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A Warm Labor Day

5 Sep

It was positively hot today.  Even Bob was melting on the deck.  (I don’t know why he didn’t go inside to the air conditioning.)

Bob Cat

Bob Cat

Since it was so hot, Mom and I decided to pick the Indian corn!

Indian Corn_5264ews

We have quite a bit and lots of variety.

Indian Corn_5263ews

We do think we should find a way to keep from planting it next to the field corn.  When it cross pollinates, we end up with a lot of yellow with a few colorful kernels.

Indian Corn_5262ews

Oh well.  We can make that change for next year.  Tomorrow is supposed to be even hotter (90* with a 99* heat index), so I am really not looking forward to working in an un-air conditioned brick building.

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Bob, Birds, and Blooms

7 May

I wanted to go for a walk in pasture again, in order to try and find birds to share. My first challenge was making it down the lane and past the gosling and its adoptive parents.  The little one is still here so far!


Luckily, the bluebird couple were hanging out.  This picture is SOOC.  I left it this way to show you how gray we are.  It’s been smoky all day.  We had air quality warnings this morning because of the smoke coming for the wildfires in Canada and Minnesota.

SOOC bluebirds against a smokey sky

SOOC bluebirds against a smoky sky

For some reason, I can never seem to get close to the birds. I was trying to sneak just a little closer for an image, but I had no luck.


I’m thinking Bob might have something to do with that.  He’s my little pasture kitty.




Back in the yard, I’ve discovered a couple of flowers the goats haven’t eaten!

Bleeding Hearts_6267ews





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Looking for Love PSA

7 Mar

I usually try to be nice, but I have to say, there are a few things that really annoy me.  One is the cats that keep coming to my farm that don’t belong here.

There are three that are pretty much living here (despite having a home) because they want to sleep in my warm barn, drink from my heated tanks, and (since I no longer have dog food outside) eat the gander from my compost pile.


If that’s not enough, this one is looking for love in all the wrong places.  She keeps following Snickers around the barnyard.  She meows at my door.

cat collage

Bob’s look of disdain is an improvement.  The night before he chased her down and came back with a mouth full of fur and a new scratch on his nose.


For heaven’s sake, if you don’t want to provide adequate care for your animals, don’t get them.


Even if you do have animals that you provide for, get them fixed for Bob’s sake.  I’m tired of the constant cat fights and abscesses because my cats can’t leave the house without someone attacking or trying to love on them.

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Thank you.  This PSA was brought to you by Song-ography (Looking for Love by Bob Morrison, Patti Ryan, and Wanda Mallette).  It’s also brought to you by Mosaic Monday.