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Antigone’s Early Birds

16 Jun

Yesterday morning Antigone was off by herself.  That is a bit unusual, so I kept an eye on her.  Her due date was June 22nd (or 21st; I can’t remember if I accounted for it being a leap year).  I was sure of her due date because she was only with the buck a few hours because Hilda was being mean to her.  Then she went back into the garage with her mom, Pistol.

Pistol and Antigone

Anyhow, I kept checking on her out in pasture, and when she didn’t come up for sweet feed I got really suspicious.  I couldn’t get her to come to the buck room at all.  Since it was getting fairly late in the evening, I began to figure out a pen and how I could get her up to the buck room.  It’s not easy to lead a polled goat–no horns to hang on to and collars slip off.


Anyhow, I got a pen ready and found an old calf halter and went to bring her up.  I was too late.  She already had one baby, so I waited until number two arrived.

She was being a really good mom.

After a few minutes of bonding, I picked the two girls up, and she followed me up to the buck room.

This way she could have some quiet bonding time with her new babies.

As a first timer, she was a bit nervous and was struggling with letting her kids nurse, but she’s got the hang of it now.

Today they are fat and sassy little girls.

Doe #1

Doe #2

And she’s my last one for June babies!

Plans Change

13 Jun

I always have several things going on around here and trying to figure out how to get everything done in a timely manner sometimes is a challenge.  Three things all came together on Friday.  Aphrodite was in the Love Shack with Archie.


I have to plan for Hilda’s babies coming because I’ll need the Love Shack for that because she’s a brat (important as the story moves forward).


I also need to wean some kids to start milking.  I’m almost out of my Mozzarella from last year.


So, Friday morning I decided it was time to wean Freddie and Fannie.  It’s a difficult thing to figure out because those kids are super experts at figuring out how to escape and get back to their maas.  Freddie I could easily put up with Xerxes and Uno, but I needed to put Fannie somewhere.


I decided to catch her and put her in with Aphrodite and Archie.  Then I could move all of them to the front pasture sometime next week.


When I caught her, I did notice Hilda was standing, and it made me wonder, but she’s not due until June 20th (at least the closest I could come to a due date for her by extrapolating forward from the last time I saw her in heat).  Anyhow, when I came back out later to see about catching Freddie, it was obvious that Hilda had dropped and her udder had popped.  Babies were coming.


I put Freddie up north and started trying to figure out what to do with Hilda because she was trying to head out to pasture.  That was not going to happen, so I worked to get her back in the barnyard and shut the lane.

Then the fun began–Fannie was crying for her mom; Hilda was in labor and smacking at everyone who came close to her because she couldn’t find anywhere she wanted to give birth; Uno kept jumping Freddie;

Ava was answering both of her kids shut in different places.  So the plan changed.  I let Freddie and Fannie out.  I’ll have to re-evaluate weaning tomorrow or whenever.


Aphrodite and Archie got moved onto the front pasture.  I hope Aphrodite doesn’t take Archie out on pasture and lose him there.

Aphrodite and Archie

Hilda got shut in the Love Shack.

Tomorrow I’ll let you know how that turned out.

A Surprise from Aphrodite

11 Jun

I told you Aphrodite was due to have her kid either June 10th or June 30th.  Well, I’ve been checking her closely because she was really looking close.


Last night, I called the entire herd up (which was way more work than it ought to have been), and I shut her in the Love Shack.  It wasn’t long before I grabbed towels and my phone and went out.  I was trying to be patient because I had just checked her and she was doing nothing.  But then I saw a foot, and realized I really needed to get the kid out right now.  I got the foot and found the second foot. Then I felt a mouth, so I tried working to open her up a bit more and pulling, but he was not coming, so I finally pulled harder and eventually he came down into the birth canal. I still had to get that outside skin over his head, but finally, he flopped out–none too lively by this time.

The second he plopped, I immediately had the thought that this was no Zeus baby.  I was expecting tan with a few spots.  This was obviously an Anubis baby.  That was a huge surprise!  Luckily, he sputtered and coughed and was soon doing fine.  He still has a rattle in his lungs, but I’ve treated him, and he should completely recover.

He has his daddy’s black and white splotches.

He has mama’s wattles.

That nose and mouth is definitely from Grandmaa Dolly.

What an adorable little guy!  Meet Archie!