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Mother Nature is Teasing Us

9 Jun

We are really dry where I’m at.  Other places are flooding, and even my sister about an hour-and-a-half from me has had quite a bit of rain.  We’re a dust bowl.  My poor pumpkins need rain to sprout.

Sun over pumpkins_8694ews

We have had clouds and thunder teasing us.  It comes right to the edge of my farm.



Then it just goes away.  It might be beautiful, but I’d sure like to have some rain for my crops.


sky fence_8727ews

To make it worse, we’re hot.  It was 92*F (33.3*C) and hotter tomorrow with high humidity.



Please Mother Nature.  Llenny hasn’t been sheared, and I have girls to kid yet and the babies don’t like this heat.

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9 Mar

Our weather is warm.  I got to unplug my heated water tubs.  They are still there (see the cord through the PVC pipe) in case we get cold again, but it warms my heart not to have them plugged in.

Casey Blackboer

Casey Blackboer


The goats have been spending more time out in pasture.  I think it’s even starting to turn green.  That warms my heart.


I love seeing my herd queen out there doing her job!  She might be old, but she still commands the respect of the herd.

herd queen_3222ews

Minnie Pearl

Minnie Pearl

That warms my heart too.

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The Down Time

16 Feb

I thought winter was supposed to be a farmer’s down time.  The season when they get to take it easy.


Not!  If you have livestock, it takes a lot more work to take care of them in winter weather.  There’s always maintenance and preparing for the coming year.


I would love to find some down time, but the only down here is on the birds.  Our crazy weather doesn’t help either.


These pictures were taken on Sunday, and most of our snow has melted now.  In the next day or two, we’ll be back to mud.

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