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3 Dec

Our weather has continued to be a roller coaster. Friday, it was in the mid fifties.  When I got up this morning it was right as single digits with a negative wind chill.

Perdita and Astra basking in the shelter of the barn

And the winds were howling overnight. We had strong sustained winds with gusts over fifty miles per hour.  That means the winds provided a delicious treat for the goats.

I’ve never seen so many corn stalks blow into the fence and pasture.


Heidi, Hilda and Purl

They truly enjoyed it!

What Didn’t Go Well

17 Oct

Like I said, mixing the goats actually went fairly well.  However, they didn’t stay that way.  By the time I got done mixing everyone, I realized Penelope was back with the old ladies.

Penelope in pasture last week

And Ostara had snuck back in with her maa.


I put Penelope back, but there’s no way I could catch my bratty Ostara after all the craziness of catching and sorting everyone.  In fact, I never did catch her, so I’ll just have to deal with it if she gets bred.

Ostara, Benji, and Cupid

I got home, the afternoon after I mixed everyone and hoped everyone was where they were supposed to be.  But no, Penelope was back on the wrong side of the barnyard.  This time, I just threw her in with Frodo and…

Frodo and Penelope

Pretzel?  Where was Pretzel?  She was also out with the old ones.


Brat.  How did she get out?

I did add another panel and made sure it didn’t tilt out, so she couldn’t climb it.  Now she’s captured too.

Resting in the food pan

Sunday morning, I got up and saw that Tansy was on the wrong side.  She left Benji and came back to the other side of the barnyard.


Luckily, she likes food, and I managed to get her to come into the milk room.  Then I put her back in with Benji.

If only we didn’t always have to do things the goat way.

Friends in the Field

24 Sep

I believe we had a set of twin deer orphaned in the pasture.  My nephew saw them when he was getting the round bales out of pasture, and I’ve seen at least one of them a few times.

Way back when it was still tiny

The reason I am pretty sure they are orphans are because you typically don’t see them out that often by themselves–bouncing around and hanging out with the llamas by themselves.  I also found that a deer got caught in the fence. I felt horrible.  If I had seen her stuck there, I could have rescued her.  That is the exact same way Tiger caught his foot in the fence the week before I sold him.

I’m not sure if these are the same twins or not.  It’s hard to judge what they should look like by now.

Sorry for the poor quality. It was just dawn and horribly foggy.

This one jumped the fence the other morning when I went out to milk goats and startled them.  I’m not sure it can get back over because it’s a lot bigger jump from the pasture side.

This one almost looks older, but I think they are both still fairly young.

I hope they can thrive in the pasture (and avoid hunters this fall).