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Sassy Girls

11 Jan

Some little girls are feeling pretty sassy with being stuck in the barnyard.


Ostara and Pretzel

Pretzel and Zora

There’s lots of playful fighting among them.  But my three girls who were in the garage are rather demanding about going into the milk room to eat every time I go through the door.

Ostara and Pretzel wanting me to go let them in.

Ostara trying to figure out how to get in without me.

It’s actually rather annoying. I am still fine with them coming in.

Heidi and Ostara fighting over one bowl–two more places to eat from.

I just wish they’d wait to be invited.  I’m pretty sure Zora doesn’t want back in there.


She is such a bratopotamus!  and a sassy girl.

It’s Warm!

29 Dec

Tuesday say average temperatures for this time of year.  We got just about to the freezing point for our high, so I decided to kick the three little girls out of the garage.




They seemed to enjoy the fresh air and being back with the herd, but I’m pretty sure they all three liked eating where there were fewer goats.

Heidi with the herd

Don’t worry, the next day, I let them back in to get some sweet feed in the milk room.  I’ll try to keep doing that.

Heidi, Ostara and Pretzel

Ostara was happy to be back with her mom.

Ostara with mom, Cupid, and big sister, Tansy

I thought about letting Dolly and Victoria out the next day when we were supposed to be all the way up to 40°F.

Dolly and Victoria

But that didn’t work out…

Finally Finished Selling

26 Nov

I finally finished selling goats for the year. I really will miss Crystal.  She’s a funny little girl.


I penned Zinnia’s girls Friday evening.


Then my nephews came Saturday morning, and we loaded seven kids and Freddie.


I will miss Freddie, but it’s a firm rule that you can’t live here if you try to kill me.

Freddie and 7 kids on the trailer; two nephews helping.

So it’s good to get this all done. And for the record, I could not catch Zora.

Daisy and Zora in pasture

She’ll be here at least until next year.