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Hello, Summer!

2 Jun

Yesterday was my last day of the school year.  I am officially home for the summer!

Dolly in pasture

the herd spread across the bottom

Maisie–another reason I am a firm believer in conservation


I have no idea what this is hanging in the tree–it’s just about the size of a ping pong ball.

Victoria is doing well on pasture this summer

Joy in the barnyard

my sweet Moxie

beautiful Ostara


Sammie and Silas (I have been so stressed, I just noticed this past weekend that Sammie is polled)


Tansy telling me that if I think I am going to pet her, I’m going to have to let her in for some sweet feed.

And I’m more than ready to be in summer mode.

Just the Goats

24 May

The nice weather has been really enjoyable.  I’m enjoying it, and so are the animals.


Daine, Cy



Bun Bun is not a goat, but still…


Hilda (doesn’t she look better!)

Nonnie and Nannie

BJ right before he was weaned


Cy, Salter, and Pepper

Wilson and Slim


Triscuit and Tassie

Hope you are getting some good weather as well.

Friday Means a Photo Dump

19 May

There’s a lot of birds and goats and house animals.  And I can’t forget Bun Bun.


red headed woodpecker


Bun Bun was out browsing with the bucks

I love my lilacs!

a very damp Perdita

Baltimore Oriole


Good girl Diane and naughty Wilson

He snuck under the fence where a coyote has made a dip

Sky under the deck

female oriole

a swallowtail butterfly


Everyone should have somebody who looks at them the way Tiger looks at Sky