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I can’t believe how busy things are.  I’m working like crazy to get the garage construction started, tending my garden and goats, and getting ready for the pumpkin patch for this fall.  On top of that, I just called called to go to a class for my off-farm job, so I’ll be gone next week.

my fence with a grape vine

my fence with a grape vine

I’m rushing to get everything done before I go, but we’ll see where that leaves me with blog posts.

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Why I Love Goats

I threw a skinny little Saanen buckling that I brought home from the sale barn in with Millie.  She’s old and her bones ache.  The last thing she really wanted was some kid hanging around, but I bribed her with peanuts.  Peanuts help about anything.  That was two months ago.

They’ve been together through moves from the greenhouse to where they are up north and back and forth.  They’ve had other kids thrown in with them to be weaned, and most recently, I added all of my girls that had babies in June.

Millie Sam phone w

I was really joking when I referred to Millie as his “nice honorary grandnanny,” but she’s lived up to that and more.  Sam curls up with and sleeps with Millie, and I’ve seen her step in when those young strong moms wanted to hurt Sam.  She’s shown him the love and devotion every kid deserves.  Goats really are amazing creatures that we could all learn from.

I’m also saddened to share that Scarlet is no longer with us.  At the age of nine, she succumbed to the CAE in my herd.  She was Marley, Maggie, Casey and Cookie’s mom.

Scarlet Fiona O'Boera 2006 - 30 June 2015

Scarlet Fiona O’Boera
2006 – 30 June 2015

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Flowers in her Eyes

I can tell my sister by the flowers in her eyes
I’m on the road to shambala
I can tell my brother by the flowers in his eyes
I’m on the road to shambala

Millie Ann Saanen

Millie Ann Saanen

Well, Millie actually prefers her flowers in her stomach, but I love the way her eyes light up when she sees a flower in my hands that she knows is for her.

Bee Balm goat_2565ew

Bee Balm is evidently quite tasty; so much so that I didn’t have any left for Sam.

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