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Feeling Like Summer

15 Sep

We’ve been really hot this last week.  The llamas didn’t like it.


It’s been rainy and humid.  You can almost see the humidity in the air.

The goats have been melting in pasture.


This weekend we’ve been cooler, but it’s still rainy.  (That means I’m having a trouble getting pictures for the blog.)

And on Monday, we’re going to get really hot again.

bean field behind Fionn

The beans might be starting to turn, but it doesn’t feel like fall yet.


Everyday Things

11 Mar

While we’re waiting, along with checking goats numerous times around the clock, I still have all my everyday things to do.  Part of that is wondering if I should try to move more goats into the garage with rain in the forecast for Tuesday through Thursday.


The warmer weather means my back door in the chicken room is thawed, and I could put Athena and Hera over there with everyone else if I need to.

Gidget and Hera

I’m a bit worried about the back cattle lean-to though because all the rain and melting snow runs through it.  It is likely to become a muddy mess.  They do have a fair amount of space that will stay clean, but I might have to figure out something else.  I’m just not sure what.

Myson, Casey, LilyAnn and in back Maybeline, Buster, Vinnie, and Stormy

Then there’s the maintenance of my panels that I have separating everyone.  This one was completely undone.

I have to keep my panels in place or I’d have everyone mixed together.  I don’t want that.  It’s a lot harder to check and keep my pregnant girls where I want them to kid when they are all mixed together.  Besides, some big wether keeps thinking he wants his mommy, but his mom needs to focus on the new babies coming.


I also got new salt/mineral blocks put out.  They melt so quickly in this wet, snowy weather.

Stormy (and a LilyAnn butt)

I am still feeding full hay.  Over the weekend, I ran out of hay on the bottom. I had to start throwing it from above.  At least, I’m not worried about running out.


There’s still a lot up above.

No babies yet, but if I get busy and can’t get blog posts up you can follow along on the farm FB page for almost real time updates.

Planning Ahead

20 Feb

I have twenty girls due to have kids over spring break.  That’s a lot of goats due in five days.

Astra (with a photobombing peacock)

I am a little nervous because February has been pretty cold and snowy and it looks like it’s going to continue throughout the rest of the month.  Bless my nephew and his backhoe.

Sky and Nephew #1

You’ll also notice our roller coaster weather from the start of the month.

I decided I better see what March is looking like, and it’s a bit scary too.  It looks like we’re supposed to go back to more normal temperatures right after I’m done kidding.  There’s still plenty of time for the forecast to change (hopefully for the better), but I can’t count on that.

Edit: I just grabbed a new screen shot because it looks worse than it did when I created the post over the weekend.

That means I need to figure out a plan for having babies in the cold.

Blaze looking for treats or kisses.

I have the feeling my garage is not going to like this.

Maisie and boys (from 2018)

But I’d rather plan ahead than doing in the middle of the night like last year.