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26 Apr

When I came home from work yesterday I saw a beautiful sight!

The tree had been removed from my fence.  It still looks pretty beat up, and I’m sure young energetic kids can go over the tree to the other side, but I’m also thrilled to have this progress.

It means I can let my old ladies and Aurora out.  I’m pretty sure they are not going to have the energy or good joints to make it out.  I just opened the panel at the edge of the garage, and it was not long before they figured it out.


The goats were quick to come out and stopped at the first sight of green.

Pistol and Antigone, (Ares and Stormy on the other side), Lily, and Vinnie

Antigone thought it was a whole new world out there.


That got the fat wethers all in an uproar.  It’s not like they get to go to the Back Forty every day.

Moose and Myson

Aurora followed at a more elegant pace.

She took some time to explore.

Is it me, or does she look happy to be given more space?

I was happy to see she went back to eat hay.  She’s been shut in a small space for several months.  She needs to get back out there slowly.

I am very grateful to finally be able to let her out though.


More Weather Woes

14 Apr

We had two beautiful days this week that were normal April days.  Now we’re back to crappy early March weather.  Seriously.  We’ve had wind.

I woke to find the tree that I had finally accepted was going to have to come down this summer had already come down.  The one tree managed to take out two fences.

At least it didn’t touch the road.  At least it wasn’t a tornado like they had to the southwest of me.

We’ve had rain.  I don’t know why the llamas are staying outside.  They could actually walk into the barn if they wanted to.

We’ve had hail.  Luckily it was small and not very much (Actually, it’s hail you see on the llama’s back in the image above).

We’ve had snow.  At least it’s not the blizzard warning they have to the north of me.

More snow is in the forecast for tomorrow.  For Reference 29*F = -1.67*C, and our normal for this time is 61*F = 16.1*C.

Next weekend is already looking horrible.  We really need some better weather.  Now.  Last week.  Please…

The only silver lining is that it’s starting to get a bit more green out in the Back Forty.

She Started a Trend

4 Apr

I shared yesterday that Cutie snuck out to the Back Forty.  The next day my mom sent me a text at work that I had a bunch of goats in the Back Forty.  Sure enough.  I got home today to find a few goats out there in pasture.

Blaze, Caroline, Annie, and Cookie

They saw me and came running because they didn’t want to miss their evening grain.

Blaze, Cookie, Caroline, and Annie

Astra shinnied right under the fence again.  Sidney was waiting her turn, and so was Haley.

Astra (with Sidney behind her)

Haley wasn’t so sure about fitting back through that little hole even though that’s where they went out.

Some goats just walked up to the gate to wait for me to let them in.

Coral and Annie

Haley still thought she should be able to make it back under there.  I’ve got news for her.  It’s a lot harder to shinny up hill.

Haley with Vanna waiting impatiently

I did go up and open the gate for those bigger girls (like my mom did yesterday).


I had to be careful not to let other goats out.  Haley finally decided she was going to have to come through the gate.

Haley (with Stormy wanting out)

Blaze, however, was a bit concerned about getting beaten up by Stormy.  She decided she was going to make it back through that tiny spot.


She did it!  And that is why they say if you throw water at a fence and it gets through, a goat can get through.