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Queen of the Rock

27 Jun

Addie was pretty proud of herself for taking possession of the rock.

Addie on the rock; Gill and Coral walking to the right

It almost looks like she’s challenging Gill to try and get up there with her.

Will he try it?


Of course he will.  He’s a goat.

It didn’t last long though.

Addie is queen of the rock!

Free at Last

25 Jun

Hilda was pretty sure I was never going to let her out of the Love Shack, but it’s been so rainy.  I didn’t want her kids to get left in pasture during a thunderstorm.  They just needed to get a little more size to them because pasture is quite the jungle right now.

Those are big goats walking towards me.  You can’t even see the kids.

Avril and Pluto (can’t tell you who it is behind them)

Luckily Hilda was easy to find.  I immediately saw she had stitch with her.

There’s Purl.

She let them nurse, and then they went to catch up to the rest of the herd.

So far they are doing a really good job of sticking with their maa.

I just hope they keep it up.  Purl is still sweet,

but I’m not sure she’d answer me if I called to her.

Just Some Critters

19 Jun

Here are some of the critters from the last week or so.  Aurora is looking much better now that her fleece is growing out.


I can’t believe my baby Myson turned eight in March.  How is the whole herd getting so old?

Myson Osboer

My older lady goose is sitting on the nest.  I was a bit worried when she decided to sit with that open wire behind her.  A raccoon could easily grab her.

So I closed the door, and when it scared her, she stepped off the nest.  Luckily there is only about eight or ten eggs in the nest.

Aurora again.  She has been really sweet lately and giving lots of kisses.

My peacock is looking pretty handsome.  I obviously need to clean out their area though.

Seven is such an adorable baby.  He makes me laugh.  He is ornery and funny and hard to catch, but as soon as you pick him up, he’s a snuggler.


Archie is growing and doing well.  He really is striking with the black and white and silvery tan!


Somehow, Popcorn got left in the barnyard again so I walked him down to the herd in the Back Forty.  He’s a good kid, sticking close to his maa.


Stitch and Purl are growing.  I go out several times a day to pet and cuddle Purl.

Stitch and Purl

It’s working!  She’s a sweetie.

Sky still sits on the couch and in the chair like this. He’s finally getting to a point where I can go outside and he doesn’t think he has to come too.  He’s enjoying lounging in the air conditioning.  Wimp.

What a goof.