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Too Much Like Daddy

18 Apr

Spuds might be cute. He might be photogenic.

Spuds Osboer

But he is way too much like his daddy, Xerxes.

Xerxes (with Frodo and Benji behind)

He is already the most wild little thing you could ever imagine.

Spunky in with Frodo; Spuds on the right side of the fence

He and Lady and Tramp ended up back on the front pasture and couldn’t figure out how to get back to their moms, so I caught Lady and Tramp and dumped them over the fence.

Lady, Tramp, and Spuds

They are not tame, but I caught them and they were grateful for lunch.

Hera with Lady and Tramp on the Back Forty

Spuds decided he would rather drop dead from utter exhaustion than let me anywhere near enough to touch him.  I’m sure of that, but I wore out well before he did.  So be it little dude.  I decided he was on his own.  Don’t worry.

Spuds and Spunky with Antigone

He did eventually get back to the right side of the fence without my help.

A Couple of Notes

6 Apr

I mentioned Aphrodite is my next girl due.  After that is Tansy.  I am pretty sure she settled, so she is due May 7th.


I’m not sure if Penelope settled or not. Honestly, I haven’t see any girls in heat recently.  I’ll have to check udders when we get a little closer to when they would be due if they settled.

Popcorn and Penelope

I’m 100% certain Ostara is a keeper.  Her sister is really nice looking too, but she’s already nowhere near as sweet as Ostara.

Brigit and Ostara

Guess who got her head stuck in the fence!  Perdita better get that figured out, or…


she will be wearing a horn apparatus.  As you can see, she didn’t figure it out.  She is such a brat.

I can’t believe how sweet Bambi is now that she’s getting peanut butter meloxicam every day.  She just comes up to see me and sticks around even if I don’t have anything for her.


I am still working my way through trimming hooves.  I’ve mad a lot of progress considering the rotten weather, but I do want to try to get all of my moms done before I get them back with the main herd.

Hera feeding Lady and Tramp

I might do that while I lead them through the garage back to the barnyard.  That might be a plan.

Moms and Kids

3 Apr

I hope you’ll forgive me for neglecting the main herd, but these kids are just too cute.

Antigone and Spuds

Hilda’s “Where is my grain?” look.

Tommy and Claire with Athena



Cupid, Ostara, and Brigit

Hera with Tramp and Lady




They make me smile.

Time for a video of cute kids and moms. (Be warned it was windy so volume down.)