A Muddy Mess

Our snow is melting with the warmer temperatures.  That means my barnyard is a muddy mess.  The construction from this fall has really been bad for cleanliness.  Instead of showing you how messy it is (with more rain in the forecast for Thanksgiving), I thought I share some pretty first snow of the season pictures.

Wanda Jane van de Yell

Wanda Jane van de Yell

Ruby van de Yell

Ruby van de Yell

Bob Cat

Bob Cat

Llenny and goat friends

Llenny and goat friends

That’s much better!

Warm Heart Wednesday

I’m conflicted with the end of Alphabe-Thursday.  I just can’t give it up, but Jenny Matlock has given us a new, wonderful prompt for Wednesdays called Warm Heart Wednesday.  It’s to document the wonderful small things that happen each week.  This week, I have to share one of my animals (which starts with A).  Bob’s antics (another A word) always put a smile on my face.

Bob Cat

Bob Cat

Recently, he’s warmed more than my heart.  He’s decided to become my bed buddy.

orange cat_7670ew

He’s pretty good at warming my feet, too.

Soapy Scavenger Hunt and a Couple of Critters

This week’s Scavenger Hunt Sunday items are: starts with c, cool, media, scarf, and something new.  I always try to find a theme for my scavnger hunts, but I could only fit three of them to share my recent soapmaking adventures.

From last weekend to this weekend I made thirteen batches of soap to prepare for the busy holiday season.  Here they are curing (starts with c) on my little shelf.  Well, twelve of the batches are here.  I ran out of room for the last one.  The tea tree soap is on the other set of shelves.

Top: Lightly Lavender, Cornmeal Scrubbing with Lemongrass Oil, Cucumber Melon & Black Amber and Lavnder

Top: Lightly Lavender, Cornmeal Scrubbing with Lemongrass Oil, Cucumber Melon & Black Amber and Lavnder; Middle: Heavenly Honeysuckle, Milk and Honey, Chai Tea, and Magnolia; Bottom:  Cornmeal Scrubbing with Tea Tree Oil, Moonlight Pomegranate, Lovely Lilac, and Kentish Rain.

The milk and honey is something new.  I’ve not done that fragrance in soap before.  It was quite popular with the wax melts and candles at the pumpkin patch, so I thought I’d use it for soap too.  I also made a batch of Heavenly Honeysuckle because the sample batch I made sold out at the pumpkin patch.

Milk Honey Goat Milk Soap_7661ew

I have added two other new soaps (vanilla oak and lavender) to my website (media) for sale.  You can check it out HERE.  The Milk and Honey and Heavenly Honeysuckle have to finish curing before I can add them.  I’m also hoping to add wax melts to the market soon.  That’s my next project.

soap collage

Bob is a pretty cool dude, and I liked the shadows too.

orange cat_7623ew

I wasn’t sure what to do for scarf, but with hunters in the ditches along my property today made me think I need to get a bright orange scarf to put around Llenny’s neck.


It wouldn’t even have to be knitted from llama yarn.

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