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A Tragic Heroine

4 Nov

Antigone.  You should never name a goat after a tragic heroine.  (Warning: bloody pictures below, but she is doing well now.)


Saturday, Antigone had her head through the fence and saw the dog, which caused her to panic.  She yanked her head back, and the sheath came off her short horn.  I tried to bandage it.  I held her. I sat on her.  I did everything but hog tie her.  Antigone was covered in blood; I was covered in blood; the milk room was covered in blood. Finally, I gave up and called the vet.  He did manage to get the blood stop powder on and a good thick padded bandage.

It wasn’t too long before the swelling got worse, and she was starting to struggle breathing, so I cut through most of the wrap.  That seemed to help.  I had just enough wrap left to go loosely around her chin again.

After I was sure she was done bleeding, I shut her in the Love Shack with her maa, Pistol, for company.

They get to stay there until I’m comfortable taking the bandage off and the rain is done.  Since they have hay and nobody to be cranky with them, it’s a pretty posh place to wait out the rain.

Antigone and Pistol shortly before the accident

This morning, when I went out for my second check, her breathing seemed a bit restricted again, so I caught her and cut through the last bit that the vet had put on.  I tried to refasten my last little bit of the self-sticking wrap, but I wasn’t too sure it would stay.  I added a bit of tape, and she seems to be doing okay now.

My mom is going to come check her tomorrow while I’m at work.  The rain has stopped this afternoon, so I did let her and Pistol come outside, but they are staying locked in the Love Shack and it’s pen because it’s supposed to rain all day tomorrow too.

This little girl better get past the tragedy stuff, because she’s supposed to be my happily-ever-after girl.  The vet did say to trim it up and cauterize it so that it didn’t grow back like that, it would have to dry up and heal first.  I’ll probably see if we can do that so she doesn’t injure it this badly again.  Her good horn even feels weak compared to most goat horns.  I’m guessing, as weak as she was when she was born the weakness might be an effect of the copper deficiency (it can cause weak/easily broken bones).


Nothing to Lose

31 Aug

I am still working to help my copper deficient goats.  They’ve spent their entire lives using those reserves of copper from their livers, and nobody can really tell me how to get those liver levels up to where they belong without overdosing them.

Vixen was treated with the entire herd in May.  Then she was given another gram at the beginning of August.  She started to get a little bit of pink, but now her eyes are pure white and she has no strength.  She’s had diarrhea.  I finally called the vet because I don’t know what to do for her.  Well, Dr. Schmitz doesn’t know what to do either, but she was eating well and tried to run away from us.  She acts fine other than not having a single red blood cell in her body which causes severe weakness.  We talked and decided that she had nothing left to lose, and she could be my guinea pig for giving a bigger dose of copper to try and get those levels back up to a safe level.

Even though I thought this was going to be a good-bye post, she’s hanging in there, and we’re trying to help her (and the entire herd).  I honestly don’t know how any of my goats have survived with essentially no copper in their diets for the last eight years.  Tonight she got another four grams of copper.  Hopefully, that will let her get back to close to normal.

Canine Pedicure

13 Aug

If you remember, I quit really trying to do much training with Sky because I couldn’t keep a collar on him.  He even managed to get the harness off.


Even if I could get them to stay on, he puked in the car.  I mean really…  But when your toenails look like this and you keep trying to grab my hands, eat the toenail clippers, pull your paws away, and hug my arm when I’m trying to trim them, you have to go to the vet.

I enlisted my mother’s help, and on July  26th, we put Sky and me in the back seat and slowly backed out of the drive.  It was the first time he’d been in the car since coming home from getting fixed fourteen months before.

We went slowly up my gravel road.  I was watching closely the entire time for any sign of a coming explosion of vomit.

He sat in the car like he sits on the couch–butt sitting and paws on the floor.

He handled it well.  We stopped at my north driveway and let him out.  He didn’t pull the leash off.  I was pleased.

We kept it up and increased the distance each time.  He was soon riding like a champ.  I moved to the front seat, and he got the back all to himself.  When we got to my mom’s house and the cat was in the yard, he didn’t drag me across the yard.  I was impressed.

He figured out it was way better to stand on the seat and stick his head out the window.

That means, by the time we had to go to the vet this morning, we were doing quite well.

I was confident in our ability to get him to the vet without a major incident. Now getting the toenails trimmed is another story.  I figured we would have a muzzle and sedatives and then we might get the job done.  I was, however, pleasantly surprised.

Jody is a master dog wrestler, and Dr. Aimee was quick, so it wasn’t too bad.  Dr. Aimee even recognized that it was the sitting still that was so painful to Sky.

Dr. Aimee, Sky, and Jody

He really is an ADHD good-natured goofball.   It took all of five minutes.

Even though I’ve been working on making this happen for months (with trying to get him to stay on a leash and ride in the car.)  At least it should be easy next time he needs to go get his shots.