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13 Oct

Bubbles looks sweet, but she has more than a healthy dose of attitude.


She’s the hardest to give her copper; I have to straddle her and wrestle a little bit to get the capsule down her.  Thankfully, most of the goats aren’t that bad.


Some are super easy.  I have to watch out or they’ll try to sneak seconds.

Cupid needs more orange instead of brown spots.

Peanuts make it so much easier to give my goats their copper capsules.


Unfortunately, the last bag of peanuts I picked up was unsalted.  It was an accident.


It has made it more of a challenge though.  I have some who have actually turned their noses up at them.


Xerxes refused to eat his; later he ate one that was just a peanut (not peanut butter and copper capsule on the inside).  Now that had me wondering if my peanut butter is stale or something.


Luckily, the next day he gobbled it down!  I will try to get some salted peanuts for them though before next time.

A Rough Fall

6 Oct

This has been a really rough fall for the goats.  I always say that this “end of summer” time is the worst time of year, but it seems worse this year.

a very thin Mary

I think the goats are already in need of another round of copper.  I started giving them copper capsules in peanuts on Sunday.

about to lose my finger to Gidget

Stormy has already gotten an extra little bit.  She seems to be doing a bit better.


Pistol is still up north.  She seems to be a tiny bit better, but I’m not sure she’s making any real gains.

Pistol peeking out when it was drizzly weather

But Annie, my poor girl, has gotten worse.

Polka Sallie Annie

Despite having an extra copper capsule, being wormed and having hay, sweet feed, a lick tub, and loose minerals at all times, her membranes are now completely white.  She acts fine, but she is critically anemic.

This is actually an improvement from what it was at one point.

The last couple of days, she’s gotten severe bottle jaw.  I’m not sure she’s going to be able to make it.  I’ll keep trying though.

Finally Gone

26 Sep

Summer has really come back for the last few days.  It’s been quite warm.

sun through the smoky atmosphere

I decided I had to get Pistol out of the Love Shack since there’s no shade there now.  I let the four girls I had weaned out of the north paddock.

Cher–back with the main herd

I moved Pistol up there.  She’s happy to have more green stuff too.


I also put Annie up there because she’s been looking pretty rough, which is why I had shut Flora up north instead of letting her out when she weaned herself.


That meant the Love Shack was open for me to catch the big bucks on Friday evening (no pictures because it was getting dark). I also caught Tiger and put him on the front pasture with Xerxes and Freddie.  Poor boy isn’t happy with being weaned.

Freddie and Tiger

I even managed to catch the wild Milo and put him in the Love Shack too. Thank goodness because he ditched his horn apparatus.  I also caught Six and Addie to be sold.

Addie, Six, Festus (in front), Milo and Ares staring at me, and Gill with his butt towards me

In the morning, I went and got my nephew, and he helped me tag and load them.

Gill and the others

That’s six more kids gone.  I think there’s still fourteen to be sold, including four more little bucks.  Maybe next weekend (hopefully).