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9 Nov

Since I don’t know how much longer the littles are going to be here, I decided to move them up north.  They have more room to run around that way.

Mini and Crystal in front; Terry and Simon running in case I have food

I also had to get the two boys banded.  I really don’t need any oopsie babies.

Howie and Simon at the gate

That also freed up the Love Shack for Frodo and Pretzel to give me an Easter kid.

Still no pictures from this week’s activities because of short days

Along with the littles, I have my old ladies up north.


And Margarita, who is still not doing a very good job of gaining weight.


I left Freddie and Xerxes on the front pasture.

Xerxes, Freddie and Frodo (before I moved him to the Love Shack)

And Benji was finally released from the Greenhouse Jail to breed the other girls for Easter babies.

He really doesn’t like being stuck in jail (but he can get his head out. He’s not stuck in the fence).

He’s a happy buck now that he’s out with the herd (but not for long).

The End of Summer

20 Sep

I have long said I dislike the end of summer–the time from the middle of August until we get freezing nights.  This year it is way worse than usual.  Maybe it’s poor pasture quality from the drought. I don’t know why it’s so bad.


I do know part of the problem is all of the babies we had in June.  It has certainly reminded me why I started syncing my girls to have as many kids over spring break as I possibly could.


The June babies are not as healthy; they are anemic and more susceptible to parasites.  And they just don’t grow as well.

Mooch and Masey

And their moms are in bad shape.  For years, before I found out about the copper deficiency, I talked about how they just gave everything to their babies.  And they do, but they just don’t have anything extra to give those kids.

Cutie is anemic and has horrible bottle jaw.

And I don’t know why it’s so bad this time of year, even after four years of getting copper.  I had rather hoped it wouldn’t be so bad with June babies this time.

Cinnamon and Bambi

I checked eyes on several goats last week and they looked good only to have them quite pale now.

Moose went from good to pale in just a few days.

I am about ready to call it quits the way things are going right now.  Hopefully, I can get a whole load of June kids sold next week, which will give me more options for penning and shelter, and I’ll add more copper to my adult goats. It’s been a rough month for their health.

A Week Later

1 Aug

I planned on scooping the barn and Love Shack while we had cooler weather. Considering we’re into horrid heat again this week, it was a really good plan.

I started last Sunday, the 24th.  After my dad came out and helped we had most of the third section done that day.

The next day, I finished it up. Then, I worked on the middle section.  Odie was not happy that I removed one of the llama poop piles and was messing with the other one in there.


I completed my goal for that day.

On Tuesday, I decided to do the Love Shack.  I was throwing from the other side of the spreader and could get it all filled up that way.  But I forgot that I hadn’t scooped it out the last time I did the barn, so it was really full.  In fact, I had the manure spreader almost overflowing and had to stop.

But I still had some of the Love Shack left to scoop.

I took Wednesday off from scooping, but my nephew’s dad came and emptied it and brought it back for me.

I told you it was overflowing.

Thursday morning, I finished scooping out the Love Shack.  I literally just finished scooping when Zinnia came up to have her kids.

You can still see how that the concrete hasn’t even dried out, but I had the bale of straw beside me when I took the picture above.

Zinnia with Barbie while we were waiting on the vet.

Then I went back to the middle part.  I couldn’t quite get it done.

Friday I finished the second section, and I got a really good start on the first section.

But I just didn’t have any strength left to finish that little bit.

Dolly in the doorway

Saturday morning, I finished it.

I’m done!  I got the barn and Love Shack all scooped out this week.