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The Barn Fix

25 Sep

I shared a while ago that Fionn had destroyed the wall of my barn, and we were planning on doing some repair work on it.

Well, I came home Friday to find that my dad and my nephew had come and fixed it!

The big hole was just to the right of the door.

The view from the outside

You can see another new board they used to repair this part.

It’s amazing!  I’ve never seen the barn look so good and feel so sturdy.

Reva also approves of the repair job!


I am very grateful for the job they did.

Rainy Weekend

23 Sep

We had a really rainy weekend.


You can see the beans keep turning yellow.

The goats spent a lot of time stranded in the barn.

Daisy and Dahlia getting ready to cross the barnyard to the greenhouse

It makes milking a challenge.  They have to come from the barn to the milk room, which usually isn’t a big deal.

Fionn in the Love Shack and Zinnia in the barn door

But we have a design flaw that leaves a huge mud puddle in front of the milk room door. That means muddy udders. Luckily I ordered teat wipes that work well.


We’re working on getting that fixed.  It also means I had to double bag my foot. That didn’t even keep it perfectly dry (but not too bad).  Anyhow, with all this rainy weather and the work I did all weekend, I’m not sure how I’m going to do any blog posts this week.  It’s most likely going to be crappy cell phone pictures.

putting the geese in for the night

Hopefully tonight’s nicer weather will give me an opportunity to get out and take some pictures.

Barn Work

31 Aug

After spending so much time getting the barn scooped out, I decided I should give it a bit more attention.

Fionn’s few weeks in the barn last winter were very damaging.  He has a bad habit of head butting walls.


My almost 120-year-old barn couldn’t handle Fionn.  He busted the wall.

I decided we should try to get this fixed and stabilized.

The same wall right by the door needs some work also.  The wall was coming away from the foundation when I first moved here.  I put some plywood on it to help keep it from getting worse.

It would be nice to get this fixed up a bit more also.

Well, it will be a start.