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Just Some More

19 Mar

I can’t believe we’re already at the end of the week.  It goes so fast when I’m home kidding.

The sunset is moving back north.

Antigone feeding her babies, Spunky and Spuds


The moon rising with a sparrow in the tree at the first of the week.

Bob Cat is loving the warmer weather.

Hilda washing Shellie

Bambi has started getting meloxicam for her old bones.

I saw a bluebird in pasture (no meadowlarks yet).

Daisy in pasture

Cutie in pasture

Haley-staying out of the mud or waiting to sneak in???

It will be weird going to work after a two weeks. I’ll wish I were still home.  Just saying.

Finally Friday

4 Mar

With the long conference week at work, I’m even more happy than usual for Friday.


Pretty Purl

Astra and Perdita enjoying the sunshine



Bob Cat

Pretzel munching hay for breakfast

I just love Daisy’s beard



Sky from last weekend when there was still snow


Here’s to the weekend!

Derecho Hay

16 Feb

I went into winter with a full barn.  The loft in the barn was all still filled with hay that we made right after the derecho.  The goats go crazy for this hay.


Especially the bales that were made on the bottom.  They are full of cottonwood leaves and little twigs and branches.

Penelope and Perdita (see all the twigs left on the ground after they’ve chewed the bark off)

When they hear me bring out the hay that rustles like dried leaves, they come racing.


I have to make lots of small piles to try and let everybody get some of this yummy hay.

Hera, Astra, Perdita, Popcorn, Chiffon, and Flora

Of course Pretzel gets to snack on it in the barn.

Pretzel with a twig

They are all going to be disappointed because (by the time this post goes up) we are out of that hay.


Now they’ll just have to make do with regular hay.  And I hope they never, ever get derecho hay again.