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Coyote Attack

11 Oct

Yesterday afternoon when I went out to do chores, I thought Margarita looked a bit dumpy, so I decided I’d better worm her.  I got a new wormer, but I haven’t had time to get all the kids wormed (that’s another whole story).  Anyhow, I caught her and when I gave her the wormer, she yelled.  It sounded like she had laryngitis.  When I took my hand away from under her mouth, it had blood on it.  Then I noticed she was shaking.  I kinda freaked and called my vets.  Have I mentioned that I love my vets.  They were scheduled full, but Dr. Schmitz said he’d stop on his way home.  I was a wreck by the time he got here.

Midnight Margarita

I thought of an injury, or pneumonia, or goat tuberculosis (is that even a thing?).  Anyhow, he did a quick check and then said it looked like a bite.  It was a coyote because it had grabbed her by the throat for the kill.  Luckily, most of her wounds are superficial, but she has so much swelling that it’s hard for her to breathe.  She’s getting antibiotics for the bite wounds and the lungs and a pain killer/anti-inflammatory to help her breathe.  She’s not out of the woods, but she is holding her own.


I thought really hard about how she could have ever escaped a coyote.  As bad as her swelling is, it had a good grip on her.  I have only one possible answer.  The llamas were on the front pasture, and for some reason, the goats had gone out to the Back Forty that morning, so it wasn’t the llamas.  The cows wouldn’t do anything to protect a goat.  Margarita does, however, have one bad ass mom.  All summer, I watched Sky taunt Maggie through the fence.  She would snort and stomp and hit at him through the fence.  I have no doubt that she hit the coyote, surprising it enough to drop Margarita so they could get away.  Maggie gets my mom-of-the-year award.

Too busy and crazy for any pictures, but I’ll try to show you how she’s doing tomorrow.


A Sports Injury

26 Jun

Last week, I was walking through pasture just taking pictures for one of my blog posts when I saw several kids, including Caroline, was getting a bit behind the herd.  I called out to them encouraging them to catch up.  They all took off racing.  I thought Caroline was running a bit funny.  When she got to me, she stopped.  She sat.  It was weird.  I stood her up, and she immediately went down again.  I carried her up to the barnyard.

Sweet Caroline

I figured she just twisted something because she is an athletic little girl.  She can’t walk without twirling and bouncing.  I haven’t decided if she’s going to be an Olympic gymnast or the next American Ninja Goat Warrior.  I assumed she didn’t stick the landing on her super duper flip and twist with an extra kick since we had rainy conditions out in pasture.

After resting, she still refused to put weight on it.  I panicked at the thought of it being broken.  I called the vet even though it was after hours.  Bless my vet, Dr. Schmitz.  He asked if I wanted him to see her tonight as an emergency or wait until morning.  I could only say, “She’s a keeper.”  He said he’d be here soon.

Where she decided to wait for the vet

Luckily, it wasn’t a break.   (Sorry for the emergency visit, but I never know if it’s an emergency or not.)  She injured her stifle (the bendy part at the top of her back leg).  He did say it’s a tough injury to heal from, and it will take a long time.  It’s an injury that tends to be aggravated because they feel better and try their acrobatics again.

She should heal fine though.  For now, she’s banned from the pasture.

Annie begging Caroline to come to pasture with her

That does not make her or her maa, Annie, very happy.

Tequilla and Midnight Margarita Drinking Problems

4 Jun

Last night when the goats came up for the evening, I noticed Maggie had really dropped and her udder was completely full, so I wasn’t surprised when she was in active labor at my bedtime check.  So much for bed.


She was having a lot of contractions, but she wasn’t pushing, so I finally did a quick check.  Her cervix wasn’t fully open, but I could tell there was a baby right there.  I waited for a bit longer, and when the baby’s bag broke, I checked again.  She still wasn’t fully dilated, but I could feel teeth and no feet.  I called the vet and continued trying to work on getting the kid here.  After working to get her cervix open I finally found feet, but I could not get him pulled.

I think my moving the kid and getting him positioned correctly helped because she finally started pushing.  I kept checking my clock and it was about twenty minutes after I talked to the vet at 11:54 pm that I finally got her big boy out.  He was about enough “to-kill-ya”.  He was slow to start and very weak after that long ordeal.

The vet arrived just a couple of minutes later, and I told her what was going on and let her know she got to deal with whatever else Maggie had in there.  She gloved up and I held Maggie while she went in.  It’s never good when she says, “That’s probably part of the problem.  Yuck.”  She pulled out a dead rotting fetus.  She went right back in and said the next one felt more normal in size.  She brought out a living dark little girl just after midnight.

Maggie and kids

I present to you Tequilla and Midnight Margarita.


Midnight Margarita

Unfortunately their long difficult birth was hard on them, and neither one seems able to figure out the nursing.  I did milk some colostrum out of Maggie and put in a bottle.  I finally managed to get them to take a good bottle of the colostrum.

Hopefully Tequilla and Margarita will start drinking strait from the jug and get past their drinking problem soon.

I hope you’ll come back to join me for Friday’s Hunt.  I have this week’s items at the top of my side bar.