Lots of Milk

21 Aug

I am drowning in milk right now.  My freezers are full of gallons for bottle kids and cubes for making soap.

Now that I’ve sold Clover’s kids and get to use her milk too, I’m getting just about a gallon a day.

Clover, Jumbo and Janelle

I have been making yogurt and chevre.

chevre in the bags and yogurt in the jars behind

For the first time, I’m making feta cheese.  We’ll see how that turns out.

I guess it’s a good problem to have too much milk, but going back to work today means I don’t have near enough time to use my milk.

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Getting the Llamas Some Shelter

20 Aug

With the rain we’ve had this week (Yippee!), I had to get the llamas some shelter.  They were not happy being outside.  It was nice rain that didn’t have lightning, so they were safe, but they were not happy at all.

That means, since I’m not sure when they’ll get back to finish the dirt work and we were supposed to have some potentially severe weather Friday night, I had to make it so the llamas could get some shelter.  It all started with moving Helen.  I put her in the Love Shack.


I had to move the three bucks up with Ollie.

I worked on putting some panels from the edge of the garage (not letting them into that room) down to the fence.  That way I could remove one panel and open a gate and make it so they could come back into the barnyard. It didn’t take too long before they discovered I had removed the panel.

It wasn’t much longer before they figured out they could come back into the barnyard.


They were quite happy to get to come into the barn.


And the goats think it’s pretty nice that they can go out to the Back Forty or the front pasture.

I don’t have to worry about the rain and when they can get the dirt work done because we did get another tenth of an inch Friday night and there’s more in the forecast for Monday.

I hope you’ll come back to join Friday’s Hunt.  I have this week’s items listed at the top of my side bar.

Dirt Work

19 Aug

After two years, we’re finally getting the dirt work done to make sure my garage doesn’t someday fall down the steep slope we left when it was built.

We had to get the llamas and bucks out of the area, so we extended the fence south of the garage all the way across the front pasture.

I put a big water tub out there along with a salt/mineral block.  The bucks can fit in the Quonset hut, but the poor llamas had no shelter.


With all the shade trees it’s not a big deal in a drought.

Last Friday (the 4th), Davis Tiling (and Dirt Work) came and starting moving the five loads of dirt that has been sitting there for almost two years.

He started on the south side of the building.

Then he started hauling dirt around to the back of the building.

He moved twelve loads of dirt and decided he needed to bring in more.

The plan was to come back on Monday and finish.  As I already have mentioned, though, we got rain.