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Another Delivery

15 Jun

Thursday was one of those days that gave me a whole week’s worth of blog material, so stick with me.  Tony was not our only new arrival on the farm yesterday.  Dolly had her babies!

Dolly and boys

Of course, she’s retiring after this year.  She’s ten–that’s the oldest I’ve had anyone have kids, and it also means she’s taken the top spot for the number of kids all for herself.  She was previously tied with Litha.

I guess she decided to go out with a bang because I had to have the vet come help her.  I couldn’t feel a kid in there (hard to do on your own), but it also took the vet quite a bit of work to get the first one out.

The second was a little easier, but he was by no means a walk in the park.

They are here and everyone is doing well!


Perfect Timing

11 Jun

We’ve had two goats have babies so far this round and both were quite early.  It’s hard to believe that Haley is due tomorrow and I have been still waiting on her.  This afternoon I did decide I should go see how she was doing since the herd had gone out to pasture and I hadn’t seen her for about three hours.

I set out across the first hill, and then I heard something coming up the hill.  It was Haley.

I have to admit, I’ve been wondering for a while how many babies she has in there.

It looked like I wouldn’t have long to wait to find out.  She didn’t even slow down walking past me (okay–she paused for a contraction).

When we got to the barnyard, she was going to go back to the dirtiest part of the barn, so I drug her to the Love Shack.  Why?  Why can’t they just walk with me?

It wasn’t long–like one minute–until she got down to serious business.

Her buck was first to arrive!  He was big and vigorous!

What a nice change from the kids who were early and weak!

It didn’t look like she’d had anything.  Oh my.

Then she had a girl.  She was a little smaller but still a nice size.

Finally, she had another girl.  She is also quite big and assertive and noisy.

Everyone is doing well.


I did take the smaller girl as a bottle kid because there is no way Haley can feed three big kids, and she is just enough smaller she’s the one that would get left out every single time.

She is already taking a bottle well, and she’s as big as any of the premie kids and eats as much too.

Sidney’s Early Birds

2 Jun

Well, I was wrong on Sidney’s due date.  It happens occasionally.  She was apparently due the first day she possibly could be due because she had them four days before that date.

Sidney and her doe and buck

They are both doing well.

Her daughter is really bright eyed and a go-getter.

Her boy is tiny.  I mean really tiny, but he seems to be doing okay.

We might have to put him on a bottle so he can eat though.