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Kids Everywhere

21 Jun

When I look into the barnyard, I see kids.


I see kids sleeping in a food pan.


Sleeping under the tree.


Sampling the mineral block.

Vixen’s daughter

Eating hay with their maa.

Dolly with Barbie and Ken

Draped across their maa.

Litha and Bo

Resting in the manger.


Brand new kids.


Big kids lounging with their maa.

Pam and Maisie

Nursing kids.

Maggie with Chip and Debbie

Kids racing through the barnyard.


My sweet kid.


Kids that come in sets of three.

Paul, Peter and Mary

Pairs of kids behind the fence.

Barbie and Ken

Kids that want a bottle.

Hershey and Indie

Kids playing on the tree.

Nancy, Lolo and Spike

Kids everywhere!

Truly we have a lot of little kids running around right now.  Soon, it will be time for them to leave the farm, so I’m going to enjoy them while they are here.

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