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Read the Ears

26 Nov

I swear Maybeline is bipolar.  She has gone from standoffish to the sweetest, most lovable llama ever.  Now…she was happy to see me.


Then she looked like I was staying too long (five seconds).

Then it was put the ears back,

and walk away.  Crazy llama.

In the Pasture

23 Nov

It was nice to be home on the weekend without horrible cold, rain, or snow.  I decided to go for a short walk in pasture.  Of course, it was really short because the goats were right there on the front hill.

Myson, Cookie, and Marge

Maisie and the herd

They are happy to be able to go back out to pasture to eat again.



Annie and Penelope

I’m glad not to have to feed them hay again.



The llamas were right out there on the front hill too.

Aurora, Odie, and Maybeline

They spend so much time in pasture and it’s dark so early that I hardly get to see them right now.



I miss the long days when I get to do these kinds of walks after work.

The Llamas

7 Nov

Tony is eating well and gaining weight.  It’s not as quickly as I’d like, but he does still have some lladies that get him all excited.

Tony, Odie, Aurora and Maybeline

Those brats.  Look at them tease the poor boy.

Is it any wonder he’s all hyped up?