick wool coat right now.”

Poor Vinnie really wishes she could be a snowbird and spend winters in Florida or Texas.  She is still huddling inside most of the day.


Still, if you can find a place in the sun and out of the wind it isn’t too bad.

Betty Lou

The kids that weren’t in the garage don’t mind it.  They don’t know how much nicer it’s supposed to be.


We are still going through a crazy amount of hay.  They are almost done with their second round bale.


We are all way more than ready for real spring warmth.

Still, if you look closely, you can start to see a hint of green in the pasture.


Just the Llamas

9 Mar

I’m sure once the kids start arriving (any day), I won’t have much time to share llama stuff, so today, it’s all about the llamas.

Odie, Maybeline, and Buster

Odie is really getting anxious to get back out to the Back Forty.  She isn’t fond of the goats, and she’d much prefer to abandon them for the summer.


I can’t figure out how to let her/them out there without the goats though, so she’s stuck in the barnyard and front pasture for now.

Maybeline is just my sweetie.


I think Buster must have been rolling in the hay.


Yeah.  Definitely rolling in the hay.

Finally I have my beautiful Aurora.


They are all doing well.

We Want Room Service

25 Feb

This month has had quite a bit of ice.  We had three rounds of freezing rain, snow, ice and rain in various combinations this past week, and we have more coming up later this week.

Sky (I don’t know why he’s licking snow/ice off the deck railing.)

But today was beautiful weather, so I wanted to get the goats to go out to pasture and eat. I’m still trying to conserve hay, and it’s not working very well.

snow and ice in the morning

After the ice and snow melted from yesterday’s all day weather event, I tried calling for them to come out to pasture.

I might as well have stayed in the house for how well that worked.

Cinnamon, Victoria, and Vixen

I pretended to get some corn.  That worked!


They came out and nibbled a bit.

Buster Brown

Caroline and Coral

Then they all went back to the barn and stood around again.

They seem to think they like me serving hay every day.