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Just Kids

25 May

Here’s just some of the kids.


Cody and Victoria



Purl’s boy is named Jethro


Bull, Tramp, Tommy (behind), Lady), and Claire

Lady and Tramp

Shellie and Ostara

I can’t believe how big the March kids are getting and everyone is doing well.

Cheeky Kids

22 May

Don’t let the sweet looks fool you, Alice and Ducky are cheeky little girls.

Alice and Ducky

They snuck out of the north paddock to run amok in the main barnyard.  They had a lot of fun.

Most of the big goats just ignored their shenanigans.

Bambi and Ducky

Antigone and Ducky

Although Pretzel did think she should check them out a bit closer.

Pretzel checking out Alice and Ducky

That made Alice nervous.  She wanted to get back to her maa, Tansy.

I might have had to help her figure out how to get back in.

Tansy and Alice

Ducky was still out running around.

Zinnia checking her out

Silly girls!

More Happy Goats on Pasture

11 May

It’s been crazy around here.  Seriously.  So I’m just sharing more of the goats right after they got to go back out on pasture.

Flora (notice the duct tape from a horn apparatus she removed herself)


Brigit and Ostara

Astra found a way to scratch her belly.


Cody made it out there finally!


Sappho’s first day in pasture wore her out.

Seriously, wore her out.

Odie by the ditch

Ava scratching between her horns.

Aurora and the goats

I think I’m seriously in need of summer break because I have way too much to do.