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Eating Hay

20 Apr

The kids are starting to eat hay with their maas.  That means their rumens are going to start working,


and they’re going to start getting nutrients from the  hay that they eat.  That is good because it will help take some of the pressure of their moms.


Hopefully the Last Snow

19 Apr

Yesterday was another day of rain, freezing rain and snow.  It was an all day event.

By evening, the storm was passing by.  Most of the snow was even melting.

Of course that has left us horribly muddy again.


Look at that poor baby’s legs.


Hopefully, the forecast is correct because it looks like this might be our last snow.

That would be good because we are horribly far behind in getting started with the spring planting season.

Just Because

29 Mar

Everyone seems to think my little Punkin’ girl is too cute for words,

Artemis (aka Punkin)

so here she is shakin’ off the winter weather.