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Fun in the Addition

26 Jul

The new area that the goats acquired when we re-did the fence has the remains of a fallen tree.  It was completely hidden in the five foot tall grass that was knocked down into a nice soft straw-like mat.

Front: Flora; Center: Gill and Tilly; Top: Trace, Cinnamon, Tansy, and Flower; Back: Tiger and Cinquain



Gill, Cinnamon, Pluto, and Moira

Hilda with kids Stitch and Purl


Cinnamon bullying Tansy; Tiger below


This means that the goats are enjoying playing and lounging in this new area.

Things That Make Me Smile

10 Jun

I had to walk Popcorn out to pasture the other day because he got left in the barnyard, so I took my camera with me and just captured things that made me smile.


Maybeline in the barn


Mary feeding Trace and Quatro

Freddie is my friend now.





This is definitely a good time of year on the farm. This is just a fraction of what makes me smile.


7 Jun

When I went out to pasture the other day, I saw the goldfinch flitting about just outside the barnyard.

female goldfinch

However, for the last few days I haven’t seen Mrs. Bobolink.  Mr. Bobolink is still out there singing and looking handsome, so I assume his lady is now sitting on the nest.

The Eastern kingbirds have been out in full force.

Mr. Bobolink at the top, eastern kingbird on the bottom branch

Myson cracks me up.  He is always standing on this rock like he’s the goat herder keeping an eye on everyone.


Everyone else in the shade.

Popcorn is going out with the herd and doesn’t follow me around when I’m out there.  He still comes to see me, but he stays with the herd when I leave.  In short, he’s learning that he’s a goat.


Hilda.  Good grief.  How can she still be getting bigger?


Blaze with a huge wad of cud in her cheek.


I’m not sure this looks like a convenient way to eat,

Athena and Marin

but it seems to be working.