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Hide and Goat Seek: The Extreme Version

18 Jun

Cookie and I have been having an ongoing battle.  She wants to take her kids to pasture, and I tell her no.  It’s just too much pasture and the grass is too tall.  The other day, I missed the goats going out to pasture, and, sure enough, her kids were not in the barnyard. I took off after them and found her little black and white boy (Biscuit) at the edge of the ditch.  He must have stumbled down and not been able to figure out how to get back up.  I carried him back to pasture and hurried out to look for his brother (Butter).


I looked high.  I looked low.  I looked all over the back hill.  I could not find him anywhere.  I did, however, see lots of other cool stuff.  (By the way,  all images are a recreation. I don’t carry a camera and rarely a phone when I’m playing hide and goat seek.)

Most of the time I was on the back hill, I was tripping over Caroline.  Sometimes, I have a hard time getting her to go back with her maa so I can do my farmer stuff.

Caroline by Annie

After two and a half hours in the hot sun, I gave up.  I didn’t know what else to do.  I hiked back to the barnyard with a blister on my heel because I just went after them and didn’t change shoes.  When I got to the barn, I immediately noticed Cookie’s second boy.  I think the great goat god must have returned him because I know he wasn’t there when I left.



Anyhow.  I was just grateful they were all back together.  Things were going well.  Cookie even took Butter out to pasture Saturday morning and brought him back home.  That evening everyone went out to pasture, and I checked to make sure all the kids were still in the barn.  Yep.  All the new little ones were sleeping happily.

I puttered around in the barnyard–feeding chickens, getting Maggie back out of the bean field, giving my old ladies some grain.  Then I noticed a handful of goats were in the barnyard.  I saw Pistol feeding her kids and decided I’d milk my four girls quickly.  Fifteen minutes.  That’s what it took.  Then I checked kids again.  Cookie’s boys were gone.  I was not happy.  I immediately went out to pasture to try and catch up to her before they got tired.  They weren’t with her.  I asked her where her kids were, and she did call to them a couple of times, but she also went to the barn.


I looked all over in the barnyard.  I went back to pasture.  I didn’t think they could have gotten too far in just fifteen minutes.  I focused on the first hill going out of the barnyard.   Once those kids fall asleep, you’re just out of luck.  They won’t answer anyone but their mom (except Caroline).  They sleep.  They stay still.

It finally got too dark for me to keep searching.  I kind of hoped they had just been really hidden in the barnyard, and I’d come out to find them with their mom in the morning.  No such luck.  They were still missing.  I immediately started searching all along the front hill and down into the bottom.  I didn’t find them, but I did notice a red-winged blackbird that kept acting really weird.  Usually they just sit there and sing, but this one was circling me and yelling.

I went back to the barnyard and encouraged the goats to come out so that Cookie could call to them. I kept searching.  Finally, the goats were headed back to the barnyard.  Cookie did try calling when we were just approaching that first hill.  Nothing.  I would think I heard a kid, but the wind was so strong I couldn’t really tell.

I was getting desperate.  The red-winged blackbird was still going crazy every time I came close to the bottom.

Finally, when I was on top of the hill, he was crying loudly and circling.  When I looked to the ground, I thought I saw a flash of white.  I focused my eyes and went straight to where it was.  Cookie’s boys!  They were hot and skinny, but they were standing there.  I grabbed them and cried and thanked the blackbird.  It was a horrible sight I’m sure.

Since this is a recreation, the kids will be played by the letter X.

I brought them back up to the barnyard.  They drank and drank and drank.

I have threatened Cookie if she tries to take them to pasture until they get bigger.

She never did find me the first time. Tee hee.

Thanks to a red-winged blackbird the final score is Farmer Teresa 3/Goats 1.

By the way, the last week has been so busy, I think I have at least another week’s worth of posts from it, so bear with me if I have a weird time delay and get things out of sequence.

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Crop Check

11 Jun

While I was out in pasture to make sure Caroline was staying with the herd (and play with her),

Sweet Caroline

I got distracted by a bird on the fence.

That made me notice how tall the grass was.  I decided to go over the fence and see how the soybeans were doing.  They are up and growing well.

I also noticed that the alfalfa was blooming and really past the peak for making into hay.  The nephew has been very busy with planting and making hay.

Today, when I went out to check my pregnant girls (yes, that’s all I do), I saw a different sight.

They mowed!  I followed the waterway, and I caught up to them just as they were finishing mowing up north.

There’s nothing as pretty as hay fields.

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Caroline’s Adventures in Pasture

8 Jun

Caroline is just a little goat.  She’s really too young to be going out to pasture, but she and her maa, Annie, insist that she goes out to pasture.


It’s easy to lose a goat out there.  The grass is getting tall.  Here’s Myson for a little perspective.  I’m not going to lose him.


It’s hard to find the other goats though.

I’m really looking for a Caroline in a hay field.  I have to say that I am absolutely amazed.  Annie has managed to keep track of her and get her back to the barnyard every time.

Annie and the little white blob is Caroline

I did snuggle with Caroline yesterday, though, and tell her if she ever got lost all she had to do was listen for my voice and answer. I’d come rescue her.  She must have taken me seriously because last night when I went to check, I saw she was with her mom, but I said something to another goat.  Caroline started answering me and came over.  As soon as I picked her up, she snuggled in for a nap.

Caroline and me

I think the adventures in pasture had worn her out.

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