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Another Delivery

15 Jun

Thursday was one of those days that gave me a whole week’s worth of blog material, so stick with me.  Tony was not our only new arrival on the farm yesterday.  Dolly had her babies!

Dolly and boys

Of course, she’s retiring after this year.  She’s ten–that’s the oldest I’ve had anyone have kids, and it also means she’s taken the top spot for the number of kids all for herself.  She was previously tied with Litha.

I guess she decided to go out with a bang because I had to have the vet come help her.  I couldn’t feel a kid in there (hard to do on your own), but it also took the vet quite a bit of work to get the first one out.

The second was a little easier, but he was by no means a walk in the park.

They are here and everyone is doing well!


Joani at Last

19 Mar

Our nice weather lasted for two days.  It was wonderful, seasonal weather.  Then it turned windy and cold and rainy before it turned to snow.

Right at the beginning of this rain, Joani went into labor.  I still don’t know what happened or why it was too long or what, but I pulled her first little girl, and she was already dead.  I went right back in dreading the worst, but I found feet way back and got them pulled a little closer and realized there was no head to be felt–it was turned back.  I immediately called for the vet because I don’t have a snare and I couldn’t even find her head at all.  By the time the vet arrived, I figured it was too late to save the baby, but we had to get the kid out of Joani.  The vet couldn’t find her head either.  After what seemed like forever, she found an ear.  That is literally what she used to pull the kid.

Good thing she has long ears.

It’s just a miracle she lived.

I’m very grateful that Joani has one beautiful little girl to raise.

The Last 48 Hours: Part III

16 Mar

Finally, morning was here!  I figured I’d have a break after Mary’s girls were born at 8 am on Tuesday.

Mary’s Doeling #1

I needed a break because I still had to deal with Daisy and her girl.  I decided to move them into the milk room.  Not only did that free up a bit more space, but it also meant they would be alone and in very close quarters.  I have to say, that feral brat was amazing once I managed to drag her across the barnyard and into the milk room.  Seriously, why can’t they just walk for me?  She was almost perfect while I helped her baby nurse.  By this time, her little girl had had several bottles, and it’s not easy to get a baby to switch back to the real thing, but by the end of they day, they were doing great!

I was also giving supplemental bottles to Reva’s boy and Hilda’s girl.  Originally, I think Reva had a touch of mastitis, but I was treating it and she is doing much better at feeding her kids now.  Hilda’s girl is just a bit off.  It’s like she has some sort of palsey.  I figure she’ll either make it, or she won’t, but I’ll do what I can to help her keep up with that big brother she has.

Reva’s kids and Hilda with her kids

By mid-morning, I’d figured out that Wanda was in labor.  It was just a matter of when she was going to have them.  I drug her (of course) into the greenhouse and put her in the pen I had planned for Daisy.


I kept checking her and everyone else.  Just before lunch, much to my surprise, Clover was down by a tree having her kids.  That’s good, but we still had a biting cold wind, so shortly after they arrived, I took them up to the garage.

Now this is where goat personalities come into issue.  They are more like humans than any other animal I’ve ever seen, and I don’t mean that as a compliment.  They have cliques.  They are bullies.  They are just downright nasty to each other sometimes.   Clover was going to kill Cutie.  I did some switching around, and put Cutie out in the buck room with anyone who did not have kids getting shut outside.  They were out of the wind because of the building, so I figured they could stand it for a while.

Meanwhile, Wanda was still doing nothing but staying in labor.  When the vet called me back to confirm Harley’s meds for her back injury, I did warn him that I had a goat in labor and not making progress.  Eventually, I did call back because if Gidget was a mean mom, Wanda was totally wacked out when I tried to check her.  It took the vet quite a while to figure out which part went to which kid and get her to finally give birth, but she has an adorable little boy and girl who both look a lot like their grandpa Marley.

I did warn the vet that Wanda’s daughter was in the barn in labor too.  I had noticed Ava was isolating herself and looking for some place to have her kid.  I had to get a little bit creative because I was really running out of room.  I still had to do something with Cutie because I needed my old and run-down goats to be able to come back in the buck pen, and I still wasn’t sure how Aurora would react to meeting kids.


I decided leave Ava in the barn and then just bring them in somewhere after they were dried off.  That way I had time to readjust my greenhouse.  I divided Gidget’s pen in half and put Cutie in there after I put a tarp on the door to stop the strong northeast wind.


Cutie Pie

I did think I might be able to put Wanda and Ava together, but not with them having their kids so close together.  They needed bonding time.  Lucky Wanda got to keep all of her pen.

I put panels in the front part to divide it for Ava to have a private spot and Harley and her girls could have the rest.  And somewhere in the afternoon, I noticed that Daisy’s little girl had a sore eye–it was entropian.  I called the vet and made an appointment to take her over Wednesday morning.


Somehow, while I was doing all these adjustments, some goat decided to knock a board off my rail fence and everyone ran out into the driveway.  That was a nightmare because the dog kept barking at them.  They found a basket of corn I had set out of the garage when I put Maisie and Mary in there.  They are just naughty.

Sky “I’m a good dog.  I barked and barked and barked to tell you they were out.”

Anyhow, after bribing them back into where they belonged by giving them their corn for the day and fixing the fence, Ava was totally distracted from having kids.  Then she got distracted when I gave everyone hay.  By then it was getting too late for her to have them outside, so I brought Ava to the greenhouse.  Once we were in the greenhouse, she got distracted by her mom’s hay.  Then she was distracted by Bob.  Finally, I said enough of this and checked her.  I could feel a foot right there, but she was not open at all, so I kept working to get her to open up and then I could feel teeth.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t find another foot.  There is no way this one was coming out of a first time mom with a leg back.  I pushed the baby back and found the foot and got it pulled forward.  I finally started pulling, still working to get her opened up.  I wasn’t easy, but we got her little girl here!

She was also quite attentive and began washing her immediately.  I was really happy when I checked a little later and saw that her doe was even nursing without help!

That was nine girls having 18 kids in about a day-and-a-half.  But we’re not done with the craziness.  To be continued…