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Done and To Do

21 May

It’s been such a flurry of activity this last week or so that I thought I’d just try to catch everything up.  After I sold the girls Saturday, that let me move the bucks back onto the front pasture.  That’s a good thing because their little paddock was getting eaten down.  Now they have plenty of green grass.

Fionn and Xerxes

Although I still need to get the hill planted with grass.

My corn was planted on Friday. It’s been a rush to get everything planted this year because of the late finish to winter.

The pasture is growing well.

My mom is coming to let the goats out each day because we haven’t had a chance to get a fence put up around Dead Tree Hill to try and keep thm safe from coyotes.  That’s still on the agenda for this summer.

Of course, it’s soon going to be time to make hay.


And then June babies are coming.  It’s always busy on the farm.


Who’s Next?

12 Apr

Now that I’m done worrying about when Pistol is going to kid, I can start thinking about June babies.


Soon I should be able to figure out who all settled for June babies.

Joani at Last

19 Mar

Our nice weather lasted for two days.  It was wonderful, seasonal weather.  Then it turned windy and cold and rainy before it turned to snow.

Right at the beginning of this rain, Joani went into labor.  I still don’t know what happened or why it was too long or what, but I pulled her first little girl, and she was already dead.  I went right back in dreading the worst, but I found feet way back and got them pulled a little closer and realized there was no head to be felt–it was turned back.  I immediately called for the vet because I don’t have a snare and I couldn’t even find her head at all.  By the time the vet arrived, I figured it was too late to save the baby, but we had to get the kid out of Joani.  The vet couldn’t find her head either.  After what seemed like forever, she found an ear.  That is literally what she used to pull the kid.

Good thing she has long ears.

It’s just a miracle she lived.

I’m very grateful that Joani has one beautiful little girl to raise.