1st of the Month Scavenger Hunt

I can’t believe it’s the first of March.  Already.  I went for a walk up north, but it’s too early to see much progress.  We’ve still got cold temperatures, so there’s no way things are going to get done up here yet.

snowy fields

All the snow might look soft, but don’t believe it.


That’s just the light dusting of snow from overnight.  Underneath, there’s a hard layer of icy stuff.


Here’s the top of the windmill because I always love my windmill.

Windmill 0104e

I had to take a selfie for the scavenger hunt.  I hate selfies (might be a dreaded task even), but I did like the way the sun’s colors showed up on the hood. There’s also a lot of cat fur on there too.

Selfie ew

Finally, a dreaded task.  I dread the cleanup.  Not really.  I dread the work it is to try and get the cleanup done.  It’s hard to get people to do things, even when they say it’s their job and you try to hire them.

Cougar Cages 0107e

It’s very frustrating because I don’t have the knowledge, skills, or tools to do it myself.  Hopefully, by next month, I’ll have some real progress to show.

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Birds for the Weekend

We’ve got snow flurries again.  This isn’t supposed to amount to much, but we’re still pretty cold.

Downy 50aw

I’ve been making sure to keep the feeders full.

Nuthatch 39aw

Some birds are really good about posing in exchange for all the food.

Dove 048ew

Others prefer to hide behind the branches of the cherry bush.

Cardinal 61aw

I just can’t seem to take a decent picture through the thick glass of my kitchen window.

Woodpecker 17aw

I’m also missing my new camera.  It’s being cleaned, but should be home any day.

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Random 5 Friday

1.  I’m excited that Nancy from A Rural Journal is back to blogging and hosting her meme, Random 5 Friday.  I’ve missed it, but even more, I hate when bloggers just disappear.  It’s amazing how much you get to know and come to care for people you’ve never met.

Bud with a photobombing Coral

Bud with a photobombing Coral

2.  Bud’s antibiotics are helping.  I’m sure he’ll be back to 100% in another day or two.



3.  I told you about Sallie that got bred through the fence.  She’s getting big.  I do hope she waits until the 16th of March, which is when she would be due based on my observations of her in heat.  If not, we’re way too cold to have kids right now.



4.  After Sallie showed up all pregnant, I got paranoid and started feeling udders on my other retired girls.  No more pregnancies there (at least not noticible yet).

Goats in pasture

5.  I did decide that Pistol was already bred when I put her in with Fionn to have June babies, so she’s number 18 that is due between March 29th and April 3rd.  That will be a busy week!

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