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I Got Nothing

5 Dec

The days are short.  I am working, doing chores, milking and then I’m pretty much done for the day.  That means I’ve really got nothing to blog about.

Bob sitting on a stump to hunt

I did see the eagle flying over again this weekend.

I suppose, I could just keep sharing cat and dog pictures.






Dang. I missed getting a picture of Tiger.  I suppose I could share my latest knitting project.

I’m knitting an afghan

Actually, I started this afghan over a year ago as a temperature blanket, but I figured out I did a horrible job calculating the size, and it’s way too big.

Tiger doing quality control

After a break from knitting anything and then finishing my last project, I decided to come back to this one.

Love the front texture and smooth back

I will have to quit by June something, and it’s still going to be a full sized blanket.

Anyhow, I’m also upgrading more things in the house.  I showed the living room furniture, but I am planning more because I need to get the house and furnishings all ready for me to retire.

I moved the lemon tree to the kitchen.

I’m optimistic it will be in a reasonable time. I hope.

Cats and Dog

29 Nov

I don’t know how I ended up with so dang many cats, but I do adore them.


Salem, Herbie, and Tiger on the couch with me.




Sky and Tiger–besties holding paws.

And this goofy thing.

Sky playing with the corn cob

He does make me laugh.


18 Nov

It was another hard weekend to take pictures with the cold, wind, and snow, and the days are just too busy and short to take pictures during the week, but I did find a couple of leftovers to share today.



They saw me, so they had to come on the run.

The corn and barn




Bob would really love for me to get rid of the other cats. Then he’d be happy.

Don’t worry,Tiger. It’s not going to happen.


Rosie and Hilda

Tomorrow, I’ll try to give you some updates on all the craziness that is Eden Hills.