Still Milking

18 Sep

I am still milking, but I am only milking Zinnia in the morning. I can’t believe the days are already getting this short–it’s mostly dark when I get out there.


She gives me about a pint of milk twice a day.

About an hour before milking in the evening, Cinnamon shows up.  She stands in the barn door and randomly yells until it’s time to get milked.


Usually Astra is waiting too.  They have a contest to see who gets to go in first (Cinnamon).  As you can see, neither one looks like their udder is very full.

Cinnamon and Astra (by the way, I LOVE my new step)

I have to call out to pasture for Ava and Zinnia, and then they come in to get milked.

With the four of them in the evening, I’m getting a little over two pints.   I could probably quit milking a couple of the girls, but they do enjoy coming in.

Astra (she wouldn’t quit eating to smile for the camera)

And I love my milking girls.

This and That and Such

17 Sep

I have to share Myson–he’s always standing high up on something if he can.


He’s a big boy.  So is Moose.  And Maisie (Moose’s mom) is a big girl.

Myson, Moose, Maisie

I think Popcorn is going to be a big boy too, when he finishes growing up.


I am once again working on copper and hooves.  I swear that’s all I ever do.

Some goats are easy to do.  Others are a bit more difficult.  They spit out the capsule when I give it to them in a peanut.  They spit it out when I use the pill pusher.

Coral is easy; Sidney behind is difficult

I think I’m going to have to lasso and tie LilyAnn to get her hooves done.

The chickens are always ready to come out when I open the door in the morning.

They were especially happy this morning because I didn’t get around to canning the tomatoes I picked, so the chickens got them as a treat.

Beautiful sunset over the barnyard.

I’m finally finished with the onions in the garden.  A bunch got chopped and frozen with this handy gadget.

The rest dried well and I’ll just use them.

I still have a few potatoes, and I’ve started harvesting the fall squash.

Needless to say, I’m still quite busy.

Et Tu, Onyx

16 Sep

I’ve gone through several kids getting their heads stuck this time around.  More than I want.  Last Saturday, I thought I heard a goat, but I wasn’t sure.  I went to check.  Soon enough, I found Onyx.

It’s was nice getting a girl loose who is tame.  There was no fighting me.  When I got her out, she did the look around to see if she could find the rest of the herd.

I thought for a minute she was going to join the llamas.

Odie, Maybeline, and Aurora

But then she took off.  It didn’t take her long to find them.

Athena and Onyx

I was relieved to see she made it back up to the barn later.

Guess I’ll continue taking inventory every day.