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Winter Is Back

13 Feb

Last weekend was the start of a nice stretch of reasonable weather.

Last Sunday, February 6th

We had a lot of snow melt over the week.

Saturday, February 11th

It gives the birds a bit more of an outdoor space that isn’t covered in snow.

Chickens, the peacock, and the goose

Although, it will be a while before the pool isn’t frozen to the ground and I can fill it for the goose.

But Friday afternoon, the temperatures dropped and the winds picked up, and we are cold this weekend.

Flora on a snow pile covered in hay.

When I did chores Friday evening, Aurora was almost happy to snuggle into me for warmth and a wind break.


At least the winds died down by Saturday evening.  That makes chores easier to do.

The barn on Saturday evening

Of course, we woke up to a new blanket of snow on Sunday morning.

Sunday morning

I wasn’t expecting that.


At least it’s pretty.

It certainly makes the cows stand out.

And then it’s going to be warmer and then cold with the possibility of a snowstorm and then cold and then warm and…

Front: Pretzel; Back: 2TC, Aphrodite, Casey, Joy, and Haley

So I enjoyed the nice consistent weather last week.  Bob was happier too.  He was spending the days outside to avoid everyone else.

Bob glaring at a kittten.

Now he’s just trying to find somewhere to nap that the kittens don’t run over him.

Happy Friday!

11 Feb

I am so looking forward to the weekend.  It’s been nice to have a whole week of fairly consistently average temperatures.

Cupid and Tansy sharing a pile of hay for breakfast

I look at Rocky and am still just shocked and thrilled he came home.

Onyx eating

The chickens taking dust baths


Sisters Rosie and Purl (one looks Boer and one looks dairy)

Catching some sun on the south side of the barn

Here’s to another week of no crazy weather.  Have a good weekend!

Basking Season

2 Jan

After a week of gloomy, drizzle, fog, clouds, snow and horrible wind chills, we’ve had a slight turn.  There’s sunshine and no wind this morning.  Granted, it’s only 4°F out there, but it’s still better than yesterday.

The goats agree.  They came out of the barn to bask in the sunshine.

During the winter storm yesterday, I found Antigone huddled behind the door (that crack to the right of Bubbles).

Margarita (front), Joani (middle), Bubbles (back) and Caroline (right)

I had to pull her out because she has just a tiny bit of baby bump that meant she couldn’t get out.  I put her in the Love Shack with Flower.  She looks much more content this morning.


Some of the critters are still staying inside.

Aurora catching the sunshine

Hera (top); Popcorn (bottom)

I still really worry about the animals.  We have a couple days of warmer temperatures coming and then another dive into Arctic temperatures before jumping up to the freezing point again.  Poor babies.


Others are out looking for bits of leftovers from yesterday.


Don’t worry, they are getting plenty to eat in this cold.