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Coming in June

29 May

Well, it has certainly been a crazy kidding year with all the oopsie babies.  We are finally reaching my second round of planned kids–June babies.


We only have three girls left to have babies.  I decided Fionn wasn’t able to get the job done, and Joani isn’t going to kid this year.  That’s fine.  She raised three last year, so she’s entitled to a year off.


Caroline was supposed to have babies, but she managed not to settle also.  As naughty as she’s been this spring, I am threatening her with getting sold or eaten (remember, I’m a vegetarian), but she is totally not concerned.


Aphrodite was in heat just as I put her in with Zeus.  If she settled, she’s due June 10th.  If she didn’t settle right away, she’ll be due June 30th.


Hilda is due June 20ish.  She’s huge.  Really huge.  Maybe if she has triplets, I’ll have to help one with bottles and make it a tame keeper girl.

Oh, Hilda…

Finally, Antigone will have her first kids on June 23rd.  Well, that’s when she’s due.


Then we’ll be done! Unless…

Relaxing in Pasture

24 May

After our rains over the weekend, the goats decided the barnyard was too muddy to lounge around and relax, so they stayed out in pasture.

Annie and daughter Flora

Caroline on the tile


Pluto and Casey (with Scooter coming over)


Margarita (just before I moved her)


Milo (top) and Addie



Tiger and Tansy

They do look pretty chill!

Another Walk in Pasture

12 May

After the freeze debacle and continuing allergy issues, I once again decided I just had to get out of the house and try to enjoy the goats’ company again.  I put my mask on and picked up Popcorn in the barnyard.  For some reason, he was the only goat up here, and I really want him to go out to pasture to eat with the rest of the goats.  That was also a good excuse to go for a walk.  Anyhow, we started out following the trail.


We took time to nibble the grass.

We came across the llamas down on the bottom.

Odie and Maybeline

Eventually, we found the herd!  I was quite pleased to see that nobody was on the wrong side of the fence this time.

Well, mostly.  Butterscotch was nibbling through the fence.


A lot of the goats were grazing.  Caroline rubbed against me so hard, she about knocked me over.  Myson came up for cheek scratchies.  It was nice.

Some of the girls were just lounging out there.

Holy goats, Hilda! How many kids are you going to have?


The kids were playing on the brush pile.

Then I turned around and saw Caroline–on the wrong side of the fence.  Seriously?


I went back and got another nice panel to chop up and keep them from going under the fence.  I swear it’s a never-ending job.