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22 Nov

Because I can’t seem to provide the llamas the care they need, I’ve made the decision to rehome them.  I am so grateful to the lady that I bought them from.  She’s helping with the process.  Today Ollie left the farm.  He’s also thin.  I’m not sure if it’s from whatever is impacting Aurora and killed Estarr or if it’s because he’s such a wimpy boy that my bucks just wouldn’t let him eat.  Hopefully, he can get spoiled and be fat and happy again soon.


Farina also left the farm today.


I wish her all the best as well.  She is still looking for homes for Buster and Aurora.  We still have no idea what is going on.


Still Improving

4 Nov

It has been hard to try and get Margarita out with the rest of the herd because of work and weather. Today she was looking wistfully out to pasture where the rest of the herd was browsing.


It’s been cold enough that I put a heat lamp in the Love Shack so she could snuggle down and stay warm, but it was warmer today (but damp).

I decided it would be a good afternoon to come out.  She seemed to be happy to stretch her legs and get some loving.

Biscuit was checking her out.  It’s been a while since they were together.

Biscuit and Margarita

She saw her mom.  Of course, the first thing she wanted to do was nurse, but you can tell she knew her mom wasn’t going to let her.

Margarita and Maggie

Finally, they went out to pasture again.  She hurried to get past Harley without getting hit.

Margarita and Harley

Finally, there was green stuff to eat.

That’s what she needs.  When you see her with the other kids, it’s obvious that she still has a lot of muscle to regain.

Margarita and Caroline

She is still improving though.

It’s Medicinal

24 Oct

I am trying to pick “weeds” and grass for Margarita to give her some green stuff.


She doesn’t want to eat dry, scratchy hay, so her primary food right now is sweet feed that I’ve softened with water.

She is improving.  Slowly, but she is improving.