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Shearing Day

21 May

Wouldn’t you know it–just hours after my post went up yesterday, I got the call from the llama shearing that he would be here to shear llamas today!  Yay! Wait.  That means I had to get the llamas shut in before he got here.  Luckily, all three girls had come up from pasture and were in the barnyard.


Keeping them in the barnyard was easy.  Sorting them out and shutting them in is another story.  That’s not easy when you have a barnyard full of goats and llamas.

from 2017 because it was already too dark to take pictures

Luckily, the stars were aligned, and I got them in one section of the barn.

Odie, Aurora, and Maybeline

I gave them some breakfast.


Then I gave them second breakfast to try and keep them less cranky while they waited.


Finally he arrived and the girls got naked!  We started with Aurora because I was afraid she might try to jump the panels and escape.

She started good.  Then he actually started shearing.  That didn’t go over so well.

She was horrible and screeched like someone was killing her.

I chose Odie next because I thought he deserved an easy llama after Aurora.

Odie was the perfect picture of llama cranky stoicism.

It didn’t take long at all for her to lose all of her fleece.

And then there’s Maybeline.  She had the potential to be the absolute best or the absolute worst.  Two years ago, she just stood there and he sheared her without even tying her up.  Last she, she kicked, spit, bucked, and everything else she could do to make things horrible.

This year was a good year.

Look at how heavy her fleece is.  She really has to have this shearing to keep her from overheating.

She was also really good while he did her hooves.

Maybeline and Aurora were quick to leave the barnyard and get lunch.



Odie soon followed them out to pasture.


Now that they have been sheared, we’re ready for summer!

Spring Means

20 Mar

With the rainy weather we’ve had this week, that means spring has sprung and brought us mud season.

Ava (Blaze and Reva behind her)

Yep.  It’s crazy muddy in the barnyard right now.

Gidget feeding Brutus and Bronc

But that also means that things are turning green.

Blaze and 2TC looking for green stuff to nibble on.

Kids have spent a lot of time in the greenhouse.

Addie (back) and Milo (front)

But they’ve also braved the mud and are even starting to play on the picnic table.

Onyx (on the bench), Addie (on top), Butterscotch and Cher(maybe) with Reva (back) and Cookie watching

Onyx is just too cute!

I’m hoping for a few days of dry to help the mud disappear.

Leftovers Again

7 Feb

I end up taking more pictures than I can generally use for a week of blogging, so here’s some leftovers.

Uno and Maisie before they came out to stay


The whole herd (okay, it’s just a few of them)




Joy lets me pet her now!




They are from the last couple of weeks.