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Bob Cat

25 Jan

I got Bob from the sale barn.  Really.  I took a set of bottle triplets down to sell and came home with a pair of kittens–one black and one yellow.  It took forever to come up with a name for the bigger yellow one, and in the meantime, my son just called him Yellow Kitty.


One day, I finally got fed up and asked him what he’d answer to, and he replied, “Bob.”  And that is how I got my Bob Cat.


It’s true.  He had the heart of a Bobcat.  I don’t know any other cat who would face down a coyote (Full Story).

He was farm cat through and through.  He really enjoyed going on hikes with me through pasture.

I lovingly referred to him as my LGC (livestock guardian cat); although, he did eventually get tired of kids because they tend to butt him.

Pepe behind Bob

He was always happiest outside.

That doesn’t mean he didn’t like the house either, especially when the weather was bad.

He loved snuggling with his dog or cuddling while I was knitting.

Sky and Bob sharing the register vent

He might have been cranky and grumpy, but it worked for him.  And he had those times when he could be magic for the camera.

Lately, he’s been in constant pain with the cancer, and it was time. I will miss my Bob Cat.

A Hodge Podge of Things

22 Jan

Last time I went to use the speedlight for my camera, I realized I forgot to take the batteries out, and they had corroded and ruined the light.  I don’t use it very often, but when I do, I really do need it.

Last week I replaced it. Because I have a photo shoot coming up.  I’m excited. (Hopefully, I’ll get to share the results.) Here’s a hint of what I might be doing with it.

I have started a new knitting project.  It’s a pullover raglan sweater.  We’ll see how this goes.

Of course, I have my usual knitting help.


Bob’s health continues to fail.  The other day, he literally slept in the same spot for about twelve hours. He seems to be getting a little unsteady when I set him down from my lap.  I can’t keep him in the house where he belongs because he hates everyone in here.

coming back to the house from a potty run

When it was nicer last week, he got into another fight with Tux.  It won’t be long because I can’t keep him in constant pain and miserable.

Tux did have a little scratch on his nose from the fight, but he was the clear winner.

In happier news, I am thrilled to say the Christmas cactus is blooming.

It’s got several more blossoms that are going to open soon.

Herbie decided to try out the open shelf on the plant stand.  He looks like another cute little statue.  Unfortunately, it gives him pretty good access to nibble on the plant next to him.

Herbie the Love Bug

I still haven’t repotted the plants because the only potting soil I could find was outside and frozen solid.  I’ll just wait until they get more in for the spring.

Since this seems to be a post that is all about cats, Tux has accepted the full-time position of Eden Hills barn cat.

His preferred sleeping spot it clear up on top of the hay.

It will be his job to help keep rodents away.

Finally, it seems like every weekend I’m making some sort of seitan (vegetarian meat substitute made with vital wheat gluten).

Last weekend it was bacon.  Up next is turkey.

End of the Week Photo Dump

20 Jan

Just some more pictures from the past week.

This is the week Trace and Zinnia came into heat; now I wait three weeks to see if they settled.

I bribed them to come out with meal worms


I’m not sure he leaves the middle part of the barn other than to get a drink. He feels safe here.

Sky smelling Tux on me

Cutie was also rubbing on the fence out in pasture

Maybeline–just because

Victoria at the salt/mineral block

Bob staring into the barn, presumably wishing Tux weren’t in there.

Hilda looking beautiful in the Love Shack doorway

Mr. Peacock


Bob always looks annoyed

Xerxes and Antigone

4/5 of the cats (Herbie, Salem, Tiger, and Rocky);You’ll never see all five of them this close together.

Hope you have a great weekend!