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Together Again

13 Jul

For some reason, all three days of working on the chicken-of-the-woods also saw goats getting out.  Luckily, when they get out it is basically just coming up the road to wait for me to let them in.  Still, I prefer they are not eating in the ditches and on the road.  I tried hobbling it the first day.  The second day was late in the evening, and I figured I would deal with it the next day, but chicken-of-the-woods claimed my attention again.  Well, on day three it was probably three-fourths of the herd.  Since I was talking about putting them together again, I decided this was the time to do it.

The herd on the bottom of the front pasture

I’m sure the pasture does taste old and dry, but we did at least get some rain over the weekend.

Maybeline and Odie

Anyhow, they all got to spend the rest of the day on the front pasture.  That way I didn’t have to worry about them getting out again.

Bambi, Haley, Cinnamon, and Myson joining everyone else


I went down in the evening and put another piece of panel across where they ripped up the old snow fence barrier.

Of course, having everyone on the front pasture means nobody is weaned anymore.

Perdita nursing Astra

Joy feeding Olaf and Swen

That means no milk until they get weaned again.

A Nice Walk

6 Jul

That’s all I wanted–a nice walk in pasture.  For some reason, this spring has been exhausting and I haven’t been out walking in pasture as much as I like.  I just wanted to go for a nice walk and take a few pictures for the blog.  It didn’t take me long to locate the goats, but I kept hearing yells like someone was stuck or lost.

It didn’t take long to figure out that there were goats on the wrong side of the fence.

Yeah, I never got around to hauling all those posts out and setting them like I was going to.  I decided to take the rest of the herd to the front half of pasture because I really didn’t want to have them trying to join the troublemakers.

following me back down the hill (Popcorn in the lead)

I kept calling to the goats, and to my surprise, I had some of them come on the run from the wrong side of the fence.

Bubbles and Missy followed by Margarita

In fact, one of the first ones through was Hera who had been on the other side.


Once we got down there, I closed the gates.  They just headed off to browse some more.

Because I was still hearing someone yell, I had to go back to see if they were stuck in the fence or on the wrong side.  Well, I wasn’t even very close when I saw Perdita free herself from the fence and come running.  She must have wanted to join the others and thought it was like Platform 9 3/4 from Harry Potter.  Luckily, they can’t just walk through the fence (although it does seem like they can at times).


Unfortunately, I also heard more goats on the other side.

Trace yelling; Purl’s back side; someone in the corn

This group was not as easy.  It was mostly young ones.  I climbed over and tried heading them in the direction Hera and the other had come back through.  But then there were more farther down the field.  I finally caught Trace and drug her along the fence kicking and screaming while I was calling to the other goats.  It worked.  They came too.  Finally, I climbed back over because I gave up.  I kept calling and started heading back to the gate because I was getting overheated and was ready to just leave them for the coyotes.  Then they popped over the hill and passed me.

When I caught up and got to the bottom, I opened the gate for them.

Yes, Caroline is panting on the rock.  I didn’t really care because I was panting too.

Anyhow, it was time to head down the ditch to see if Perdita had found a way to sneak under the gate and join the rest of the herd.

Nope.  In fact she had a couple of other little stinkers with her on the wrong side.

Chunky, Tawny, and Perdita

I climbed the fence and started herding them back towards the gate.  I swear I had to boop Perdita on the bum with every step to keep her walking.

Finally, we got to the gate.  I opened it for them, and they walked through; although, it took a bit of coaxing because it did look a bit different.

We headed back towards the herd.  The kids were calling for their moms.  Finally Caroline answered Chunky, and all three took off running.

I kind of have the feeling she was chewing him out and asking where the heck he’d been because she told him to stick close and follow her under the fence to go into the corn field.

Anyhow, I had a walk, but it was not a nice calm one like I had hoped for, and they are shut off the back half of pasture until further notice.

24 Hours

22 Jun

The twenty-four hours between milking on Sunday and Monday evenings were rather eventful.  It started, really, just before 6:00 pm on Sunday.  I had looked out the window and saw the goats were still in the barnyard, but just a few minutes later when I went out to get Astra to milk, they had left for pasture.

6:00 PM, Sunday, June 20, 2021

I yelled quite loudly for her to come up, and I heard her (and Cinnamon) answer me from the Back Forty.

Astra in the milk room

I also heard some buck on the front pasture.  When I looked, I could see Tiger on the bottom trying to get his head out of the fence.  Seriously?

Tiger and Xerxes

By that time, Astra was up to get milked, so I told Tiger that I’d be there soon.  I milked her and then went on the quarter mile hike down the hill, removed his head from the fence and did the quarter mile back up the hill.

8:30 PM Sunday

I shut the birds in for the night.

10:00 PM Sunday

When I went out for my before bed check on goats everyone was in the barn because of our rainy day.  I had my flashlight and went in to find Moira and Sidney.  They weren’t doing anything, but I did notice Reva was snuggled up with Mia, but not Micah.  I decided I better count kids.  I came up with 27 kids plus Perdita up north made 28.  I recounted and found one sleeping in a feed box, so that made 29.  Where was Micah?  Seriously, where was Micah? I went to the house and grabbed another flashlight because I kind of had a fear of my flashlight dying while I was walking along the coyote woods on a dark night.  Then I went out to pasture to search for him.


I did notice that Maybeline and Odie were in the barn, but Aurora was at the end of the lane.  That should have been a clue to me, but I was too frantic with worry to figure that out.


I set off on the path below.  Once I got to the south fence, I’d call his name every few feet.  He was one of the kids I had given bottles, so I figured he would answer me if he could.

my path follows the yellow arrows

I nearly stepped in the hole of the coyote den.  I had to leave the fence once and couldn’t find the dike to walk across the ditch, but I finally got around it.  I stepped in holes; I walked through grass that was taller than me; I kept calling to him; I blindly hopped over another ditch with water running through it.  No Micah.  I finally made it all around the back half of the Back Forty and started back across the bottom.  Even though I had shone my light along the fence between the front and back pastures, I decided I’d walk it too.  I kept calling his name and when I was just a little ways from that fence, he answered.

I rushed to him and saw he put his head through a hole right next to a post.  It was so tiny I don’t know how he got it through there to start with.  It was hard to get it back out, but I did.  Then we went back to the barn.  I did have a conversation with Reva about letting me know if her kid needed help, but she just stood up for him to nurse and kept chewing her cud.


This was also when I recalled that Aurora had been sitting at the end of the lane staring down the fence line.  She was guarding Micah for me.  Bless my Aurora.

11:00 PM Sunday

I finally went to bed.

2:25 AM Monday

I went back out to check Sidney and Moira again.  They weren’t doing anything.

6:20 AM Monday

I went out and let the birds out for the day.

Mr. Peacock

Then I checked Moira and Sidney again.  I did notice that they were both out of the barn.  Moira was kind of off by herself, so I decided I really did need to get them shut in today.  Then I went to milk Astra.

9:30 AM Monday

I missed shutting Moira and Sidney in because the goats were early to go out to pasture.  I still decided it was time to move Tansy and Onyx back to the north paddock.  That was easy.  I just got a bit of feed, and they followed me.  Tansy is an awesome, doting mom, so she made sure Sunshine followed her.

Onyx, Tansy, and Sunshine

Onyx left her buck, so I had to go get Lem and take him up there afterwards.


10:00 AM Monday

I went out to pasture to check Sidney and Moira.  They were just hanging out and eating with the herd.

Myson and Moira

11:30 AM Monday

I went out to pasture to check Sidney and Moira.  They were just hanging out and eating with the herd.

Aladdin, Jasmine, Hera, Sidney, and Penelope

1:00 PM Monday

After well over a year, I put the harness on Sky.  He was crazy excited and immediately went to the door.


My mom arrived and we went out to the car.

We made it to the vet’s office without puking, and he got weighed (99.5 pounds) and had his toenails trimmed.  Then we came back home.

Mom and Sky

2:20 PM Monday

We arrived home, and I went out to pasture to check Sidney and Moira. Moira was obviously in labor.  I talked to the whole herd and got them all to come back up with me.  Then I shut Moira in the Love Shack.

The herd coming up from pasture

I decided I needed to reward the herd for coming up when I asked them to, so I got some corn and was putting it in the feed pans.  Well, Maybeline has this thing where she walks up to you and kinda hard rubs against you.  I was preoccupied and didn’t notice her coming, so we actually ended up colliding.  My head hit her teeth.  Seriously painful.  I have a scratch and a goose egg.


I ignored the pain and told Maybeline that I hoped it hurt her as much as it did me (I’m not proud of that, but it’s true).  Then I caught Sidney while she was eating corn.  I shut her in the Love Shack with Moira.


3:00 PM Monday

Moira’s water broke and she was in active labor.  She was a champ and finally started pushing.  When she wasn’t making progress I checked her.  This is where her story gets weird (like the whole day hasn’t been weird).  When I reached in, I felt a mouth.  But it wasn’t quite right.  I felt around the face and realized the baby was upside down.  I could find one foot, but not the other.  On top of this, her position was really low.  It was like she was hanging off a cliff.

3:58 PM Monday

I called the vets.  They said Dr. Schmitz was heading my way.  Of course, I continued working because Moira was trying to push the baby out, and you can’t have a kid head first.  I felt a couple more times to try and get the other foot, but I never could find it. Then I felt again, and decided I was wrong in what I was feeling because the baby’s head was right side up, but there was a foot on top of it, so it was two kids trying to come at the same time, and the one was head first.  I tried feeling down the head, and found one leg folded under the body, it was so tight I couldn’t get it pulled out.  I was afraid I would break the leg.  I couldn’t find the other leg.  Moira was still having contractions and trying to push, but I needed the baby to move back so I could find feet.  I tried pushing it back; I pushed the foot on top back to try and move that baby back and give me more room.  Finally, I got the baby moved back a tiny bit and could unfold the leg.  Then I found the second foot.  Once I had both legs and the head was already there, it was a pretty easy pull.

I looked up; the vet was coming.  I called out, “Nice timing.”  I did tell him I’d let him get the second kid because the first one was pretty tough.  He came in and then reached in and told me that there wasn’t another kid in there.  I must have given him a strange look and asked how because there was a hoof over her head.  He checked again, and again said that there wasn’t another kid.  Then suggested the baby was doing calisthenics in there.

Seriously, the baby started upside down, turned over but had one foot over her head yet;  How?????

All I know is you were trying to kill me. -Moira

Anyhow, Moira and baby Pretzel are doing well.  And she is the baby I’ve been hoping for from Tiger.  This is the only girl he’s given me.

5:30 PM Monday

The goats went out to pasture.  I was doing some last chores and had just gotten eggs and taken them to the soap room when

6:00 PM Monday

I heard a goat. Astra came up to get milked.

Without me even calling.  That was quite the day.