Signs of Spring

22 Feb

We saw more record warm weather today.  It’s really looking like spring.  It’s normal to see kids with their maa out in pasture this time of year.

Bonnie and Herminia

Bonnie and Herminia

It’s not unusual for the chickens to start laying with the longer days.


I can see the sun set more to the west rather than in the southwest corner of the farm.


These are all pretty normal for this time of year.  But the grass is not supposed to be green.


The magnolia tree is not supposed to be getting ready to bloom.


The goats should not be losing their winter coats.



It makes me nervous for what the coming spring and summer will bring for weather.

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When Sky Met the Lladies

21 Feb

It was bound to happen that sometime I would be outside with Sky when the llady llamas came up from pasture.


I was a bit nervous about how they would react because llamas are used to protect sheep and goats from coyotes, so dogs are not usually a favorite of theirs.


Sky was pretty oblivious to the girls checking him out.


The girls were quite calm.  I was impressed.


There was no sounding the alarm or anything wild.


Odie even got brave enough to sniff noses.


It was really rather boring for a first meeting.


That’s the way I like it!


Although I have no plans to ever let them meet without a fence between them.  It’s much safer that way.

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Playing Again

20 Feb

I’ve been playing with the settings on my camera again.  I discovered I can take a picture and have it saved in both RAW and jpeg formats.  That’s nice!  Here’s a couple of my pictures from this beautiful weekend.







I have to say, I really hope that Llenny managed to breed both girls before he became so ill.  I know he bred Odie, and I hope she settled.  I’m not sure about Maybeline.

Odie followed by Maybeline

Odie followed by Maybeline

It would be nice to have a cria from him–a girl if that’s not too much to ask for.