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Kidding Update

10 Jun

I was looking back to see who I last introduced, and I think I’ve been quite remiss in introducing the kids.  I’ve only been talking about the difficulties.  It has been difficult, but we also have some wonderful kids.  So, with the start of our May babies, I give to you:

May 10th Bonnie Blackboer had a Boeris baby.

Cocoa van de Yell


Helen had her twins, also Boeris babies, on May 11th.

Max van de Yell

Helen and Max

Cindy Lou van de Yell

Cindy Lou

The last of our early May Boeris kids arrived on May 15th.  Muffin had twin girls.

Wanda van de Yell


Nellie van de Yell


Annie surprised us with her babies arriving twelve days early on May 23.  It’s a miracle her little Marley boy survived.

Hershey Osboer

Annie and Hershey

Maggie had her kids a bit early on May 30th.  She had Boeris triplets.

Indie van de Yell


Chip  and Debbie van de Yell

Chip and Debbie

On to the June babies!  Jilly gave birth to the fourth largest kid born here in the early morning hours of June 2nd.  He weighed in at ten pounds and one ounce.

Sherman Tank van de Yell


Later that day, Pistol had her twins.

Spike and Lolo van de Yell

Spike and Lolo

Later that evening, Coffee had her twins, a buck and a doe.

Java van de Yell and Mocha van de Yell

Java and Mocha

The next day, June 3rd, Sallie had twins.

Ebony van de Yell


Tiny Tim van de Yell

Tiny Tim

Penny was the next to have babies.  She had Marley twins on June 5th.

Nick Osboer


Nancy Osboer


After a short break, Kizzy kicked us off again with triplets on the morning of June 9th.  she has two bucks and a doe.  I think she lost about twenty-five pounds between kid, fluids, and placenta.

Kizzy and triplets

The Two Boys

The Girl

That afternoon, Cinnamon had our first ever Fionn baby.  He is a nice sized buck.

Horton Osboer


Finally, today Litha had two big Boeris bucks.

Litha and boys

We’re still waiting for ten more girls to have their kids.

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