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The Rest of the Story

11 Apr

Well, once I had the goats out of the bean field and everyone together in the barnyard, I started cleaning up my messes.  I remembered I had Flower and Coral in the garage, so I opened it so they could at least go back in the small buck pen.

Coral and Flower in the pen; Freddie outside

I had to get my grain pitcher that I had left with the bucks. Then I decided I needed to scoop enough of the hay in the garage to close the door between the garage and the buck room.

When I got that done, I grabbed my camera to go back to the house and sit down for a few minutes. Instead I walked out the milk room door and saw that I had forgotten to use the chain on the chicken pen door.

Bambi coming out (Notice the goofy peacock is still just dancing happily)

Moose!  Brat.

Moose and Haley

I got everyone chased out of there and counted the hens.  I had all eleven of them and the peacock where they belonged.

But my goose was out in the barnyard.  Well, she was the least of my worries at that time.

I fastened the door properly and then went to the house to rest.  But I had no sooner gotten inside and called my mom to tell her what brats the goats were than I looked out the window and saw 2TC.


Why?  She’s never been stuck. The bucket of water has been there for weeks.  Seriously.  I swear.  All this chaos also messed with my plan of getting the moms back in the herd while they are out in pasture because it makes them less likely to fight with each other.

Antigone and Perdita

Luckily, there were just a couple of spats, which is always a concern when I return goats to the main herd.

Tommy watching his mom, Athena, and Astra fighting

Anyhow, all the goats were hanging out and I couldn’t finish doing what I needed to do, so I really did get to take a break.

Cupid feeding Brigit and Ostara

Xerxes and Freddie on the hill

Tommy and Claire

a whole lane full of goats


Hilda and Shellie

And the goats were pretty content to chill in the barnyard.

Moms and Kids

3 Apr

I hope you’ll forgive me for neglecting the main herd, but these kids are just too cute.

Antigone and Spuds

Hilda’s “Where is my grain?” look.

Tommy and Claire with Athena



Cupid, Ostara, and Brigit

Hera with Tramp and Lady




They make me smile.

Time for a video of cute kids and moms. (Be warned it was windy so volume down.)

Tuesday Morning Shock and Awe

16 Mar

Well, Athena was having contractions all Monday afternoon and evening.  I checked her at 10:00 pm, 12:00 am, 2:00 am, 3:00, 4:00, 5:00, 6:00 am.

Athena Monday evening

She is one I have to check because she has the horrible pattern of only accepting one of the two kids she has.  Both times she has had babies.  And I’m afraid she would hurt the kid she rejected when it tries to go nurse.

Popcorn is the first kid she rejected (with Tansy)

Anyhow, when I went back out at 6:30 am, she had kidded.  There were two.  Dang. As small as she was, I hoped she would only have one. But it looked like she was hanging close to them.  Since it was pretty warm, I decided to just leave and give her a bit of time to see if she would take them.

I came back out at 7:00am, and she still had both of them with her. Hallelujah! I didn’t get close to them because she was snorting at me (and she will beat me up), but I got close enough to see she has a boy and a girl.

I went back out at 9:00 to make sure they had both nursed. Then I realized one of the kids in the buck room was getting all carried away.  Then I noticed Hilda was not in the garage.  I peeked in the buck room, and there she was with her baby.  One big one.

A girl!  She is quite the go-getter.

I went back in the house, but decided to go take a couple of pictures around 10:00.  It only took a minute to see that Antigone had a bag out.  I decided to check, and I felt one hoof and teeth.  That means I needed to help find the other foot and get those legs straightened out. It was wasn’t hard, but she definitely needed my help.  Then I went in and pulled her second one.

She has a boy and a girl.  I am ready for a break and just one night of good sleep.