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17 Apr

This time of year really makes for easy blog posts.







Tootles and Bubbles

All I have to do is go out and enjoy the kids!


Looking Green

14 Apr

My pasture is really starting to look green.

Odie and Maybeline

Everyone is enjoying being out of the barnyard.

Stormy, Maggie, LilyAnn, and Coral (behind)

Astra and a bunch of kids

The kids are really getting big and enjoy running around and nibbling grass with their moms.

As an aside, you can see that my Quonset hut did not survive the strong winds from this past week.

Reva and Michael

I love looking out the window and seeing all the goats happily munching.

Although, it’s still weird seeing the bucks where my garden used to be.

Xerxes, Anubis, and Zeus

I kind of like not having to feed four or five bales of hay everyday too.

She’s Got the Moves

10 Apr

Snow White is Caroline’s sassy little girl.

She is an extremely active and silly young princess.

Her frequent playmates are Squanto and Sacagewea.

Snow White, Sacagewea, Squanto

Snow White has quite the impressive moves.

The rest of the kids are trying to keep up, but they just can’t bust a move like Snow White.

John, Squanto, Sacagewea, and Snow White

It’s fun to watch this little dance competition.