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Hanging Out

8 Sep

The goats are spending most of their time out in pasture, but they do hang out in the barnyard in the morning and the evening.

Chiffon hoping for peanuts

My sweet gurl Purl

Little sister Trace and big sister Bubbles


Caroline snacking on a pepper from the compost pile

Archie checking out the latch on the Love Shack door

Pluto coming to see me

They make me smile.

Barnyard Bullies

6 Sep

We have a pack of bullies in the barnyard.

the whole flock

I am serious. There is one gander in particular who is horribly mean.

I’ve seen thee chasing several of the goats (no pictures though).

Wanda surrounded

Popcorn wasn’t even going to get close when he wanted to go around them.

They have even managed to make Moose run from them.

Moose in the safety of pasture

Oh, they are naughty, but at least they have quit being mean to me since I let them out.

Catching Up on Hooves

30 Jul

Hoof care is never-ending with the number of goats I have here.


Luckily, our dry weather is at least good for the goats’ feet.


I have a bit of a break in projects, so I am trying to do a few goats each day and checking them off my list.

The milking girls or retired milking girls are easy.


They are happy to come into the milk room and let me do their feet instead of milking them.

Pluto (not a milking girl) and Dolly

The only problem is that they want to get their hooves trimmed twice a day after I do that.

Astra with Jester

Some of the others aren’t so easy.  I have to tie them.

Wanda (with the leash and collar behind her)

Whenever I trim hooves outside, Casey is my helper.


How does he help?  He spends the entire time I’m bent over trimming hooves rubbing his head against mine, which does wonders for the ponytail.  Real helpful!

I am making progress with hooves, but by the time I’m done, it will be time to start over again.  That’s just the nature of farming.