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A Tale of Two Wattles

20 May

It’s crazy everything that a copper deficiency causes in goats.

Annie sporting a “fish tail” caused by copper deficiency

Just before I got the copper capsules down them, I noticed that Cutie’s wattles were losing all their hair.  Naked wattles are not attractive.


I’ve wondered how long it will be before I can start to see an improvement in their coats and eye color.


I think I got my answer.  Can you see?  (Of course not when I’m trying to photograph over Aphrodite with Astra bouncing on my back.)


New hair!

Just five days after getting the copper capsule, her wattles are already starting to get new hair.


To the Sale Barn

19 May

After I turned the llamas out, I managed to sneak up and catch Vinnie’s girls and shut them in the buck pen and its small outdoor paddock.  Then I hauled Harley’s girls over too.

Vanna and Viera

I tell you, these four girls are just the most wild things you’ve ever seen.  This morning, I managed to bribe them into the buck room with some sweet feed. Then I went out and around the building and shut the door from the outside.  They were trapped!

Toffee, Twyla, Vanna, and Viera

Then my nephew came and helped me load them onto his truck, so I could take them to the sale barn.  They were literally bouncing off the walls and trying to jump out the window when we went to catch them.  Really wild things!   I must say, it was the second longest line I’ve ever seen for unloading once I got to the sale barn.  I’m glad it wasn’t August hot since we had to wait so long.

It literally took me an hour from getting in line to unloading the girls.  Finally, I left them safely at the sale barn.

Now the only thing I have left to figure out with the whole copper deficiency is how to get the goats their minerals in a way they won’t just dump them on the ground (I’m talking to you Fionn and Xerxes) and encouraging the March/April babies to eat those minerals.


14 May

It’s been a while since I shared an update on Aurora.  I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.  She looks good.


She’s gaining weight.

She’s running around in pasture.

She still enjoys hanging with Lily, but I think she’d prefer to join the rest of the llamas.

Aurora and Lily

I’ll try to make that happen next weekend, and see if I can get the halter off of her too.