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Zeus and His Girls

7 Jan

I shut Zeus and his girls in the greenhouse.  It’s not the most spacious, but it’s not for too long.

Zeus and Sidney

He has LilyAnn and Sidney.  Sidney might already be bred, but I’m not sure, so I put her back in with him.  I also figured she’d like to be with her twin sister.

Sidney and LilyAnn (Athena in the background)

He also has Athena.


He also gets Daisy.  I was hoping he’d grow enough to be able to breed her.


He’s certainly big enough to get the job done.  He’s a really nice looking buck.


Temperatures Rising

15 Dec

Well, after a record cold November, our temperatures have been creeping up, and now we’re warmer than average for this time of year.


It looks like it’s going to stick around for a while too.  There’s been blue skies and wonderful sunshine!


The water is completely open back there in the ditch.


Yes, I’m still complaining because, even though I enjoy it, it’s really hard on the animals when the temperatures change rapidly like this.


They do still enjoy getting to go out to pasture though.  It’s much tastier to have trees to snack on than just boring hay in the barnyard.


Although, I am also enjoying the goats and llamas not needing to be given hay yet.

They are happy to be out there in pasture most of the day.

Maybeline and Odie

Even though it does look like Maybeline and Odie are rather irritated with the gate being shut.

Oh well.  If they did a better job guarding the goats, I wouldn’t have had to put the fence up.


10 Dec

The goats are still going out to pasture to eat.

Even though we’ve had snow, none of it has stuck long.

Athena (front) and Cinnamon

They also enjoy napping out there in the grass rather than on the frozen bumpy barnyard.


I’m glad they can still get to the grass because it means I don’t have to hay them yet.


That means chores are still pretty easy.

Tony, Harley, and Anubis

I am only haying the two little girls and the group up north.

Antigone and Cupid

Although Antigone and Cupid prefer the sweet feed.