I’m Jealous

3 Oct

Wanda is eight. That’s getting a bit older in goat years.  And she had a back injury a few years ago that still bothers her.

Wanda van de Yell

But she can still do this…

I mean really.  She put her back leg behind her head so she could scratch the back of it with her horn.

Who actually does that?

And then she looks at me like she doesn’t know why I’m staring at her.  It’s jealously, Wanda.

I can barely walk across the barnyard without it killing my ankles, and I’m not as old and I haven’t been injured.  Dang, girl.

A Delay

2 Oct

I didn’t get more kids sold this weekend for two reasons.


First, my sister was in town, so she and my mom and two of my nephews had to watch Hocus Pocus 2.  I had to watch it because the cemetery my mom and I visited this summer where I’m related to almost everyone buried there is in the movie.  That was kind of awesome to see it and recognize it in the movie.

from Hocus Pocus 2

The church which was founded in 1643.

Anyhow, that meant I didn’t have time on Friday evening to catch and pen kids.  I am also struggling with my ankles.  My right ankle gives me a lot of pain walking in the rough barnyard, and I can’t even imagine trying to wrestle goats across the barnyard.

Shellie behind her maa, Hilda


Hopefully, it will be better for next weekend. I do have an appointment with the doctor, but that isn’t until October 10th, and I can’t wait that long to sell kids.

A Consolation

1 Oct

When I left for vacation in July, I was actually getting close to having my yard under control.  By the time I got back, the area where the magnolia tree used to be was out of control.

Without the shade, the weeds just grow like crazy, and I never could get it back under control this summer.

But, now that the weeds are eight feet tall and producing tons of seed so that it will be even worse next year, I have found a bit of a consolation prize.

The birds are thrilled to have the seeds to snack on.  I guess I’ll call it good and worry about it next year.