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6 Feb

We had snow yesterday.  It started mid-morning and continued most of the day.  Some goats were not happy.

Joani, Astra (by the barn) and Wanda 

It is the biggest snowfall we’ve had since December, 2015.

It was done by evening, and we had a gorgeous sunset.


Longer Days

16 Jan

I am so happy that the days are getting longer.  Since our cold, snowy weather and shutting goats off the pasture, it takes me a lot longer to get chores done.

I’m still using every second of daylight after work.

Bob Cat

Bob and I are both looking forward to even longer days.

Short Days

3 Dec

I am not a fan of these short days, especially during the work week.  By the time I get home and do chores, it’s dark.

I am left taking as many pictures as I can on the weekend (which is fun) and hope it’s enough for the whole week.

Buster and Caroline

At least, I’m pretty sure the goats and llamas would not volunteer to go without supper so I can take pictures.