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Enjoying Pasture

28 Aug

The pasture looks so pretty where we made hay.

Aurora, Odie, and Maybeline

The recent rains have helped the grass to grow, and the llamas are happy that they can get out there and truly graze again.

Maybeline and Odie

The goats are really enjoying it too.

Of course, they are still browsers and want to eat any leaf they can reach.


Even if that means waiting for a favorable breeze before they can catch it.

I could spend all my time back here right now, if only I had time.  I think the boys on the front pasture might be jealous of the nice green lawns.

Anubis and Zeus

Where’s Tony?


Okay.  He was lying down.  It’s not really that tall.


Still Waiting

22 Aug

I swear, these llamas drive me crazy.

Maybeline (front) and Odie (back)

I think she’s close.  Really, I do.  She’s getting heavier, isn’t she?

But maybe she isn’t even bred.  You can’t tell with a llama.

Now I’m thinking Odie is starting to look close too (based on her vulva and even more cranky behavior).

At least, even with an oopsie kid, I can usually tell when a goat is pregnant and getting close.  Heck, when Sallie had Annie as an oopsie baby, I even had her due date figured out exactly.

Sallie and Annie (2015)

I knew Pistol was close with her oopsie kids and had her shut in (both times).

Pistol, Tommy and PJ (2016)

But these two snooty llamas just keep their secrets to themselves.


I wonder if Aurora would be able to keep a secret that well.

Scenes From Around the Farm

10 Aug

Here’s a few left-over pictures from the last week.


Maybeline, Aurora, and Odie



Maybeline (still waiting)

Joy and John (?) on the fallen tree

Geese begging for treats


Tony with Pluto, Zeus, and Anubis