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Spring Means

20 Mar

With the rainy weather we’ve had this week, that means spring has sprung and brought us mud season.

Ava (Blaze and Reva behind her)

Yep.  It’s crazy muddy in the barnyard right now.

Gidget feeding Brutus and Bronc

But that also means that things are turning green.

Blaze and 2TC looking for green stuff to nibble on.

Kids have spent a lot of time in the greenhouse.

Addie (back) and Milo (front)

But they’ve also braved the mud and are even starting to play on the picnic table.

Onyx (on the bench), Addie (on top), Butterscotch and Cher(maybe) with Reva (back) and Cookie watching

Onyx is just too cute!

I’m hoping for a few days of dry to help the mud disappear.

Leftovers Again

7 Feb

I end up taking more pictures than I can generally use for a week of blogging, so here’s some leftovers.

Uno and Maisie before they came out to stay


The whole herd (okay, it’s just a few of them)




Joy lets me pet her now!




They are from the last couple of weeks.

Crazy Weather

6 Jan

The crazy damp, warm, cold, windy, snowy weather all mixed together is really hard on the animals.  My nephew has been treating sick calves because of it.

Trying to stay out of the crazy wind on Sunday.

Maggie came up from pasture early on Saturday, and she was obviously not feeling well.

Margarita and Maggie

I have her in the Love Shack with a heat lamp and her daughter.

Trying to stay out of the crazy wind on Sunday

She’s been treated.

Hopefully, she’ll feel better.