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A Round Bale

20 Mar

I’ve been worried about having enough hay to get me through the winter, and since winter doesn’t seem to want to quit, my nephew brought a round bale feeder.  The poor llama lladies were disappointed it didn’t have hay in it.

It wasn’t long until my nephew came back with the round bale to put in it.

By then the girls had given up and gone back to the barn, but Buster was here to supervise.

You’d swear I starve them all.  I have been cutting back on the hay I give them because I want them to go eat out in pasture.  I can’t really blame them for wanting to hang out and wait for me to give them hay.  It’s much better quality than the stuff they can get in pasture, but I really needed to use fewer bales.  We decided to try this feeder.  It didn’t take long for the ladies to figure out that a bale was being delivered.

Maybeline was making a pig of herself.

The goats were soon to follow.

The fat weathers were quick to jump in and eat.

Yes, Casey, I’m talking about you.

Maggie was the first one to hop in.

They seem to like it, but I’m going to have to make sure everyone–young, old, fat and shy–manage to get enough to eat.

We’ll see how it works.  Hopefully, it will get me through until the pasture starts greening up.



Just the Llamas

9 Mar

I’m sure once the kids start arriving (any day), I won’t have much time to share llama stuff, so today, it’s all about the llamas.

Odie, Maybeline, and Buster

Odie is really getting anxious to get back out to the Back Forty.  She isn’t fond of the goats, and she’d much prefer to abandon them for the summer.


I can’t figure out how to let her/them out there without the goats though, so she’s stuck in the barnyard and front pasture for now.

Maybeline is just my sweetie.


I think Buster must have been rolling in the hay.


Yeah.  Definitely rolling in the hay.

Finally I have my beautiful Aurora.


They are all doing well.

Need a Napkin?

21 Feb

Excuse me, Maybeline.  You seem to have a glob of…um…spit on your face.

If you don’t like it, you should probably quit spitting.

You too, Buster!

I really don’t get it.  There are plenty of piles of hay to eat from, but, no, we have to spit.