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Weaning and Leaving

10 Aug

Dolly is not the only girl who is struggling with anemia. A lot of my older girls that had babies in June are struggling.

Dolly (Yes, she busted out again, and I don’t even know how this time.)

I had to wean some more kids.  They are doing well.

Jimmy P (He’s fine. I don’t know why he’s lying like that.)

Freya (on top of the Quonset hut)

Cookie got shut in because her eyes were pure white.  I really wanted to put her in the Love Shack with Dolly so they could share and have an outdoor space, but Dolly wasn’t playing nice.  They drive me crazy with their crankiness.

Cookie who got let back out because the greenhouse is too dark for long-term shut in.

Haley and Victoria were pale, but not white, so they got to stay with the herd.


That means Osiris and Pandora are the only two June kids left with their moms in the herd.


I do have a couple of Harley’s kids that are looking a little pale, so I think I’m just going to sell all the June babies as soon as I can.  Then I’ll see if I can add Zinnia and Sidney (maybe) to my girls getting milked.


Of course, I’m keeping Pluto (and maybe Anubis) around to help  make the perfect kid.


I’m also leaving Antigone up there for now.


Then I think I’ll add Athena up north to keep Antigone company because she and I are having battles over who gets Cinnamon’s milk.


She usually wins that battle.  It will be a relief not to have the kids to worry about.  Then I can just focus on the moms.


Harley’s Kids

27 Jul

I still have Harley in the north paddock, but she’s off all meds.  She’s still improving.  Her fur has all grown back in, and she’s nice and sleek.  I can tell she is gaining strength in her back and hind legs.  I still plan on keeping her up here until next spring, so she hopefully doesn’t reinjure the back.


She still has some kids with her.

Horus, Gilgamesh, and Antigone

I’ve weaned the four bottle babies, but they still swarm whenever they see me.

Horus, Enkidu, Antigone (Eve behind), and Gilgamesh

They are like a pond full of koi that you throw food too–a writhing mass of mouths looking for food.

Enkidu is still trying to nurse Harley a little bit, but she’s handling it well, so I am ignoring that whole situation.

Enkidu and Harley

Antigone is still up there with them.  I am making very slow progress at getting her to calm down after the horn injury/treatment.  It is starting to grow.  I think it will be a solid horn–just much shorter than the other one.  And without a point.


I’ve just added Dolly’s boys, Pluto and Anubis, to this group too.

Pluto and Anubis

Dolly has been run down and anemic all summer.


Getting the kids off her (and another round of copper in the fall) should help a lot.



20 Jul

Before today’s post:  If you saw the news of Iowa’s tornado outbreak yesterday, I just want to share that, while Marshalltown is where I teach, none of the severe weather impacted the farm here.  All of the animals and I are safe.

I have Harley and her four three and a spare up north yet.  And you’ll never see good pictures of those four kids because they swarm me looking for a bottle every time I come in there.  It’s starting to be a challenge to feed the four of them at the same time.

Eve, Enkidu, Horus, Gilgamesh and Harley

I finally caught Antigone and threw her up there with Harley too.  I swear that girl is going to give me gray hair.


She gets in with the bucks, and then she can’t get out, but she still won’t let me touch her after the whole horn incident.  Now she’s weaned and not happy, and Pistol isn’t happy either, but I can’t catch the little snot.  She’s making it hard for me to be able to keep her.  I really want not to have goats that I can’t work with.

Antigone and Pistol

I also have Gidget shut in the Love Shack because she must have stepped on something.  Anyhow, she had a cut on her foot and was hobbling on three feet.


She also had two kids as big as her still trying to nurse.  They are not happy to be getting weaned.

Gidget, Zeus and Hera (without her horn apparatus)

It was really a sympathy lock up.

Although she’s not happy either.  She looks so weird in the picture because she stuck her head through the fence and then decided to pee.  I don’t get it.  And she was not stuck.  She did remove her own head from the panel.

Luckily, her foot is doing better.  I think she’ll get to be released from the Love Shack tomorrow.