The Good. The Random. The Fun.

The Good.  We got our rain!

rain on window

We got nearly four inches of rain from Saturday evening to Monday morning.  I could hear the ground breathing a sigh of relief.

rain puddle

The goats were not as happy with the long rain event, but they will truly enjoy all the green grass we have now.

animals in shelter from rain

I suppose I should mention that our temperatures went from 82*F (27.8* C) on Saturday evening just before the storms arrived to a frigid 27*F (-2.8* C) this morning.  That means the last of our precipitation came in the form of…snow.

April Snow

The Random.  When my son moved in, he knocked a piece off the arrowhead plant.  I stuck it in my blue ball quart jar.

plant in quart jar

Now it’s rooted and ready to be planted.

plant in quart jar

The Fun.  About the most fun Bob could find with our rainy weekend was a nap under the coffee table.

orange cat

I must say, that does sound like a good idea!

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Critter Scavenger Hunt

This week the topics for Ashley’s Scavenger Hunt Sunday are:  See, Sea, or C; chair; symmetry; blanket; giggle.

Let’s start with symmetry.  If you drew a line down him, he’d be the same on each side.


The peacock has bilateral symmetry.  Even more impressive, is the symmetry in the eyes on his tail.

eye in peacock's tail

He’s growing it back.  I actually saw him dancing for the girls the other day.


Next up is blanket.  Stella would make a perfect blanket on a cold winter’s night.



That might be cheating a bit, so here’s Bob lying on a blanket in the chair.



Wait, he’s not in the chair.  He’s on the couch and Leo is on his blanket in the chair.  You’ve got to love the life of a cat.



I got to see my first robin of the year.  I think he’s lying.  If you look at our weather forecast for this week with the return of cold winter temperatures, he’s lying.

robin and sparrow in crabapple tree

He better think of taking off back south.

flying robin

Here’s another little critter I got to see.  Why doesn’t anyone want to pose for me today?

sparrow flying

Finally giggle.  When I showed my son an egg and said, “Look what Honey gave us,” he asked if that was what I was laughing hysterically about.  That might be a bit more than a giggle, but the girl was just too funny.  She was running back and forth through the kitchen and bathroom.  She was up and down and in and out of the boxes she has.  Finally, when she ran out of time to look for a good place to lay her egg, she just went to the safety of her roost (an upside down five gallon bucket).  Instead of letting the egg drop to the floor, I caught it.

Honey Egg

I thought that was worth a giggle or two.



I have to tell you, after hearing her grunt and seeing it that close and personal, I have a lot more appreciation for the work they go to laying those delicious eggs.

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Good. Random. Fun.

Tamar at Randomocity has started a new meme, which is all about Good. Random. Fun.

Good:  Stella is a good dog.  She might be a freak, but she’s still the sweetest pup I could hope for.  I also got to thinking, and somewhere, I forgot her birthday.  Instead of being nine this May, she’s going to be ten!



Random:  I do wish the kitchen chicken liked to eat box elder bugs.



Alas, that is not the case, but if you look closely, you can see the bug is eating something.  He’s eating the casing from the chicken’s feathers.

box elder bug

You see, she’s molting.  With the rapid change in heat and the wild light changes for her, she’s molting.

buff cochin feather

Luckily, it’s not a full molt, but she’s lost her warm down feathers (look closely in front of the box elder bug).  They are the tiny little feathers that keep her warm.  That’s why she’s not going back outside until it’s warm.

down feather on geranium petal

down feather on geranium petal

She’s also growing in new feathers.  In this stage, they are called pin feathers (or blood feathers because they have a blood supple in them that is absent if fully developed feathers).  You can see they have a casing around them made of a material that is like our fingernails.

growing chicken feathers

She’s constantly preeing to pull that off the feathers.  At least the bug is helping to clean up after her.

buff cochin hen

Fun:  I think it’s fun to watch the birds.


So does Bob. Of course, he wants to do more than watch.



Don’t worry, I opened the door and scared his fun away.

orange cat in snow

Poor Bob.

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