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Hide-And-Goat-Seek Has Begun!

14 Jun

It never fails.  When I let the moms with June babies out into pasture, it’s a never ending game of hide-and-goat-seek.  It started Wednesday when I let Zinnia, Daisy, and Aphrodite out.  For some reason, even though Bambi was never shut in, she has not taken Lucky back out to pasture.  Maybe she’s afraid the Uber would be late again and they’d be stuck out there after dark.

Bambi and Lucky

Anyhow…I decided to skew the game in my favor. I shut the gate across the Back Forty, so they really didn’t have near as much territory to lose their kids.  Also, the grass is shorter on the part of the pasture I left them on.  You might call it cheating.  I call it a good idea.

I checked all three new moms and saw they had their babies with them.  Then I milked. Of course, that got the whole herd coming on a run when I called for the two girls I needed to milk.

Astra “It’s not my fault. You told me to come get milked.”

As soon as I finished cleaning up, I went back out to pasture and saw Daisy and Zinnia with their babies, but Aphrodite was fighting with Hera.

Hera and LilyAnn (I did not have my camera with me, so this is Hera trying to fight with LilyAnn right after I let them all out together.  Do we see a pattern?)

I searched and searched starting where I had last seen the herd, and viola!  There she was.  I just brought her back to the barnyard.

Selfie (forgot to take a picture of her sleeping sweetly snuggled in a log)

Aphrodite figured it out after she got done with her girl fight and came up for the evening.

Aphrodite and daughter after being reunited

Then I had to run an errand, and as soon as I got back, I went to see if Daisy and Zinnia had their girls with them.  Everyone was just getting back from pasture, and Zinnia was right there with Joy.

Zinnia (yes, you are a good mom) and Joy

Daisy was standing in the barnyard yelling out to pasture.  Sigh.  Off I went towards where I had last seen them. She was not too difficult to find.

Dahlia (I remembered a picture this time!)

To her credit, Daisy did come out to pasture to help.  Still, it wasn’t hard for her to find Dahlia when I was already standing beside her.  Since I was already out there, I gave her a lyft back to the barnyard, and Daisy followed us.

That makes the score Farmer Teresa: 2; Goats: 0.  Although, a couple days before I might have lost Hera and frantically searched the perimeter of the Back Forty a time or two until I was too exhausted to walk any farther only to be ready to get the Ranger and go back out when I noticed her happily standing behind the barn door. Well played, Hera.  Well played.  I will concede that point.

Hera hiding behind the barn door acting all innocent

Farmer Teresa: 2; Goats: 1


Random Stuff

2 Jun

Unlike the winter when you get lots of posts of cats and the dog, I am way too busy to get everything on the blog now.

Rocky napping and Sky peeking out the window

Here’s a little bit of everything.  A week or so ago, my son went mushroom hunting.  He was rather successful.

I fixed them and froze them for him.  Of course, I did have to sample a little while I was preparing them.

The goslings are doing well.  They have one very good protective mama.  Every time I go out there, she’s hissing at me.

Widow Goose

They wanted to play in the pool, but I do not want any drowned goslings, so the pool is drained until they get bigger.  I might have to find a smaller tub for them to play in though.

Aurora still likes getting a bit of llama feed when I can find a time to feed her without everyone else stealing it.  Although, she’s not as friendly about letting me feel her back to check her weight. I managed to do it though, and she’s still doing well.

The goats are spending almost all day out in pasture.  As soon as I get home from work (one more week and one day), I change clothes and rush out to check on them.

I’m hoping to find Hera and not with her head in the fence.  She’s been better, but I swear this girl is really testing me.  And I can’t catch her to put the horn apparatus back on.  I wouldn’t be able to hold her if I did catch her.  I might have to try to arrange some help for that.

I had just checked her, and then she did this.

Of course, when I was rushing to check Hera, I saw my first bobolink of the year when I didn’t have my camera with me.  At least I did have it for the bluebird.

Some scatty hen is still free ranging whenever she wants.

There’s so much going on this time of year that I hardly even have time to sit down and put me feet up.

But when I do, I have a nice footstool.  And here’s a couple of bonus goat pictures.



Just because.

Who’s Due

28 May

I can’t believe we’re almost to June.  You know what that means–June babies.  So who’s due?

After I thought the copper was going to fix everything, I decided to let some of my girls who didn’t settle last year try it again.  Here’s who’s due from oldest to youngest.  At ten years old, Penny is my oldest one to have kids this year.  She is due June 8th.


Bambi and Vinnie are also both in that category of not having kids last year but settling this year.  They are both nine this summer. Vinne is due between June 9th and 15th.  She is one I’m really concerned about with the copper since she’s lost so much hair and looks horrible.


Bambi is due between June 16th and 22nd.  Bambi actually looks like she’s still in pretty good shape.


The next one is Cookie.  She’s the last of my “old” girls who are bred.  She is going to be eight next month. There’s no question about her being bred when you look at her.  She’s also one of the first ones due. June 5th is her due date.  She was in heat when I put her in with the buck (I didn’t know it when I put her over there), and with our many snow makeup days, she is due before I’m done working for the summer.


Bambi’s doe Daisy is my next one. I still consider her young at three years old.  She is due between June 16th and 22nd.  It was such cold miserable weather when they were with the bucks, I didn’t see when many of the girls were bred.  I just am using dates from when I last saw them in heat and extrapolating when they are most likely due.


Zinnia and LilyAnn are both two years old.  Zinnia is expecting her second kid on June 5th.  Like Cookie, I didn’t know she was in heat when I put them with the bucks.


LilyAnn is expecting her first baby this year.  She’s due between June 16th and 22nd.


Aphrodite is my yearling. She is due sometime between June 23rd and 30th.

Hera is another yearling and the last one I saw bred, which would make her due June 28th, but I’m not sure she settled.


She doesn’t seem to be making an udder, so I think she’s open.  I have to say, I will be relieved when we are done with kidding this year.