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Notes Around the Farm

9 Sep

Perdita is looking forward to becoming a milking doe.  I keep telling her she has to wait until after she has a baby next year.  The way she likes food, I do think it will not be a problem to train her for milking.

Perdita begging to go in the milk room.

Daisy is silly. She was always up in a tree as a baby, and now that she’s six, nothing has changed.

Daisy in the tree; Barbie looking up to her.

The bucks like scratching too.  They have to just use the fence though because they don’t have a fancy gate to rub against.

Frodo and Benji

Freddie is looking good.


I need to call ISU and see what I need to do to get him an appointment to be wethered.  I’d like to wait until later in the fall when we don’t have so many flies.

Haley spends a lot of time in the barnyard begging for sweet feed.  That girl. She’s lucky I adore her.


My bratty Ostara.  I really hope I can get her to tame down because it really is easier to work with them and keep them healthy when I can handle them.


I’m hoping the garden settles down and I can focus on selling kids soon. Rosie has really taken her role of big sister seriously.  She’s really going to miss Shellie when she leaves the farm.

Shellie and Rosie

A bonus of Rosie just because she’s beautiful.


Maisie is also beautiful.  The fact that Rosie and Maisie are so red tells me that they have pretty good copper levels right now.

Maisie relaxing in pasture.

That’s a good thing!


Fresh Pasture

14 Aug

My goats and llamas have been on the front pasture for the entire summer. It just hasn’t worked to let them out because of needing to fix fence and make hay.  Well, since we got the hay made, I went out and fixed fence.

Ranger tracks where I had to drive to get to the fence I fixed.

When my nephew came out to bale the back side of the pasture, we left the gate open so the animals could go back there for fresh pasture.

It only took the goats a very short time to discover the gates were open.

The llamas weren’t so quick to figure it out.

They were in heaven!

Onyx climbing the tree



Daisy and Astra

It has a much better quality of browse out there because it has been fallow all summer.

Pasture Pictures

7 Aug

Just some more of the goats in pasture this past week.

Onyx has really grown! 2TC behind her.

Antigone is doing really well.

Aphrodite posing.

Bambi is still looking rough.

Casey resting in the heat.





Sidney’s kids: Crystal and Frosty

Penelope’s boy, Gonzo


Ostara is still a brat.





I can’t touch Zora–she is too much like her dad.

Some of these girls really know how to pose for the camera.