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The End of Summer

19 Sep

I think I do a post every year complaining about the end of summer.  It’s the time when pasture quality is low (although that’s been an all summer issue), worms are a real threat, my moms are run down from raising babies,

Hilda feeding Frodo and Rosie

and I’m in a race to get kids grown up enough to sell without them getting wormy, and wondering if I should give copper or not.  It’s my least favorite time of year, every year.

Tansy with her daughter, Sunshine

This year is no exception.  Lemuel picked up worms.  He was wormed and given copper.  I think he’s doing a little better.  I’ll keep a close eye on him.


I have a couple of girls who are thin.  I have no idea why Reva looks so bad.


Gidget also had a bit of diarrhea and is thin.


With the girls not doing as well, I decided I need to get them back on grain.

It took all of about two days for them to figure out to be up here waiting for me when I get home from work.

Cinnamon (right) and her daughter, Athena, searching for spilled corn

Smarty pantses.

Updates Again

16 Aug

Benji is doing well.  He has a bit of a rattle in his lungs, but that will probably take a while to fully heal.

Benji watching the girls

He and Freddie have become good friends.  That’s good.

Freddie and Benji hanging out

Maisie is still up north with the weaned kids.  She is slowly gaining weight and looking better.

Maisie with the weaned kids

After I sell her girls this weekend (hopefully), I’ll put her back with the main herd.

She still needs to gain more weight, but she is improving.

Finally, Haley is really doing well.  She walks on that back foot really well.

Haley Blackboer

She is staying out in pasture most all day with the herd.

heading out to pasture

I am thrilled with her progress!  I might even be able to quit giving updates on her.

Shipping Fever

26 Jul

I mentioned that Saturday was not really a good day to buy an animal from the sale barn because of the heat and humidity.  I was serious.  By the time we got home, it was obvious that Benji had shipping fever.  Honestly, it’s pneumonia caused by stress, and going through the sale barn in horrid heat is quite stressful.


I treated him with antibiotics, banamine, and probiotics. I did do a fecal, which came back clean.

He really wants out to join the herd.

This is why it’s always best to isolate a new animal to the farm.  Unfortunately, especially with this heat, I’m not well-equipped to completely isolate him.

Cupid coming to say “hi.”

I did call the vet and he came to check him.  He agreed that Benji is a nice-looking buck, but he’s still really congested.  He added another long-lasting antibiotic and said to do the banamine for another day.

Won’t Benji and 2TC make beautiful babies!

So far, getting him to eat has been the hardest thing.  I think it’s the being penned alone, not feeling well, and the stress of moving to a new place.  The vet did give him some vitamin B to try to stimulate his appetite.  We also talked about the need to continue isolation, but a companion would likely help reduce his stress and encourage him to eat.  After weighing the risks and benefits, I decided to put Gilbert in there with Benji.

Gilbert (not so happy with the move) and Benji

He already seems calmer.  He wants to get to know Gilbert.  And after Gilbert was eating, Benji decided to check it out as well.

Here’s to a soon-to-be healthy Benji.  I am optimistic he’ll fully recover and give me lots of beautiful babies.