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That Time of Year

24 Nov

We’ve reached the time of year with short days and no time to do anything but work and chores.  That means I struggle with blog posts.


That means more indoor posts, like cats.  Although they are pretty boring too most days.


After all, they are cats.  They seem to spend most of their time sleeping and washing.


Bob was evidently taking a nap when I sat down to eat.  You can just see him deciding whether or not it’s worth the effort to get out of the box.  For the record, it wasn’t.  He just went back to his nap.

Bob Cat

Leo and Sky were helping me turn the page in the book I was reading.

Leo and Sky

They’re both quite helpful that way.


Another Rainy Weekend

3 Nov

The rain started about nine in the morning today.  I’m glad I started my Mozzarella as early as I did because it was just starting when I went back to the house.  Let’s face it, you can never have too much Mozzarella in the freezer.

It was mostly drizzle for a while.

The goats stayed on the hill as long as they could,

but it wasn’t long before they gave up and came back to the barnyard.


The dog was lazy in the house.


So was Snickers.


The rain is supposed to continue until tomorrow afternoon.  It really makes it hard to get much done when it rains the entire weekend, and I have so much to do.

The Girls are Producing

10 Oct

My new hens are laying eggs!

They are actually quite productive.

That’s a good thing because Snickers’s diet is pretty much back to egg poached in a huge amount of margarine with a healthy dollop of goat milk.

He’s looking pretty rough these days; that mouth is in bad shape.  My poor boy.


I just need to keep the goats milking for a while yet so I can freeze enough to last us through the winter.

I can use store bought eggs for him, but it has to be whole goat milk!

He might be a bit spoiled (or just deserving of it).