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The Rest of the Kids

19 Mar

You might have noticed that I kind of quit talking about kidding before we were done and started posting my pre-made-in-case-I-get-too-busy-to-do-a-post-some-day posts.  I got sick.  I never ever want to be sick during kidding week again.  It was horrible.  I wouldn’t have made it through without my family.  As it is, between my being sick and the weather we lost Maisie’s baby.  Sadly, she only had one, so she’s horribly upset now.  So am I.

old photo from last summer

Back to where I left off.  Cinnamon has a buck and a doe.

Caroline has a little girl that looks about like her.

Joani had the only set of triplets (buck, doe, and doe).

Annie has a buck and a doe.

Wanda has one big girl.  I was sick and didn’t even take a slimy newborn photo of her.  It’s still a crappy cell phone picture, but I’ll start trying to get some better pictures of the kids.

I’m certainly glad to be done kidding, and I’m finally starting to feel better too.

Edit:  I had to fix Annie’s name.  I accidentally called her by her maa’s name.  I make the excuse that I’m still recovering.


While We Wait

10 Mar

While we wait for kids to arrive, the girls are mostly just haning out in the buildings.


Of course, rain and crazy wind makes them want to stay inside.

Astra Victoria, Joani, Gidget and Hera, Maisie

Athena and Dolly on the bench; Victoria and Joani lying; Astra’s back

I keep checking them.  I sometimes worry that more of them will get stuck under the workbenches, but that doesn’t happen very often.


They also wander around eating leftovers.

Annie and Mary

Astra has decided that it is not easy to walk on my paths that were filled with water yesterday and froze overnight.  I have to agree with her.


The ones in the garage are just lounging.

Haley (lying down), Cinnamon, Blaze, Bonnie, and Wanda

Actually, they’re just waiting on room service.


Wanda thinks we need better basking opportunities in the garage.


They could all use a “wide load” sign.


I still keep wondering what the heck I did breeding Margarita.


I guess I know–I keep thinking of her as a yearling, but she’s not.  She’s the same age as Caroline who is about twice as big.

Caroline (and Sidney in back)

If we make it through this, I will not be breeding her again.  I can’t take the worry.

In the Garage

6 Mar

Because my garage is the warmest building on the farm and we are still colder than we should be for this time of year, I have the girls who are due first and the ones I don’t have a due date for in the garage.

Haley, Wanda, Cinnamon, Bonnie and Blaze

It’s a bit crowded.  I can’t put Tony outside yet, and the little boys would struggle with the sudden cold if I put them out now.  That means they are in the front section.

Tony, Anubis, and Pluto

I gave the rest of that side to Sidney and Caroline.  Because someone always has to be pushy and dominant, Caroline has decided it should be her.  Caroline is actually the first one due.

Sidney (back) and Caroline (front) with Pluto in the next pen.

Margarita came in the day after everyone else.  She has her own little spot because she’s so tiny.  I don’t know what I was thinking when I bred her as little as she is, but she’ll be two.  I don’t know why she’s so little. She doesn’t even look pregnant, much less due in a week.


My big girls are in the main part of the garage, you know, where my truck is usually parked.

Blaze and Bonnie





I do think we are going to make it through this cold kidding season though.  I hope we do.