Time to Call It Quits

29 Nov

I’ve been milking, and I’ve gone about as long as I can.  I’m only getting about a cup of milk per day from two girls.

milk from two goats

Joy is doing awesome!  She no longer crouches and tries to smash me.  I say she is fully trained and can quit for the year.  Although, she does enjoy coming in for her sweet feed.


Maybe, as I keep giving them more copper, they’ll keep milking longer and longer.  I miss the days when I could milk all the way through December and into January before I let them dry up to prepare for the new kids.  So I think it’s time to quit, especially since we’re getting snow and it’s dark when I go out to milk.

Zinnia (the white streaks are snow)

Of course, Dolly is still coming in.  I’m guessing that won’t change because I can’t resist that face.


Who could?

More of What I am Thankful For

28 Nov


Bob Cat joined me for my pasture walk the other day.

I think Astra settled meaning we’ll have March kids.


Blaze and 2TC



Tiger and Freddie; the trees are getting cleaned up




Popcorn can not possibly get any fatter and fuzzier.

Peacocks and Annie enjoying sunshine after a couple of rainy days. We’re finally coming out of the drought conditions.


Just Sky

27 Nov

I usually don’t have many pictures of Sky because he’s a goofball.  He never sits still for me, so I decided to just go with that. He was throwing an ancient rawhide that he found so that he could chase it.

I do love this crazy boy.