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Trying to Decide

14 Jan

I still have a few girls I’m trying to decide whether or not they are bred for spring break.

LilyAnn (with Haley looking on)

If I can catch them, I might throw them in the greenhouse with Zeus and Anubis just to make sure.


I’m also going to try to put Wanda in there.  She’s still not as heavy as I’d like, and her fur is just starting to grow back from where she scraped it off.


I’m also looking at a couple of other girls who might just be going to have oopsie babies before spring break.  Hopefully, it won’t be until after we’re done breeding for June babies because Zeus and Anubis are going to get sold right away after we’re done.  I just need the space.


I am really going to be glad when this kidding year is done.

More About Uno

10 Jan

I have to tell you, Uno’s birth was really hard.  Look at that chest.  I couldn’t get him out for the longest time because of that broad chest.


I also noticed after he was more dried off that he has horn buds.  He was born with horn buds, which means he was plenty past his due date.

He is doing well.

Mom is doing well (appreciated the pain meds).

Uno and Maisie

I’m hoping to get them moved out of the garage next weekend.

Because Uno’s a single, it makes it harder to give him a heat lamp.  He has one in the garage, but he just snuggles next to his maa.  Since I don’t think I have a way to give him a heat lamp out in the big barn, he got a coat.

I was going to make one from my leftovers after Tony’s coat, but I decided the little dog coats were a way better use of my time.  Just saying.  Anyhow, he has two sizes, so he can grow into the second one.

I had someone ask who Maisie was bred to.  Take your pick.  The candidates are below.

Although, if I had to make a guess (and I don’t; it doesn’t matter), I’d say Doc or Bashful–the two white ones.

How They’re Doing

2 Jan

Leo is doing amazingly well!  He still needs his stitches out this weekend, but he’s doing well. He keeps his eye open and it doesn’t seem to bother him at all.  I am quite relieved.

Leo and Sky

Tony is haning in there.  He’s been through another round of ulcer meds, and I gave him Vitamin B, but he still isn’t eating as well as I’d like.  I don’t know what to do with him. You can see, he’s still staring out the window to try and see the girls.  I’m out of ideas for the poor boy.

Tony Llama

I did get Maisie shut in the garage in the pen beside Tony.  That way she could be company for him, and I don’t know when her oopsie babies are due.

Maisie and Tony

Apparantly, she didn’t like her pen.  Heck, she’s been in Tony’s pen and then she was in the other side of the garage where my truck is supposed to go.  She is basically doing whatever she wants with absolutely no regard for my panels and gates.