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Udder Check Season

15 Feb

It’s about a month until we have spring break babies.

Gidget (and Ava in back)

I’m getting anxious to know who actually settled or if I missed someone coming back into heat.


Since they are this close, I can start to feel udders to see if they are starting to make milk.


It’s not an exact science as to when they will start developing, especially with the cold we’ve had.


They tend not to drop until just before they kid when it’s really cold.


I know some are making udders, but others will just have to keep me guessing for a little while yet.

Cutie, Sallie (retired) and Annie

I hope we warm up by the time we start kidding.




6 Feb

We had snow yesterday.  It started mid-morning and continued most of the day.  Some goats were not happy.

Joani, Astra (by the barn) and Wanda 

It is the biggest snowfall we’ve had since December, 2015.

It was done by evening, and we had a gorgeous sunset.

Sunshine Siesta

17 Dec

Update: the cat stuck in the tree yesterday did make his way down and off the farm before I went to bed last night.  Hopefully, he doesn’t come back.

Yesterday was beautiful!  I mean global warming sunshine and still perfect weather that we should not have in December.  The goats were enjoying it.


Ava and Wanda


Sometimes, they do worry me though when they’re all flopped out on their side.


Don’t worry.

What? I was napping. -Litha

Litha is fine.