Bob’s Scavenger Hunt

This week’s Scavenger Hunt is all about Bob.  The items are: Time, On My Plate, Animal, Negative Space, and Photographer’s Choice.

There’s a lot on my plate, so I’m enjoying the longer days.  The goats are going out to pasture.  They might be complaining that there’s a Bob on their plate.

cat in goat pasture

I also have time to take a walk in the pasture now that the days are long and warm.  Bob oftentimes likes to walk with me.

cat walking in pasture

Obviously, Bob is an animal.  I’m thinking of making him a livestock guardian cat since he’s so comfortable out here in pasture.

Orange cat



(Negative Space) He can sit on the rock and watch over everyone for me.

Orange cat

Photographer’s Choice.  Bob doesn’t always like to pose for pictures, but when he does, it’s magic.

Cat Sunflare

I love my little Bob cat.

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Good Fun Random

So it’s time for The Good. The Random. The Fun, but I’m saving the random for my Song-ography photo because it’s totally random and has nothing to do with the farm.

It’s so good to see the sun and enjoy the warmth.  I’ve done chores the last two days without a jacket.  It’s beautiful!

Sunshine 0012e

The cats have all been out enjoying the weather.  Jules was having fun tightrope walking on the red gate.  She’s seriously not graceful.

cat collage ew

Jules, Bob and Leo

Finally, the Song-ography song this week is Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin.  When I was sixteen or seventeen, my family tore down an old abandoned farmhouse.

stairway-to-heaven ew

When we finished, this is what was left.

I’m also sharing with Mosaic Monday and Ruby Tuesday.

Scavenger Hunt Sunday Again

This week the items for Scavenger Hunt Sunday are:  makes me happy, hidden, one, dessert, and modern.

Makes Me Happy:  It makes me happy to see the goats going out to pasture sometimes this winter.  It helps them get rid of excess energy so they are less likely to kill me while I’m trying to do chores.

Goats in pasture

Hidden:  I’m also happy to know that hidden, not too far beneath the snow, is spring.  It’s just waiting to burst forth.  Maisie also has kids hidden in there waiting to burst forth in about a month.



One:  Helen is just one of my seventeen goats that is due to kid at the end of March.



Dessert:  Bambi seems to think the scrub cedar tree makes a yummy dessert.



Modern:  I’m grateful for modern medicine.  I currently have two animals on antibiotics.  Bob was beat up again. I’m so tired of cats that don’t belong here coming onto my farm and picking on my cats.

Bob Cat

Bob Cat

His eye is doing better.

Bud is also on antibiotics as of today.  One of the problems with doing the bladder marsupialization was the higher risk of infections.  I noticed that he was looking a bit puffy and wet.  Today when I checked him more closely (I had checked Thursday), it was obvious he has an infection.  He got a shot today and will get another on Tuesday.

wether goat prepubis

Hopefully that will take care of it.  He still acts good and is happy.  Hopefully, as he gets farther from the surgery and we get better weather, he’ll get his immune system built back up and we won’t have to deal with this.

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