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9 Jan

Now that we’re deep in winter and the goats are all getting room service, I probably won’t be able to take another picture of a critter not munching on hay.


I put it out there in a lot of different places to make sure everyone has a pile to eat from.

On both sides of the barn and by the garage–lots of piles

I don’t want the old ones or young ones to have a hard time eating.

I’m not sure what’s going on here because goats are not known for sharing food.

Zora, Daisy, Casey, and Cutie sharing a pile

The llamas like their hay too.



Even Ms. Goose likes to nibble on the hay.

Well, at least they’re cute with full mouths.


Because we still have about two months before they go back out to pasture.

Warm Weather Means Barnyard Brawls!

30 Dec

Wednesday was warm.  It started warm and got warmer as the day went on.

This sunshine brought warmth and melting

After a blizzard, and another snow shower and ridiculous cold for a week or so, the warm weather had the goats ready to get out of the barn.

Daisy and Zora in front; Popcorn and Sidney in back

But they had nothing to do out there, so that meant they decided to fight.

Tansy and Chiffon

Purl and Popcorn


Hilda and Athena

Aphrodite and Pluto

I kept trying to separate them.  Finally, I decided to feed them a bit early to try to distract them.  It did help, but there was still a lot of brawling.

Athena and Trace

Pluto, Aphrodite, and Hera

There were some minor injuries.  Trace had a bleeding horn.  I had to rescue several goats because Athena was being brutal.  Someone went after Wanda. I didn’t see who, but I did see her going through a big snow drift. Later, she was limping a bit.


That means I was not about to throw Victoria and Dolly into that mess.



Hopefully, I can let them out soon.  I really want to have a break from goats in the garage, and they would be happier back with their kids.

Sunny Sunday

19 Dec

Sunday was the best day we’re going to see in quite some time.  We only had a high of about 20°F, but the sun was shining and there was no wind.  It was actually quite nice, so the goats and llamas were out enjoying the day.



Pretzel and Pluto

Penelope and Frodo

Athena, Perdita, and Astra


Pluto and the goose




On a different note, I’m pretty sure we ran out of time to replace the hydrant. Thankfully, the cattle tank is continuing to work.  Please, please keep it working.

Odie, Trace, and Chiffon

I almost felt guilty leaving Victoria and Dolly in the garage, but it’s way easier (and better) not to keep moving them back and forth. And they did find some sunshine.



That good weather better hold them because it’s going to be rough for the next week.