My Youngest Saanen

Sam Goodberry is my youngest Saanen.  Today he was in the yard eating yellow flowers (aka dandelions) with a yellow cat lounging around and keeping an eye on him.

Saanen buckling

Yep.  It’s Alphabe-Thursday, and the letter this week is Y.

An All-Over-the-Place Song-ography

I was anxious to get some of my garden in over the weekend, so I burned the leftover brush that was out there.


I was going to plant my garlic and then see if I could get my uncle to come till the rest of it with his big tiller.  But my tiller wasn’t working.


Then the rain came.  I haven’t made any progress other than getting it burned.  I’m extra anxious to get my garden going because I didn’t get to have one last year with my foot surgery.  I’m almost out of several things. The most distressing to me is the roasted tomato sauce.


I only have three jars left.  While I would have enjoyed sitting out on the deck eating at my little bistro table this evening, two things kept me from doing it.  First, it’s still raining.



And second, Stella.  Whenever I sit outside, she promptly comes up and puts her big nose under my elbow and not-so-gently tosses it up to let me know that she really wants me to pet her.  If I tried eating out there, I’d end up throwing a meatball over my head.


I guess that means I’ll stick with sitting at the coffee table and watching the news while I check my e-mail.  The joys of being single!

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Good Random Funday

The Good.  My son came and helped me move Llenny up north.



That’s good because it gives him a lot more room.


Yes, we left a dog collar on him in case we need to catch him in this bigger space.  He has grass to eat,


and he can even check out any goat that might be hanging out by the fence.

goat and llama_8167ew

Llenny checking out Kizzy

Sadly, he’s still by himself.  If we get a day without rain, I’ll see if I can find a volunteer goat to go up north and spend some time with him.  I’m pretty sure, he won’t do anything bad because he’s only been protective and interested in them. I keep holding kids up for him to sniff, and he very much would like to join them.  You can see a video of Llenny after the move HERE.

 The Random.  Stella has no clue how much stress and drama she’s caused with Llenny.



She’s oblivious to him because she was always used to Djali in the barnyard, and he didn’t pay attention to her at all.  At least he didn’t go through the fence in a panic this time; although, he did give a huge, loud warning yell/scream/alert.  The goats promptly ignored that.

Stella (the white blob) and Llenny

Stella (the white blob) and Llenny

The Fun.  Because I moved Llenny up north, I had to move Millie and Sam again.  Sam has really taken to his nice, honorary grandnanny.  He hides behind her when I come, and he wasn’t thrilled that he lost her when I put them both out in the barnyard.

Saanen goats_8190ew

Sam peeking from behind Millie

He got to meet some of the other kids, and that was okay.  (The messy butt is because the change in diet when I moved him to the rich green grass upset his tummy.  Evidently, he’d not been getting any green stuff before he came to us.  He’s much better now.)

Saanen Buckling_8176ew

Then Maisie decided she wanted to kill him just because she could.  I told her she would regret that because he’s going to get big and stinky and then she’s going to love him, but she didn’t care.  So Sam and Millie are back in the greenhouse.  That’s probably good with all the rain we’re supposed to have this week.  I don’t have to worry about them.

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