Still Waiting

19 Oct

It looks like I was wrong about when Odie was due to have her cria.


I guess I just keep waiting.  I hope they have their babies before too long.


I’d hate to have to shut them inside the insulated buck pen for days on end because the weather is cold.


Margarita is Home!

18 Oct

I got to bring Margarita home from the hospital tonight.  She’s still on antibiotics and an anti-inflammatory, but she is doing much better.

(Soon-to-be) Dr. Kelsey and Midnight Margarita

The car ride home tuckered her out, but I just left her eating some hay and nibbling on the bit of green stuff in the Love Shack pen.

showing off her injuries

I do have on good authority that it may be (soon-to-be) Dr. Kelsey who spoiled her.  Although I heard rumors of a whole group of vet med students scouring the grounds at the hospital looking for dandelion leaves to feed Miss Margarita.


17 Oct

I came home from work today to see that my beans were being harvested!

It’s always a good feeling when the crops are harvested.

This year has been quite a challenge with a cool rainy May, and then drought, and then a wet October.

I’m certainly glad to have this year’s harvest in the books.