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Fence Problems

11 Sep

For some reason, Astra has gotten her head stuck in the fence twice in the last week or so.  Stinker.  I hope she’s smart like her mom and figures it out.

Astra Goodberry

Before you tell me I should remove their horns and I wouldn’t have that problem, I will tell you Cookie, who is naturally polled, got her head stuck in fences twice this summer.

Bambi with her head through the fence. Moose in front.

Yeah, she’s just talented.  No picture of that, so you just get Bambi reaching through the fence.

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Dirt Work

19 Aug

After two years, we’re finally getting the dirt work done to make sure my garage doesn’t someday fall down the steep slope we left when it was built.

We had to get the llamas and bucks out of the area, so we extended the fence south of the garage all the way across the front pasture.

I put a big water tub out there along with a salt/mineral block.  The bucks can fit in the Quonset hut, but the poor llamas had no shelter.


With all the shade trees it’s not a big deal in a drought.

Last Friday (the 4th), Davis Tiling (and Dirt Work) came and starting moving the five loads of dirt that has been sitting there for almost two years.

He started on the south side of the building.

Then he started hauling dirt around to the back of the building.

He moved twelve loads of dirt and decided he needed to bring in more.

The plan was to come back on Monday and finish.  As I already have mentioned, though, we got rain.

Why Do I Have Fences?

25 Jun

I really wonder sometimes what good fences do with goats.  I’ve already mentioned Maggie getting into my buffer strip along the bean field and T-bone getting stuck in the Coyote Woods.  Well, Haley has also been in my bean field a couple of times.  The other day when I was looking for Cookie’s boys, on one of my trips across the top hill, I looked out to pasture.  This is what I should see.  Instead, there were a lot of white splotches in the neighbor’s corn field.

Of course, reminding them that I provide them with nearly forty acres of pasture and asking them to get their tails back on the right side of the fence did not do any good.  I had to climb over, jump and yell and act like a maniac before they finally thought about getting back where they belong.

“Nothing to see here, Human. Just keep walking. Besides, I’m just the lookout because I’m too big to fit under.” -Myson

Then, because they found one place they could get through, they decided to keep looking.  They found another space just a little farther down the fence.  Seriously.  I thought I fixed these things earlier in the spring.

I carried stuff back and forth hobbling fence and looking for kids.  I  had one section left to go, and the goats went back out to pasture before I got it finished.  I hurried to that spot and told them to just keep on walking.

To help me keep them out while I stood guard.

Nothing to see on that side.  They didn’t believe me.

Cutie and Ava

It didn’t work.  I had to grab Ava by a back leg and pull her back out.  Then Dolly tried sneaking under.

“It was so good earlier.  I hope I get to go back over there.”  -Ava

Penny was not happy with me blocking the way.

“Pardon me, but you are in my way, Human.”

Lily took a more practical position and decided she could just stand there all day until I left.  I literally had to keep pushing her to join the rest of the herd.

“I’ll just stand here and scratch my butt until you get tired and move away.”

After they got down the hill, I went back to the barnyard and found another chunk of panel to hobble that place.  Luckily, the damage was minimal. We can pretend it’s hail damage right?

It’s kept them out so far.  That’s good because I’m running out of small chunks of panel to hobble fence.

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