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Pluto, the Llamaslayer

22 Jul

This is Pluto.  He might look cute and sweet and cuddly, but don’t let that innocent look fool you.


He’s really…a llamaslayer!  He’s captured Odie!

Pluto on Odie

Maybe he’s decided to slay her since she was the villain in Antigone’s fairy tale.

“I have killed the llama! The barnyard is safe again.” -Pluto

Whatever the reason, he’s slain the evil llama.

Oops.  I guess she was just scratching her neck.




Check It Out

9 Jul

“Hey, kid?  Is she looking at me?” asked Tony.

Tony and Pandora


“Yep,” Pandora replied.  “She sure is.”

Happy llamas in llove!

On Her Due Date

18 Jun

Today is Pandora’s due date, sixteen days after she was born.

Pandora with her brother who didn’t make it

I am still absolutely shocked that she lived.

And she’s doing amazing!