Roller Coaster Weather

We’re still on our roller coaster weather pattern.  We had beautiful weather last weekend when Pistol had her kids.  Luckily she had them before Tuesday’s winter storm that caused a snow day from work.

Snow Day_1026ews

It was beautiful.

Snow Day_1029ews

In the midst of our Groundhog Day snow day, I saw a robin!  What the heck!


It was so warm that most of our snow melted resulting in icicles hanging from the roof.


Yesterday, we had sunshine, but it was colder.


The snow on the top froze and made ice, but it was still warm underneath.

ice mud_1044ews

At least I didn’t sink up to my knees in mud.  The goats got to eat outside on a clean bed of snow.

icicle goats_1051ews

Now were supposed to warm up to the forties again this weekend, so we’ll be back to muddy, and then we get another blast of cold by next Tuesday.

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Gorgeous Weather Weekend

We have a perfect weather weekend!  It’s sunny and not windy.  The temperatures are warm.  Everyone was enjoying the weather, including me!


SOOC fields

It also means Helen’s arthritis isn’t bothering as much.  She was actually lying down sleeping quite soundly when I got home yesterday.

SOOC Helen Osboer

SOOC Helen Osboer

Today she’s been dead to the world!  So glad she’s finally getting some good rest.

SOOC Hilda and Helen

SOOC Hilda and Helen

The geese were stretching.

SOOC African goose

SOOC African goose

The goats were basking and just enjoying being out.  Actually, they turned crazy and have been beating up gates and fences and each other and generally driving me crazy.  I am happy to report that so far all the goats are doing well after getting into the grain in the barn.

Bud Osboer

Bud Osboer

I’ve seen a couple with diarrhea, which means they got too much at once, but they are still passing it, so that’s a good thing.  I’ll be confident they are all fine in another day.

Flower Osboer

Flower Osboer

With the wonderful weather, even the common sparrows are beautiful.



We’re enjoying the weather this weekend because we’re supposed to get a winter storm and turn cold again by Tuesday.  Hope you all have a great weekend.

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Baby, It’s Cold Outside

We’re still in the deep freeze, and we have another day before we might make it back up to some more historical average temperatures.  The goats are huddled together for warmth.

Sugar and Yolanda

Sugar and Yolanda

Some are basking by the barn; although, I don’t know why she’s letting water drip off the barn onto her.  She was covered in icicles all day.



Fionn and his girls are all staying out of the wind in the quonset hut.

Bambi, Joani, Bonnie & Fionn

Bambi, Joani, Bonnie & Fionn

I am trying to get them through this cold spell with extra grain and hay and making sure they have plenty of clean water.  Because they are healthy, they are doing well.



The only one I am worried about is Helen because of the CAE/arthritis.  This weather has been very hard on her, so she’s with her girls and getting pain medicine.


I think Snickers has the right idea, staying in the house, basking on the table with the sun shining in on him.

basking cat_0321ews

Today’s post is inspired by Jack Frost and the song Baby It’s Cold Outside by Frank Wildhorn, and I’m sharing with Song-ography.  I’m also sharing with Ruby Tuesday Too.

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