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Spring Break Fence Work

23 Mar

I prepared this post for the Saturday spring break started, but I just kept postponing it.

The weekend before spring break (when the weather was still decent), when I was down taking a few blog pictures, it was also a time for me to check the fence over the ditch.  It’s a never-ending process.

Aphrodite, Pluto and I’m not sure who else

The rains come and it rushes through the flat bottom and destroys the panels over the ditch.

Well, it’s time to replace them.


This year, while I was down there, I decided to look a bit more at the part of my property I refer to as “no-man’s land” because it’s just wild at the bottom of my acreage.  Previous owners had the good sense to move the fence north to avoid the ditch.

Daisy right by where the fence is mostly gone.

But I do own the property from where the road curves up to where my fence is.  There’s still the remains of the old fence along there. (I wanted to get a picture of the old fence, but the weather has not been cooperative. That also means I’m not going to get my fence fixed this week.)

The red is my current front pasture fence; the brown is unfenced and what I refer to as “No-man’sn Land”.

It might be a way I can fix the issue with the goats getting out.  If I fence that no-man’s land in, it would at least be a buffer from them getting on the road.  It would also be a clear marker of my property line because “good fences make good neighbors.”

A Walk in Pasture

27 Feb

Saturday morning, I decided I was going to take advantage of the warmer weekend weather to go for a walk.  Of course, I took my camera.

OK-the blue jay was in the yard, but I’m including it anyhow.

icicles on the barn on my way out to pasture

looking back at the barn; the goats did not join me

There was an eagle (sorry the photos are horribly cropped)

frost was still on the wood

the ditch was still frozen

and the grass was still icy

Sunshine and sparkling ice in the tops of the trees

old leaves on the oak tree still covered with ice

The ice from last week’s storm was still on the fence

A dead weed in the ditch on my way back to the house

Hope you enjoyed walking with me.

End of the Week Photo Dump

20 Jan

Just some more pictures from the past week.

This is the week Trace and Zinnia came into heat; now I wait three weeks to see if they settled.

I bribed them to come out with meal worms


I’m not sure he leaves the middle part of the barn other than to get a drink. He feels safe here.

Sky smelling Tux on me

Cutie was also rubbing on the fence out in pasture

Maybeline–just because

Victoria at the salt/mineral block

Bob staring into the barn, presumably wishing Tux weren’t in there.

Hilda looking beautiful in the Love Shack doorway

Mr. Peacock


Bob always looks annoyed

Xerxes and Antigone

4/5 of the cats (Herbie, Salem, Tiger, and Rocky);You’ll never see all five of them this close together.

Hope you have a great weekend!