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3 Feb

Sometimes, if you put your mind to it, you can accomplish things that people might think would be impossible.  Snickers is that kind of cat.  After all, he’s survived with cancer for almost six years.  He has now totally taken this determination to a new level.


You see, he hates cat litter.  Bob too.  They both prefer to go to the door like a dog, do their business, and come back in.  Really.  They will both use the litter box if there’s no other option, but Snickers will do whatever he can to go outside.

He can open my front door if it isn’t locked, so I’m sure to keep it locked because I don’t like when he lets himself out and then climbs on the roof to be let in the upstairs window, and I don’t want another broken paw from him jumping down.

I came home from work earlier this week to find him sitting up there.  I know I locked the door!  I ran upstairs and he was quite happy to see me.

Then I tried to figure out how he got out.  It’s not like there are a lot of options for exiting the house.  Finally, I found it!

He pulled out the styrofoam that was in the window for insulation.  That small hole on the bottom right is much bigger just a day after I took the picture.

Then he managed to open the hook and push his way out the window.

Smarty pants.  I cannot even count the number of times I have closed and hooked the window since he figured this out.  (Not  to mention getting out of bed a couple of times in the night to let him back in the window.)  He keeps shredding more and more of the styrofoam.

Trying to find a way to fix this might be my weekend project.


Longer Days

16 Jan

I am so happy that the days are getting longer.  Since our cold, snowy weather and shutting goats off the pasture, it takes me a lot longer to get chores done.

I’m still using every second of daylight after work.

Bob Cat

Bob and I are both looking forward to even longer days.

We Survived the Day

3 Jan

I survived my first day back to work.  It was kind of stressful worrying about everyone at home, but we did it!


My nephew came and let Sky out after it warmed up, and he hadn’t even destroyed anything in the house. Woo hoo!


As a bonus, my hydrant had thawed by the time I got home!  Sky didn’t even eat his kitten (Of course not.  He’s a good boy.).


The goats and llamas were a bit upset that they didn’t get fed three times throughout the day.

Where is my mid-morning snack? -Myson

But they survived.


We have a couple more cold days, and then we should be back to our normal cold winter temperatures!  Maybe then Bob will quit swearing so much.

Bob Cat

Thirty degrees (-1.1* C) sounds downright warm.