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22 Apr

I can’t imagine how boring it is to sit on a nest for twenty-eight days.

At least this one has cute company.

Or they might make the task more stressful when they get too close.

After the Rain Stopped

13 Sep

The goats had been cooped up and wet for almost a week when the weather turned.  They were really enjoying the pasture again.

Cupid and Tiger (and I don’t know who else)



Purl has some of her mom’s attitude.

The bottom looks good after the rain


Pistol must have been knocked down. Dang goats.

on the bottom: Bonnie, Annie, Coral, Cinnamon and Haley






Seven-that strip of long blond hair on his back cracks me up

And it looks so fresh and green!

Hanging Out

8 Sep

The goats are spending most of their time out in pasture, but they do hang out in the barnyard in the morning and the evening.

Chiffon hoping for peanuts

My sweet gurl Purl

Little sister Trace and big sister Bubbles


Caroline snacking on a pepper from the compost pile

Archie checking out the latch on the Love Shack door

Pluto coming to see me

They make me smile.